The latest innovative tech coming out of Europe

  • Atlas Venture ups sticks to Boston

    We all know the crisis in the venture capital community is starting to have real word effects, but for some it means totally changing how they run. Today Atlas Ventures announced it is moving its entire operation to Boston, bringing together its US and European teams in one place, and reducing its headcount. Atlas says its fundamental international early stage investment strategy “will… Read More

  • Qik rival Bambuser partners with Finnish public broadcaster

    [Sweden] Bambuser, the Stockholm-based videocasting service that rivals the likes of Silicon Valley’s Qik, has announced a partnership with Finland’s YLE. The public service broadcaster represents Bambuser’s first major customer in 2010 and the company is hoping it will lead to other major media companies adopting its platform. YLE, which has never been shy of experimenting… Read More

  • Acton Capital Partners acquires stake in women's fashion retailer

    [Germany] Acton Capital Partners, a Munich-based growth equity fund, has acquired a stake in online fashion retailer, also based in Munich. The terms of the deal were undisclosed, although the investment leaves the fund as a minority stake holder. The remaining shares are held by the startup’s founders and managing directors. Read More

  • Tech companies can Help Haiti, so get on this list and use #TechHaiti on Twitter

    You’re a tech company in ecommerce that can donate a percentage of sales. You’re a social platform with a large amount of spare ad inventory. Whatever kind of tech company you are, you can do something for Haiti, whose recent earthquake has been described by the UN as the worst crisis it has ever faced. So all this week we plan to update this post with information on acts of… Read More

  • NSFW: Nobody suspects the Spanish politician

    What do we know about Gaspar Llamazares? For a start, we know he’s a Spanish politician, a former Communist party member and leader of the leftist coalition Izquierda Unida. We know he has a Masters in Public Health from the University of Havana. We know he once attacked the Pope for his stance on contraception in the developing world. And now, thanks to the FBI, we also know that he… Read More

  • Founders Club expands to France – targets healthcare, technology and cleantech

    [France] The Founders Club, a reverse venture capital fund, is opening its doors to VC-backed startups in France. The fund enables CEOs and founders of companies to “use their shares and stock options to become limited partner investors”, essentially betting a small percentage of their personal future equity through investing in a wider portfolio than just the startup that they… Read More

  • Wahanda launches group buying for health and beauty offers

    We first covered Wahanda, a social network for people who use spas and other “wellness” products, way, way back in 2008 and haven’t heard much from them. It turns out they’ve been busy, no bad thing. After raising £1.5 million, in large part from Ambient Sound Investments (the fund created by the former founding engineers from Skype) Wahanda set it’s goal on… Read More

  • Adtelligence gives OpenX reporting a visual makeover

    [Spain] Red CPA, an advertising network based in Spain, reckons that they have seen a gap in the market with regards to the reports produced by the popular open source ad server OpenX. Adtelligence gives OpenX a lot more color if you will, by providing visual reporting and analytics on top of OpenX, which is currently used by around 50,000 publishers and serves up 300 billion impressions… Read More

  • Russian online shopping club scores $20 million in funding

    Private online shopping clubs are springing up like mushrooms all around the world in light of the successes companies like Vente Privée has been seeing, and venture capital firms are increasingly starting to invest in companies who are bringing the concept to specific niches or introducing the private online sales model to interesting geographical markets. In the latter category falls… Read More

  • Oxford University takes a dislike to Spotify, bans it

    Oxford University has taken a fairly drastic measure against music startup Spotify. It’s banned it. The University’s computing services, OUCS, says the service is using too much bandwidth for their networks to handle. But no warning was given and students are understandably rather annoyed. Read More

  • 11870 launches their sought after iPhone app

    Spanish startup 11870, a geo-localized content provider, has launched their iPhone app. 11870 is probably the most well known social restaurant directory and guide in Spain and competes locally with services like Qype. Though the general public associates the 11870 brand with restaurants, the company is evolving, from a Yelp-like restaurant guide to a lead generation platform for local small… Read More

  • Eyeka raises €3 million for crowd-sourcing ad campaigns

    [France] Eyeka, which connects brands and creative consumers, has raised €3 million in a second round of financing. The company already had €5 million in backing in 2006 with Ventech, DN Capital and SFR Developpement, while the company was focused on a platform to enhance pictures and videos management from mobiles. For this new round, previous investors are joined by French VC I-Source. Read More

  • Vodafone UK begins shipping iPhone – 50,000 pre-orders dispatched

    [UK] In case you weren’t already convinced by the level of pent up demand for an alternative to O2’s iPhone monopoly in the UK, more evidence comes from Vodafone today. The mobile operator has begun selling the iPhone 3G and 3GS, including shipping 50,000 units to customers who have pre-ordered. That’s a pretty healthy number for Day One but it doesn’t look quite so… Read More

  • 'Pet project' CeeVee sold after only 6 months in beta

    This has got to be one of the fastest exits we’ve seen for a while. Simplified online CV builder CeeVee has actually now been sold after only launching into a public beta in July last year. Then again, it was only started by Romania-based and British ex-pat entrepreneur Lee Wilkins as a pet project. Lateral Romania, a technology software provider, has acquired the site. Terms were… Read More

  • What the Guardian Media Group really paid for PaidContent: £4 million

    When Guardian News & Media acquired ContentNext Media, owner of tech and media blog PaidContent and other blogs in July 2008, various reports claimed the price as ‘north of $30 million’, including earn-out and dependent on future performance of the young media company started by journalist and Internet entrepreneur Rafat Ali. This morning, industry trade outlet PressGazette… Read More

  • O2 Incubator Project performs U-Turn – more than one startup to get support

    [UK] We didn’t exactly heap praise on O2’s Incubator Project, describing aspects of the scheme as ‘pretty dumb’. However, in what appears to be a U-Turn, the mobile operator has, at least to some degree, addressed one of our main criticisms. Rather than a single startup receiving support, O2 will now sponsor a number of start-ups for an initial period, one of which… Read More

  • The Guardian iPhone app sees 70k downloads but how will it pay its way in the future?

    [UK] We knew it was sitting pretty at the top of the paid news chart in the UK but now The Guardian newspaper has revealed that its iPhone app has seen 70,000 downloads in its first month. Initially launched on the 14th of December 2009 and available in the UK, Ireland and US, the app has since extended its distribution to also include most European countries, as well as Australia and Canada. Read More

  • HulloMail's iPhone app adds 'free' audio messaging to its visual voicemail service

    [UK] HulloMail, the visual voicemail provider, recently released its dedicated app for the iPhone, available in the UK and US-only. The app brings the complete HulloMail visual voicemail feature set to the device, most of which is fairly redundant for iPhone owners whose networks already support Apple’s own visual voicemail implementation. (Orange UK, which recently began selling the… Read More

  • launches app store for business applications

    Today sees the public launch of, which aims to position itself as the leading vertical portal for software, SaaS and cloud-based business applications. The premise of GetApp is fairly simple: offer (potential) professional IT services and software buyers a chance to browse and research business tools, give providers a low-cost way to be found in the directory, and guide both parties… Read More

  • Tolingo secures Series A funding for fast, cheap translation service

    [Germany] Tolingo, the online translation platform, has secured a Series A round of investment. The investment comes from Neuhaus Partners in Hamburg which is using a local start-up fund run by a public programme in conjunction with the local KfW bank (hey, this is Europe remember). The investment will be used to expand further in Europe and internationally. Terms were undisclosed but sources… Read More