We’ve opened up a new workshop area that provides founders actionable ideas and education-focused content for Disrupt NY ticketed attendees. The schedule will update with more workshops as we draw closer to the event.

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WorkShop Schedule

Workshops May 15

    All times EST
  • 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

    AI/Machine Learning Is Taking Over the World. Here’s How To Win And Not Get Shredded

    In this session, we present compelling case studies from companies with whom we have worked and advised, who have successfully reshaped their organization to be a data-driven organization in this new reality. We will offer a framework and tools so that you and your team can avoid common mistakes and be a better position to take advantage of Cognitive Revolution.

    Session Leader: Nir Kaldero - Director of Data Science & Head of Galvanize Experts at Galvanize Inc

Workshops May 16

    All times EST
  • 9:45 am - 10:50 am

    Power Pairing. Pair Programming For Accelerating Junior Dev Contributions To Startups

    Every founding team faces two of the critical questions: 1) Who do we hire? 2) How do we get the most out of each member of the technical team? To steal some phrasing from James Carville, “It’s about about the talent, stupid.” This seminar will focus on effective pair programming as one of those techniques that mid-level and senior developers can use to ramp-up juniors on their teams. Not all pairing is created equal for ramping up junior devs. Bring your laptops, as we simulate best practices.

    Session Leaders: Andreas Kavountzis - Enterprise Principal Instructor from Curriculum developer Martha Berner - Software Developer at Galvanize

  • 3:50 pm - 4:50 pm

    Progressive Web Apps Are The Future

    Teach your users' browser some new tricks and combine the best of web and native apps with progressive web apps. PWAs will help you reach more users and create fresh, unified experiences. Learn how you can make web apps that work offline, access native device features, and offer rich engagement via push notifications.

    Session Leader: Kyle Coberly - Faculty Director at Galvanize

Session Leader Bios

Our workshop session leaders come from a variety of backgrounds. Read more about them by clicking their image below. 

  • Kyle Coberly

    Kyle Coberly

    Kyle Coberly is an educator, web app developer, and business dork. He is the Faculty Director for Galvanize's web development program, organizer for Denver's Ember.js meetup, and cohost of the Sprint UX podcast.

    See Kyle Coberly's Crunchbase profile
  • Nir Kaldero

    Nir Kaldero

    Nir Kaldero is the Director of Data Science and head of the GalvanizeU Master’s of Science in Data Science program, a partnership between Galvanize and the University of New Haven. Kaldero also serves as a faculty member in the MSDS program. A tireless advocate for transforming education and reshaping the field of data science, Kaldero’s vision and mission is to make an impact on a wide variety of communities through science and technology.

    Among Kaldero’s many achievements, he has been the chief developer of the Data Science for Executive Training program. The program was designed to train senior executives to be more familiar with data science and the potential impact it could have on their organization. Kaldero has been named an IBM Analytics Champion 2017, a prestigious honor given to leaders in the field of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Kaldero is frequently featured as a speaker at IBM conferences and other data-science related industry events across the country.

    See Nir Kaldero's Crunchbase profile