Sponsor & Exhibitor Guide

Please submit your logo & assets as soon as possible. Submit company/product description and URL in this form. If you have any difficulties or questions, please send this information to lucija.matic@techcrunch.com.

To make our print deadline, hi-resolution logos must be received no later than EOD Friday November 15th. Required File Format: .ai, .eps or vector files (300 dpi or greater). Assets received after this deadline cannot be guaranteed to be included in printed collateral.

Venue: The Arena Berlin is located at Eichenstrasse 4, 12435 Berlin, Germany

Load-In Location: All small and/or hand-carried items will load through Gate (Tor) 1

Load-In Time: Tuesday, December 10th 12:00PM noon – 6:00PM

Loading Bay: There is NO elevated loading dock. If you are bringing in large items that cannot be hand-carried, it is YOUR responsibility to make adequate preparations to get your materials from the delivery truck to your table on the show floor. We strongly advise you ensure your delivery vehicle includes a lift gate. For deliveries that require a forklift, pallet jack, or other similar hand truck to move from location to location, you must provide both the equipment and labor.

The use of the loading area is very limited. You (or your courier) must be given a specific time slot. Please contact lucija.matic@techcrunch.com for further details. Please be prepared to provide the following information:

  •   Name of courier
  •   Point of contact with courier
  •   Dimensions and weight of the truck
  •   List of items being delivered (size and weight).

The Set-Up:

What We Provide for You:

We provide exhibition space with a standard 160x80cm [5.25′ x 31.5″] rectangle table (if included in sponsorship agreement), two chairs, a tabletop sign of your logo, power sockets and WiFi internet access. 

Power Note: Power strip will be provided at your table or booth. Additional power will be available for purchase. The power strip will have standard Euro sockets and will distribute power at 240 volts. You are responsible for supplying any type of adapter/converter you require. Please contact lucija.matic@techcrunch.com if you have immediate questions. 

IMPORTANT: If you are bringing in custom materials for your exhibit area (furniture, carpet, monitors, signage, etc), you must dispose of any packaging remaining (pallets, empty boxes, etc.) after your setup is complete. In many cases, your delivery vendor can dispose of these things.

NOTE: Sponsors are responsible for the setup and breakdown of their exhibit area. We do not stock extra supplies, scissors, tape, equipment or tools for exhibit spaces. Please bring what you need with you.

Please complete this Shipment/Freight Form by December 2nd.

There are two options if you need to ship materials ahead of your arrival:

  1. HIGHLY RECOMMENDEDShip to your hotel or local office and bring with you when you come to set up. This allows you to maintain control of your shipments.
  2. You may ship a limited amount of SMALL material directly to Arena Berlin. Shipments must arrive on Tuesday, December 10th between 9:00am and 17:00pm. Shipments will be refused on any other day. Please note only small shipment items / parcels can be received and the venue will not be able to transport them from delivery truck. 

***Shipments arriving on any other date will be returned to sender (at sender’s expense).***

All shipments sent to the venue must list “Lucija Matic” as the contact for arrival.  PLEASE EMAIL lucija.matic@techcrunch.com ASAP if you plan to use this method. You will also need to supply the number of boxes in your shipment as well as tracking information HERE. Please confirm these details by Monday December 2nd.

Shipping Address:

(must be noted on every package that is shipped):

Lucija Matic c/o TechCrunch

YOUR COMPANY NAME (this is imperative to distinguish your shipment)

Arena Berlin, Eichenstrasse 4, 12435 Berlin, Germany 


TechCrunch does NOT provide storage at the venue. Although security will be on-site, we also do not recommend leaving valuable items overnight anywhere in the building. TechCrunch nor Arena Berlin holds any liability whatsoever for shipments or property left at the venue.

