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Anyone who has ever been to a tech conference knows the feeling. It’s that infectious excitement when you walk into a giant hall buzzing with people and the simultaneous anxiety when you ask yourself, “Nuts, how am ever going to find the people here I really want to meet?”.

At many shows, there is no good answer, except talk to as many people as possible, attend some breakout sessions, and hope for the best. Often times these events also don’t provide great meeting spaces for you to have meaningful and private conversations where you don’t have to shout to be heard above the din of the crowd. Leaving you to run around looking for a nearby cafe.

So what’s the solution to this age-old conference conundrum?



TechCrunch’s CrunchMatch program is a free white-glove service to investors and founders at any TechCrunch Disrupt conference  that takes the mystery out of meeting the right people as well as scheduling a time and providing a place right in the conference to meet.



When a founder signs up for Disrupt, as an attendee, exhibitor in Startup Alley or participant in Startup Battlefield, we ask them to sign up for CrunchMatch and provide information on their company – category, stage, location, funding status etc.

Three weeks before Disrupt, we invite investors to sign up for CrunchMatch, fill out investor profiles, and start reviewing the list of startups for possible matches.  The invitations to meet take off, and in our partner Brella’s app it’s easy to invite, accept/decline, schedule a time, and reserve a meeting space at Disrupt in our CrunchMatch Lounge.


Who is eligible for CrunchMatch?

Investors attending Disrupt
(including family offices and corporate VCs)
Startup founders attending Disrupt
Companies in Startup Alley & Startup Battlefield

About Startup Alley
For each Disrupt, there are several hundred early-stage companies in all kinds of verticals participating in Startup Alley, the heart of our conference floor where startups demo their companies, and each company is less than 2 years old with less than $2.5M in funding. 

About Startup Battlefield
Startup Battlefield is our premiere startup pitch competition where around 20 hand-picked companies are chosen to pitch on the main Disrupt stage for a $50K grand prize. Startup Battlefield alumni include names like Dropbox, Yammer, Zenefits, and alumni have collectively raised over $6B since appearing on our stage. More about Startup Battlefield here.


All statistics are provided by CrunchMatch participants’ survey responses from Disrupt SF, NY, & EUR. Percents reflect year-over-year averages.

Time to sign up for CrunchMatch

All you have to do is take that first step and register for one of our Disrupt events below!

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September 18-20


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DISRUPT BERLIN 2017 | DECEMBER 4-5 (tickets on sale soon)



Email us at crunchmatch@techcrunch.com