DT50 Awards

Early Stage:


Accountable is the financial assistant of self-employed professionals, helping them save time and money, optimizing their taxes thanks to an AI-powered mobile app connected to their bank account.

AiSight GmbH

Vibration based sensor kit using AI algorithms to determine machine states in real time, predict errors and dynamically regulate machine parameters to prevent breakdowns.

Blazar SAS

Blazar is a B2B SAAS platform predicting response to cancer therapies, using machine learning methods on clinical data.


Ciara is an all-in-one conversation assistant, guiding salespeople through their conversations so that they can get back to what they do best – closing deals.


Flowlity is optimizing inventories by using AI and being a trusted 3rd party. A customer and its suppliers will improve their Supply Chain efficiency without the need to share strategic data directly.


Leeto is the perks platform that integrates a banking technology to enable companies to easily offer benefits employees truly love and use.

Logical Clocks AB

Logical Clocks are the makers of Hopsworks, an open-source Enterprise platform for the development and operation of ML pipelines at scale, built around the industry’s first Feature Store.

Mimica Automation Ltd.

Mimica is building AI that learns to automate repetitive computer work. Our first product generates detailed business process maps from employee recordings.


Minxli – The Doctor Practice, Reimagined. 

We provide infrastructure and software that enable doctors to treat patients in physical+online practices with radically lower cost and better experience.


nPlan understand uncertainty and risk in construction projects. We have learned this from the world’s largest dataset of construction programmes, and our proprietary machine learning technology.


Passbase aims to fully digitize the way people identify themselves by creating a biometrically secured, verified, self-sovereign identity.


A Smartphone Body Scanning Software helping fashion companies reduce returns. Users just turn around once in front of their smartphone camera to find their perfect clothing size when shopping online.


Retorio is a video recruiter that fuses artificial intelligence and machine learning with scientific findings from psychology and organizational research.

Sentient Machines

Our advanced speech and sentiment analytics platform uses AI to seamlessly empower contact centre agents driving transformative outcomes.


Sterblue builds software for drones to inspect energy infrastructures automatically


Sybel is an audio entertainment platform for everybody dedicated to fictions, documentaries and kids stories. Launched in May 2019, Sybel has already 800.000 users

Talent Alpha 

Talent Alpha is a B2B Human Cloud Platform that provides Tech Teams on demand. We connect clients with small and medium IT Services Companies, offering Talent-as-a-Service.


zerolens is a virtual photo studio as a web app. Our software allows everyone to easily do photo shootings for their marketing, without the need of real photographers.




Audio Analytic

Audio Analytic is the global leader in intelligent sound recognition. Their cloudless AI tech gives consumer products a sense of hearing beyond speech and music and a greater understanding of context.


The Bestmile Fleet Orchestration Platform transforms connected vehicles into intelligent, coordinated fleets by matching travelers and vehicles with algorithmic efficiency. It is the only solution of its kind that supports autonomous and human-driven vehicles of any brand, on-demand and scheduled services, multimodal integration, and that delivers predictable service levels for travelers and operators.

fos4X GmbH

At fos4X we digitize and autonomise your industrial assets with our IIoT sensors and smart data solutions. Our origin is the performance optimization and digitalization of wind turbines.

Fourthline (f.k.a. Safened)

Fourthline is the new standard in digital KYC, providing best-in-class fraud detection at industry-leading conversion and compliance levels. Trusted by banks and fintechs like N26, ING and Allianz.


Holoplot is a Berlin-based audio company, revolutionizing the professional audio industry with its unique technology. Their solutions provide access to new sound dimensions.

Hummingbird Technologies

Hummingbird is an AI SaaS platform using the latest deep learning and computer vision techniques along with proprietary algorithms to provide actionable intelligence to farmers and agri-businesses.

I2x GmbH

Kinexon GmbH

KINEXON enables the perfect flow in production and logistics: We locate and connect all objects on the shop floor and make them interact in the fastest, most efficient and most intelligent way.