Shipping Out: Neither TechCrunch nor Arena Berlin will manage the shipment of materials once the show is over. If you need to ship something back, it is your responsibility to provide labels and schedule your own pick up. Any materials left behind after Thursday, December 12th will be discarded

Prohibited Items:

Do NOT bring the following items into Arena Berlin:

  • Adhesives that leave any residue or cause damage
  • Pop-up tents
  • Open flames and/or flammable items
  • Glassware or other items made of glass
  • Products containing alcohol or nicotine
  • Balloons or mini blimps
  • Signage, banners or other booth structures standing more than 8 feet high (2.4 meters)
  • Live animals (excluding service companions)
  • Drones
  • Sponsor Load-In: Tuesday, December 10th 12:00 PM noon – 6:00 PM
  • Registration Opens (for exhibitors only): Wednesday, December 11th at 8:00 AM | Thursday 12th at 7:30 AM
  • DAILY Exhibit Hall & Startup Alley Hours: 8:30AM-5:30PM on Wednesday and 8:00AM-4:30PM on Thursday
  • Breakdown starts approx. 4:30PM on Thursday, December 12th. All vendors must strike their booths by close of sessions.

What we provide for you:

We provide exhibition space with a standard 160x80cm [5.25′ x 31.5″] table (unless otherwise stated in your contract), two chairs, a tabletop sign of your logo, power sockets and WiFi internet access. 

NOTE: You should be prepared both with a hotspot / MiFi AND/OR a canned presentation, in case of any issues with the network connection.

What you provide:

You are welcome to bring custom tabletop graphics, standalone banners (not to exceed 2’w x 8’h) for side placement or a standalone backdrop that measures no more than the width of the table (160cm / 5.25′). All materials and items placed in your booth can be no higher than 8’ tall (2.4 meters). We do NOT permit balloons of any kind. Any special booth items must be pre-approved by TechCrunch. If items block your fellow exhibitors or otherwise encroach on another’s space, you will be asked to move or remove them. We expect all sponsors to be respectful of those around you.

You may also bring marketing collateral/giveaways provided they can be stored under your table.

Suggestions & Ideas:

There are a number of ways to setup an exhibitor table to draw in attendees.  The most important element is to be active and engaging with the crowd. We suggest you bring an active demo of your product that the audience can interact with. Often companies have one person standing at the table talking to attendees and running the demo, with another person drawing people to the table.

See 2018 Berlin photos.

Sponsors are responsible for supplying all computer, monitor and lead retrieval equipment for their exhibit spaces. 

Custom Booth or Display Options:

TechCrunch DISRUPT does not have a general contractor and/or decorator. You are welcome to use any vendor you wish for custom booth items. Here are suggested local vendors:

Werbe Fabrik

Contact: Lukas Ritter, +49 [30] 896 531 38, info@werbe-fabrik-berlin.de, www.werbe-fabrik-berlin.de

expofair GmbH, Berlin

Contact: +49 30 684086-56, milena.extra@expofair-berlin.de, www.expofair-berlin.de

Contact: Inh. Jens Dechert, +49 (0)30 290 47 048, jens.dechert@sky-ranch.de, www.skyranch-berlin.de 


Contact: +49(0)30 577 026 118, http://hellodisplay.de/

A/V Rentals: 

If you’re in need of any audio visual equipment, our partners at Satis&fy will provide daily rental for Disrupt exhibitors. Below are the items that can be rented from them. You can find more details about each item here (pw: disrupt2019). Please get in touch with Marvin Grein (MarvinGrein@satis-fy.com) if you have any questions or want to place an order.

  •        Large LED Displays
  •        Touch Screen LED Displays
  •        Table Top LCD Displays
  •        HP Touchsmart – All-In-One PC
  •        Apple Equipment
  •        Video Walls
  •        Apple iPads
  •        Audio Visual Equipment
  •        Intercactive Kiosk
  •        Charging Station
  •        Office Equipment

You may order monitor/plasma rentals that fit in standard booth configurations. We discourage large monitors for those using poser tables as they are apt to topple. If you have a special arrangement with TechCrunch for a non-standard exhibit configuration, please consult your TechCrunch sponsor contact prior to placing the order.

Lead Retrieval: 

Boomset is providing integrated attendee badge and lead retrieval services for Disrupt exhibitors for both days of the conference. All attendees will be wearing badges with barcodes compatible with scanning. Sponsors can use their own mobile phones to scan badges. All attendee data is self-reported and TechCrunch cannot vouch for the accuracy of the attendee data. Every exhibiting sponsor will receive a Boomset app license with their booth contract. Instructions for using the Boomset app will be provided 2 weeks before the event.

Boomset Lead Retrieval app can be downloaded from iPhone App Store or Google Play and instructions on how to use it can be found here.

