Greg Badros
Vice President of Engineering & Products, Facebook

Badros is the Vice President of Engineering & Products at Facebook.

Previously, Badros was a Senior Director of Engineering at Google.



Peter Deng
Director of Product Management, Facebook

Peter Deng is the Director of Product Management at FaceBook. He works on core products messages, groups, photos, locations and events.

Previously he worked in Product Marketing at Google on developer products.


Sean Kelly
Vice President of Product Development, Zynga

Sean Uberoi Kelly is a Vice President of Product Development at Zynga, where he oversees the execution and development of new mobile products. Based in San Francisco, Sean joined Zynga in 2009 as a General Manager of games such as FishVille, and was the co-creator and General Manager of CityVille, the first game to reach 100 million players world-wide in less than 30 days.

Before joining Zynga, Sean worked as an entrepreneur and technologist, and co-founded Rocket Paper Scissors, LLC, the creator of the social gaming world Dizzywood.com. He also spent five years at Microsoft Research as a researcher and software developer, specializing in the intersection of community, technology and user-generated content. During his time at Microsoft Research, he founded the social network Wallop.com. Sean also co-founded and served as CTO of eTonal Media, producing music instruction and retail web properties.

Sean earned his B.A. in English Literature from Princeton University. He also attended the University of Vermont for post-baccalaureate work in Computer Science before completing a Masters in Interactive Media at New York University’s ITP program. From 2000-2005 he was also an adjunct professor at NYU, teaching Masters level design and prototyping classes such “The Multi-User Experience” and “Rapid Prototyping for Social Software”.

Matthaus Krzykowski
Co-founder, Xyologic

Matthaus is a co-founder of mobile app search company Xyologic where he manages all growth and sales activities. Translating customer experience into product innovation he drives Xyologic forward.

Passionate to help ideas develop into products and companies, he is an investor and advisor to other innovative startups. He has extensive product management experience in commerce, online marketing and mobile content.

A move to Silicon Valley in 2008 saw him breaking important trend pieces as a VentureBeat contributor. Working on content and sales, he build up the MobileBeat conference series as co-chair with Matt Marshall. A regular blogger and speaker, he continues to contribute to the international conference circuit.

David Lieb
CEO and Co-founder, Bump Technologies

David is CEO and Co-founder of Bump Technologies, which he created along with Andy Huibers and Jake Mintz in the fall of 2008 while a first-year MBA student at the University of Chicago. In 2008, the company launched the Bump app for iPhone (and shortly thereafter, Android), which lets users physically bump mobile phones together to exchange contact information, photos and more. Bump is one of the most-downloaded apps of all time, and will reach 100 million downloads in the summer of 2012.

Bump Technologies released two standalone iPhone apps in 2012: Bump Pay, a peer-to-peer mobile payments app, and Flock, an innovative, contextual photo-sharing app that aggregates the photos you’ve taken while with your Facebook friends into a single group album. Also in 2012, the company released an update to the native Bump app that lets you transfer photos from your phone to your computer by simply tapping the spacebar – it works like magic, and you’ll never need to email photos to yourself again.

Previously, David served as a technologist and algorithm designer at Texas Instruments, where he helped develop digital display devices for projectors and large-screen televisions. Prior to TI, David taught robotic vehicles to see, learn, and drive themselves while a research assistant in the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab.

David holds an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from Princeton University, where he also pitched on the baseball team.

Mathieu Nouzareth
CEO, FreshPlanets (SongPop)

Mathieu Nouzareth is a serial web entrepreneur. He started his career at 23 by co-founding WebConcept, one of the first e-business consulting company in France in 1995. WebConcept was later sold to IconMedialab of Sweden in 1999, still today the largest internet consultancy company in the world (NYSE-Euronext : LBI). He was subsequently CEO of IconMedialab France until 2001.

In 2001, Mathieu and his brother Romain started Boonty.com, one of the leading game digital distribution company. Operating in more than 30 countries with over 180 co-workers, the company has been sold to Nexway of France in 2008. They also founded Is Cool Entertainment in 2006, a leading social casual game publisher. Is Cool is now listed on the NYSE-Alternext market (ALIS) and has become of the largest European Facebook game company.

In 2009, Mathieu and his brother Roman have started another game company, FreshPlanet, based in New York. FreshPlanet is the developer and publisher of SongPop. Mathieu is a graduate of the Grenoble School of Management and holds an MBA from Pace University in New York. He is a frequent panelist at tech conferences such as LeWeb Paris, CES Las Vegas, GDC, Casual Connect.

Doug Purdy
Director of Product Management

Doug is a Director of Product Management and drives the development of Facebook Platform including the Open Graph, Games and Payments and Developer Experience. He was previously a Director of Engineering and Director of Developer Relations at Facebook. Prior to joining Facebook, Doug spent 11 years at Microsoft in consulting, evangelism, and engineering leadership roles, building software development tools and frameworks.

Mike Schroepfer
Vice President, Engineering

Mike Schroepfer is Vice President of Engineering at Facebook, where he leads a group of engineers who write code serving hundreds of millions of people each day. Before Facebook, Mike was Vice President of Engineering at Mozilla Corporation, where he led the global and open product development process behind Firefox. Mike was formerly a distinguished engineer at Sun Microsystems, where he was also Chief Technology Officer of the data center automation division. He also co-founded CenterRun Inc., a developer of application provisioning software, which was acquired by Sun Microsystems. Mike began his career working at various startups, including a digital-effects software company, where he built software used in several major motion pictures. Mike holds a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in computer science from Stanford University and has filed two U.S. Patents.

Joe Zadeh
Lead of Product & Innovation, Airbnb

Joe Zadeh (a.k.a. “Joebot”) is Lead of Product & Innovation at Airbnb, a community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique spaces around the world. Much of his efforts are focused on keeping engineering and design tightly integrated to enable world-class online and offline experiences.

He joined the company as an engineer when the entire product development team worked out of a bedroom in a San Francisco apartment. In a previous life, Joe was a research scientist and holds a Ph.D. in Bioengineering from Caltech and a B.S. in Computer Science from Northwestern University.