KONUX is a Munich-based IIoT scale-up, providing smart sensor systems and AI-based analytics to deliver actionable insights and enable predictive maintenance for industrial operations


The Olympe platform is the fastest way for companies to embark their existing systems on their transformation journey, leverage new technology, and build adaptative custom digital solutions.


Phrasee empowers marketers with the most advanced AI-powered copywriting technology that creates human-sounding language at scale and always in a brand’s voice.


ProGlove develops an intelligent glove that substitutes the traditional scanning pistol and enables the employee to work faster, safer and more ergonomically in production and logistics.


Quarkslab is a French cybersecurity startup combining offensive and defensive security to help organizations adopt a new posture: force the attackers, not the defender, to adapt constantly.


RatedPower offers pvDesign, the leading cloud-based software to design utility-scale Photovoltaic Plants in minutes. An optimized, accurate, faster and more reliable tool than traditional engineering.


Spacemaker’s game-changing AI technology empowers real-estate developers and architects to maximise a building site by rapidly generating and evaluating the optimal site design based on physical data, regulations and preferences.


Streetbees reveals how people behave, and why, by analysing real-life moments collected from its worldwide users.


Ultimate.ai helps businesses scale their customer service with artificial intelligence.


Undo is the leader in software reliability solutions to accelerate defect resolution across all phases of the software development lifecycle with absolute certainty.





Apricity is the next generation fertility clinic. We reimagined fertility care, by combining world class medical expertise, tailored support, together with the latest technologies.


With Kivra you get important documents such as the tax declaration, invoices & soon receipts digitally. 40% of adult population in Sweden use Kivra. It’s secure, convenient & good for the environment.


LexFox is a digital legal service provider enforcing claims for consumers against large counterparties based on automation and no win-no fee. LexFox helps when taking a lawyer is not worth the hassle.


Leading marketplace for savings, investments & pensions, Raisin offers EU & UK savers a range of 550+ competitive deposits from 86 banks all over Europe, at no charge. A U.S. platform is on the way.


SkinVision empowers people to take their health into their own hands. The smartphone service enables individuals to check their skin from the comfort of home and receive an instant risk indication.

Vet-AI (Brand: Joii)

Vet-AI is a research and development company that is creating predictive and preventative tools for vets and owners. With the cost of veterinary care rising by 12% year-on-year for the last 10 years, many pet owners avoid taking their pet to the vet because of price. Vet-AI has addressed this problem by developing and award-winning app called Joii which reduces the price of veterinary care by 60% from day one, and aims to deliver 70% of the services you receive in a traditional practice, all from the palm of your hand, making pet care more convenient and affordable.


Social Impact:



Birdie is a social venture looking after the elderly. We use digital products, IoT and machine learning to help deliver better, preventative care for our elders to live healthier and happier at home.


CitizenLab’s mission is to build stronger democracies by improving the legitimacy and efficiency of public decisions through citizen participation.


Good-Loop converts ad money into free charity donations, whilst delivering 50-75% higher engagement for the advertiser.

GREENbimlabs GmbH

GREENbimlabs’ AI-driven solution ensures buildings are designed and built as circular, healthy, fully documented assets with a Zero Waste impact on Earth, while cutting life cycle cost up to 4 times.


Leakmited on a mission to preserve our water resource by locating underground water leaking pipes using radar satellites and artificial intelligence.


MedShr enables doctors to share and discuss clinical cases in a private professional network. Now with 1 million members, MedShr allows them to share knowledge and skills to improve patient care.

Plan A

Plan A is developing a software which helps businesses calculate, monitor and offset their carbon footprint, while automatically creating a tailored sustainability action plan, according to their footprint.

White Swan

White Swan is a registered charity with a mission to improve the health of society through technology and analytics – preventing illness, accelerating diagnosis and improving treatment effectiveness.