For support, please view the full lead retrieval tutorial, or contact Boomset support at (860) 266-6738 Ext. 0.

Requests for Additional Power and Internet:

If you need additional power or internet, you will be charged. To make a request, please provide a layout of your exhibit space indicating where you want drops and how many amps and/or ethernet connections. Please reach out to lucija.matic@techcrunch.com with your request. 

TABLE/BOOTH LOCATION: DISRUPT does not use booth numbers. We also do not share the floor plan in advance of the event. You will be escorted to your table/booth upon arrival for set up. If you need to order equipment or furnishings, please provide the vendor with your COMPANY NAME.

Shipping & Office Supplies Nearby: DHL https://www.dhl.de/en.html

You are responsible for pre-registering all sponsor attendees. You will receive an email the week of November 18th containing your unique registration link. You will only be able to register the number of tickets allotted per your contract. All registrations must be submitted NO LATER than Monday, December 9th. Otherwise, we cannot ensure that your attendees will be registered prior to the conference.

Conference Pass Policy:


To enhance our security, we have developed the following conference pass policy which will be strictly enforced on-site. Please review and ensure that you adhering to the policy at all times.

The number of conference passes allotted in your contract is the number of attendees you may register for Disrupt.

A conference pass is required for any individual who: (a) needs access to your exhibit table or the exhibit hall in general during show hours* or (b) will attend the conference sessions on the main stage. *Generally, the show hours are 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM on Wednesday and 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM on Thursday of Disrupt.

If you have 3rd-party vendors and/or contractors (i.e. events staff, PR staff, interns, etc) that will be attending Disrupt during show hours, they are required to have a badge and will count against your allotted number passes. Find more ticket information here.

If you want to transfer an already assigned ticket to someone else, you can do so by following instructions here. Tickets can be transferred until 3pm on Tuesday Dec 10th. After this deadline, all changes needs to be addressed at the Registration Help Desk. 

Lastly, except for those picking up a badge for the first time, IDs will be checked against the conference badge at all times during show hours at the front entrance.

Badges for Disrupt will be available for pick up at the start of general registration on Wednesday, December 11th (8:30 am). Registration closes at 5:00pm on Wed and 4:00pm on Thursday.

To avoid ticket reprint lines, make sure your ticket names are spelled correctly on your Universe registration. To update your ticket registration, click here.

TechCrunch does NOT provide a room block for sponsors. If you are in need of a hotel, we recommend finding one in the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, Alt-Treptow and Ostkreuz neighborhoods as they are close (a quick taxi ride) to the conference venue.

On-Site Parking:

There is NO on-site parking available at the Arena Berlin. The lot next to the Arena Berlin is privately owned and NOT available to our sponsors.

Nearby Parking:

The next official car park is inside the “Park Center Treptow”. That’s a big shopping center close to the Arena Halle (about 10 minutes to walk). The car park is open from Monday to Saturday from 05:00 am to 00:00 am.

Press List Access for TechCrunch Disrupt Sponsors:

As sponsors of the conference, you are granted access to our Official Press List. Instead of providing final documents, we are connecting you to the working list. This way, you can see who is being added as we take RSVPs the week before the conference (when we typically get a higher volume of registrations).

We ask that you please respect that access to this document is exclusive to TechCrunch staff and TechCrunch Disrupt speakers and sponsors. Distribution to other sources is prohibited; however, please feel free to share with your PR representatives.

As press are confirmed, the list will update in real time. Be aware, we receive the majority of our press RSVPs one week prior to the conference. NOTE: Due to Privacy Laws, we are only able to provide the name and outlet of confirmed media attendees.

Press Releases: 

All releases should include the Conference Boilerplate (see below)

Conference Boilerplate:

For Disrupt Berlin companies issuing a press release, the release should carry the TechCrunch boilerplate:

About TechCrunch 

TechCrunch is a leading technology destination, dedicated to obsessively profiling startups, reviewing new Internet products, and breaking tech news. TechCrunch is internationally recognized for its editorial expertise and live events, including Battlefield, that has helped 857 companies raise $8.9 billion, and make 112 exits. 

About TechCrunch Disrupt 

TechCrunch Disrupt is the world’s leading authority in debuting revolutionary startups, introducing game-changing technologies and discussing what’s top of mind for the tech industry’s key innovators. Disrupt gathers the best and brightest entrepreneurs, investors, hackers, and tech fans for on-stage interviews, the Startup Battlefield competition, Startup Alley, and After Parties.

