Startup Alley

Startup Alley is the heart of Disrupt Berlin where over 400 pre-series A startups and sponsors across all verticals will be showcasing their latest tech products, platforms and services.

There are two ways to participate in Startup Alley: either as a paid exhibitor in Startup Alley or if you are selected by our editorial team for a FREE Startup Alley exhibitor as a TC Top Pick in one of the highlighted categories (see below).

There is no deadline to buy your Disrupt SF Startup Alley Exhibitor Package, but early bird savings end on 2 November. Applications for TC Top Picks are now closed.

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Startup Alley Exhibitor Listing




TC Top Picks are chosen for being exceptional startups in their respective categories and get to demo in Startup Alley for free. Check out this year’s list of categories and the selected startups below:


  • AI/Machine Learning
  • Blockchain
  • CRM/Enterprise
  • Ecommerce
  • Education
  • Fintech
  • Healthtech/Biotech
  • Hardware, Robotics, IoT
  • Mobility
  • Gaming



Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

  • Gravete: World’s first AI enabled classified ads aggregator.
  • iRecommend Software: Delivers 1:1 AI powered recommendations across retail, recruiting, and real estate industries.
  • Retorio: “Your AI-based communication coach”
  • Seez: Automates the car searching process by searching all car websites, negotiate price down using AI and estimate fair market value.


  • Brickblock: A platform to seamlessly and transparently connect cryptocurrencies with real world assets.
  • Passbase: We aim to empower people with a universally trusted digital identity.
  • Rlay: Decentralized information verification protocol.
  • Real-time payroll on the blockchain.

CRM & Enterprise

  • Communiti: Linkedin for Slack teams. Search users with certain skills such as iOS Developer or UX Designer. Post a job listing to collaborate.
  • fraudDB: A business to business B2B fraud database which help businesses prevent fraud.
  • Nuzzera: Your Spotify for news – the first two-sided market for professional journalism.
  • Stack: Desktop-app displaying all web-applications on a single screen.


  • Dresslife: Making fashion shopping easy, like having your personal stylist.
  • Inova Diamonds: Changing the way that diamonds and jewelry are sold online.
  • Lonelyfork Standards: An innovative, food-tech digital platform business that offers ‘food standards as a product’.
  • Money Farm Gambia: Gambia’s first crowdfunding platform connecting farmers to investors.


  • ChallengeRocket: AI-powered recruitment. Reach & assess hidden programming talents with programming challenges.
  • HCM Deck: The #1 employee development platform.
  • I2x: Leverage your data. Coach your team. Make customers happy. i2x is real-time speech analytics powered by AI.
  • Morressier: World’s largest platform for early-stage research.
  • Processim Labs: Transforming smartphones into pocket simulators that college professors can use as powerful and convenient teaching games!


  • Evarvest: Invest globally, like a local. A modern way to invest in the brands you know, love and trust.
  • Allows instant money transfers in any currency, avoiding bank’s high fees and exchange rates.
  • FinMarie: Germany’s first online financial platform for women for women.
  • Youcheck Online Services Limited: Identity and address verification services for Sub-Sahara Africa.


  • Immersive-first 3D advertising platform.
  • MakerBrane: A digital and physical platform that lets anyone design, build, and trade their own playworlds.
  • Moonic Oy: Our company wants to help people who are trying to create music with products that are effortless and quick to use.
  • Smartboard: The world’s first universal board game console.
  • Wolf3d: Creates 3D avatars of people for VR/AR communication and games using a smartphone.

Hardware, Robotics and IoT

  • Arculus: Helps multi-variant manufacturers cope with the market’s bespoke customisation demand, being more efficient and cost-effective.
  • GkeyLab: Virtual (VR), Augmented (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR).
  • Moggie: A cat care system that improves cat ownership experience across the globe.
  • Nucleus Technologies: Offers a solution based on augmented reality (AR) to improve workers’ efficiency and safety across industries.

Healthtech & Biotech

  • Cooltec: We aid man with becoming fathers.
  • DiaMonTech: Developing a medical device for non-invasive measurement of blood sugar values.
  • Legacy: The Swiss private bank for men to store their most valuable assets.
  • Testcard Diagnostics: The innovative medtech behind the ‘urine test-in-a-postcard’ concept. Its accompanying mobile app provides an immediate result.
  • Zana: An intelligent assistant that responds to health questions and empower people to get and stay healthy.


  • The AI customer experience platform for travel. Dazzle exists to create conversations that end with a transaction. Every channel. Always on.
  • Fishtripr: Brings together million’s of outdoors lovers and professional fishing guides.
  • Load Me FZE: Operates as an online marketplace for shipments and trucks.
  • Trippo: A mobile app that allows users to capture and organize travel ideas they discovered on ANY app or website by simply taking a screenshot.

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