The latest innovative tech coming out of Europe

  • Appsfire dumps iPhone App store after 2 month wait for update

    Apple’s iPhone app store approval process is famed for its inconsistencies, but today the developer of a popular iPhone app has had enough. Appsfire, an app for discovering popular iPhone apps, was approved in its version 1.0 form last August, but after two months its version 2.0 has not been approved, despite repeated calls by the startup to Apple, they claim. In an excoriating blog… Read More

  • Tweetminster, the UK politics tracker, gets a revamp and new features

    Tweetminster, the UK politics tracker with a particular emphasis on Twitter, launches version 2.0 today. The latest features – Channels, Lists, and support for Twitter’s recently announced @anywhere functionality – brings the service closer to its goal of making it “easier for people to follow and interact with UK politics”, says the startup. Read More

  • Three UK swims with the tide – iPhone 4 announced

    At a press event I attended earlier this year, Three UK’s CEO Kevin Russell was repeatedly asked about why the network didn’t sell Apple’s iPhone and if it had plans to do so (along with the iPad too). Russel’s answer was that it was something that they were considering but hinted that Cupertino would need to offer a better deal first – although, ultimately… Read More

  • Spotify launches on TVs in Sweden and Finland with TeliaSonera

    Is Spotify’s future in devices and services? Like “intel inside”, it’s beginning to feel like Spotify – the hot streaming music service in Europe which is said to be prepping a US launch – may have a better future dealing with service providers and device manufacturers than trying to go direct to consumers. That at least is the impression as today it… Read More

  • Social games developer Playdom begins European invasion

    Playdom, the Silicon Valley-based social games developer, has announced its intention to try and crack Europe. It’s planning an aggressive roll out this side of the Atlantic, aiming to create localised versions – French, Italian, German and Spanish – of its top titles, which include Mobsters, Tiki Resort and Big City Life, by the end of this year. The company’s… Read More

  • Where is Nokia's Steve Jobs? Not available, just yet

    For the last few weeks I’ve become increasingly fascinated by someone at Nokia. That person is Anssi Vanjoki. Vanjoki is an interesting guy. Last year he was named as one of the 25 most influential people on the Web. Why? He is Nokia’s most visible advocate of what Nokia still, perhaps rather quaintly, calls its “multimedia computers”. And he’s not some grey… Read More

  • SponsorPay secures further €3.8m for its virtual currency ad solution

    SponsorPay, Europe’s leading provider of advertisement-based payment systems, has secured a further €3.8m of funding. The new round comes from Hasso Plattner Ventures, Moscow’s Kite Ventures, and Team Europe Ventures who are the original backers of the Berlin-based startup. The injection of capital solidifies SponsorPay’s dominant position in Eurpope, having recently… Read More

  • Today's Guardian is The Guardian re-imagined for the iPad

    We’ve seen how The New York Times became enraged by the audacity of the Pulse iPad application [iTunes] to use its RSS feed in one of the best news readers to appear on that device. Controversially, the app was pulled by Apple after the NYT complained, despite being lauded by Steve Jobs. It’s now been reinstated, without the NYT as a default feed. So consider a different scenario… Read More

  • Google’s free Sat-Nav for Android reaches mainland Europe

    Reports are coming in that Google Maps Navigation, the search giant’s free satellite navigation app for Android, is now available in and supports much of mainland Europe. The list of countries confirmed so far include Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, and Belgium. This follows support for the UK and Ireland rolled out in late April after… Read More

  • Exalead, the 'French Google', is acquired for €135 million

    Exalead, the search engine that (no kidding) underlies Friendster and has been behind French government attempts to build a platform to rival Google (yes), has been acquired by Dassault Systèmes, a leader in 3D software for big company processes for about €135 million ($161.5m). Exalead’s, which has a platform to apply advanced semantic processing to Web-scale data, include the World… Read More

  • Flirtomatic lands on Android, lets users "Like" each other via Facebook

    Flirtomatic, the mobile social network aimed at young adults, has launched an Android app available as a free download from the Android Marketplace. This follows the success of its iPhone app, rolled out in January, which has since become the “largest single source of inflow of new users”, says the UK company. BlackBerry and Nokia Ovi apps are promised this summer. Flirtomatic has… Read More

  • Let's Annotate adds real-time annotation to the iPad – Get invites

    Let’s annotate just released their iPad version for real-time collaboration for PDFs. The service is still in alpha and takes full advantage of the iPad’s HTML5 capabilities. The app practially runs within the iPads browser and also let’s you make use of native iPad elements such as multi-touch. We’ve got VIP invites for TechCrunch readers to test it! Read More

  • Video monetization platform invideous scores funding, launches in-video micropayments

    Invideous, the online video monetization platform from London-based Swiffen, has left beta, adding support for in-video payments of content hosted by Brightcove and JW player. The new feature supplements its existing video hotspot ad and e-commerce offering. The startup has also announced new funding in the “low six figures” from private investors from the digital and… Read More

  • Mobile app frenzy – A second mobile store hits a billion downloads

    Mobile App stores have been dominated by Apple and Android with Nokia’s Ovi a distant third, but there is an independent store out there which cuts across all except Apple. GetJar, which claims to be the the world’s second largest mobile app store, says it has just broken the 1 billion app download barrier. This is the only time a cross-platform apps store has clocked over 1… Read More

  • Difference Engine accelerator launches graduates to investors

    Something crazy happened in the last 36 hours. Literally three tech startup events happened in London, each with multiple startups attempting to get real product out into the marketplace. However, while Launch48 and London Startup Weekend happened over the last weekend (and more of them in posts to follow), The Difference Engine, a seed accelerator program based in the North East of England… Read More

  • Social networks overtake search engines in UK – should Google be worried?

    Hitwise, the web analytics firm, has a report out today that claims that social networks now receive more UK Internet visits than search engines. Which, if the case, would imply that Google should be considerably worried about its future battle with the likes of Facebook and Twitter, as online marketing spend will surely follow Internet foot-through. Or does it? According to Hitwise, during… Read More

  • Yahoo's latest marketing ammunition: David Beckham

    Yahoo is partnering with iconic football star David Beckham to offer exclusive content for its coverage of the upcoming World Cup as well as the 2010/11 football season, we’ve just learned. Beckham will also be featured in the second phase of the company’s global integrated marketing campaign, which focuses on showcasing specific Yahoo products and services, throughout the duration… Read More

  • XING founder Lars Hinrichs launches HackFwd, a product-oriented pre-seed fund

    Like a Klingon Romulan starship de-cloaking in the middle of Europe, Lars Hinrichs the founder of LinkedIn competitor XING who exited for €48.3 million last year is putting his efforts onto a new startup investment vehicle dubbed HackFwd. But although the web site for the new venture is packed with advisors and mentors, HackFwd will take 27% of a company it invests in – that’s… Read More

  • Flimmit relaunches as extensive film search engine

    Flimmit, an Austrian online movie service, which initially started off as a “Voddler for the GSA region” recently relaunched their entire product. The company now offers an extensiv library of US and European movies, with the availability to stream or download them. When Flimmit launched more than a year ago, it had contracted with various local film distributors to license… Read More

  • Is it a fluke that Flook is gaining traction, especially amongst women? Maybe not

    Flook, the location-based application from Ambient Industries which has now has a total of £1.65m in funding from Amadeus Capital Partners and Eden Ventures has always puzzled me. Flook is a location-based service that has a web app and an iPhone app [iTunes link here].. We’ve described it in the past as a StumbleUpon for location-based discovery, and it’s the iPhone app which… Read More