Distribution Guidelines – IMPORTANT!

No promotional materials may be distributed on conference room chairs or lunch tables. 

Please pass promotional items from your exhibit table. Housekeeping staff has been instructed to remove any and all flyers from these areas. You may leave press kits in the Press Room.

Press Credentials for Participant Media Contacts:

TechCrunch will extend press credentials to qualified media identified by TechCrunch Battlefield Finalists, Sponsors and Startup Alley companies who are attending. 

If you have target reporters or other media outlets that you want at Disrupt Berlin to cover your demo, you must send your press lists to our PR team through this form. We will not be offering media credentials on the day of the event, and all attending press require approval in advance of the conference. 


To use Twitter to track what is happening at the conference please utilize the hashtag #TCDisrupt

Conference Photography 

TechCrunch will be supplying digital photography of the event uploaded to Flickr.  All photos will be tagged “disruptBerlin2019”. TechCrunch participants are welcome and encouraged to upload and tag photos on your respective social platforms as well. 

Speakers & Editors dinner will take place at the Sage restaurant (Köpenicker Str. 18-20, 10997 Berlin), on Wednesday, December 11th. The cocktail reception starts at 18:30 and seated dinner at 19:00. This event is invite-only. If you have questions, please reach out to Robert@techcrunch.com.

Do you offer Lead Retrieval?

All exhibiting sponsors receive a Boomset app license for lead retrieval services. All attendees will be wearing badges with barcodes compatible with scanning. Sponsors can use their own mobile phones to scan badges. 

Can we give away Swag? Food?

  • Yes, you may give away promotional “swag” items from your exhibit table.
  • If you would like to give away food you must have your plan pre-approved by TechCrunch. Please contact hugo.lewis@techcrunch.com

Where is my exhibit space located? What is my booth number?

You will be escorted to your table/booth space when you arrive on-site for setup. Floor plans are not shared in advance. Further, we do not use booth numbers. Please use your company name when completing any rental forms.

How should I set up my exhibit booth?

Visit TechCrunch’s Flickr page for photos of the past Disrupt exhibits for ideas and references. 

Will electricity be provided?

A power strip will be provided at your booth / table. It will have standard Euro sockets and will distribute power at 240 volts. You are responsible for supplying any type of adapter/converter you require.

Are drones allowed at Disrupt? 

Please review our drone policy. 

What is the official event hashtag? 

To share event info or track it on social media (Twitter, etc.) use the official hashtag #TCDisrupt.

How can I get in touch with TechCrunch writers?

The best way to reach an editor is to email tips@techcrunch.com

What is CrunchMatch?

CrunchMatch is the exclusive in-conference platform which allows founders and investors attending the conference to request meetings with one another, schedules a date/time and assigns a specific table at the event for them to meet within the CrunchMatch area on the Expo floor at the event. CrunchMatch will be accessible through the Disrupt App.

What is the capacity of the Sponsored Workshop and Innovation Break rooms? 

Max seating capacity of the Sponsored Workshop room (Breakout Room) is 150 and Innovation Break (ExtraCrunch stage) 300.

Is wired internet available?

Hard wired internet can be provided on request to sponsors at their allocated sponsor booth. Won’t be available in the hackathon space (wifi only). 

Crunchbase, the leading platform of business information that fuels sales and helps leaders make strategic business decisions. With comprehensive data on companies, funding, acquisitions, product updates, IPO’s, Crunchbase is the place to get your business noticed! . Please add your company profile here including funding rounds, founding team, categories, location, description and more.

If you need to update your profile or have any questions regarding Crunchbase, please contact our support team anytime (feedback@crunchbase.com).

For further questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Logistics / Exhibit Hall / Registration: Lucija Matic – lucija.matic@techcrunch.com

Catering / Operations: Hugo Lewis – hugo.lewis@techcrunch.com

Workshops & Innovation Break Asset Management – TBC

Content & Speakers: Richard Smith – speakers@techcrunch.com

Speakers Dinner: Robert Frawley – Robert@techcrunch.com

Press Inquiries: Nicola Williamson – pressinquiries@TechCrunch.com

General Event Questions:  events@techcrunch.com