The latest innovative tech coming out of Europe

  • Shazam hits 100m user mark, targets the living room for growth

    Music recognition and discovery service Shazam has reached somewhat of a milestone today: growing its user base to 100 million, of which 25 million users were added in the past six months. At first glance that sounds pretty impressive, though not entirely surprising. Back in May we reported that the ten-year old London-based ‘startup’ had grown its user base from 50 million to… Read More

  • WYGU wants to be a Facebook-for-careers-advice

    WYGU (When You Grow Up) has launched as a “Facebook for careers advice” – that’s their words not mine – and offers a mix of “social careers guidance”, development and e-mentoring. It’s founded by Alun Baker and is backed by £350,000 of Angel funding, which Baker says he’s matched. The UK site’s noble aim is to help people avoid… Read More

  • Developers take note – carrier subsidy should help Apple shift a lot more iPads

    The iPad might be one of the most sought after gadgets this Christmas but for many, its high price is a definite deal breaker. That’s before you factor in carrier subsidy, says a new report from global research and technology firm Vision Critical which reveals that subsidised iPad offers, such as those recently announced by three of the four UK mobile operators, are likely to… Read More

  • Startup? East London? Want to take part in some research? Read on

    TechCrunch Europe is helping a major research project which will be carried out in London over the next 6 weeks. We can’t say who’s doing it right now but here’s what it involves. The researches want to shadow a tech startup based out of London, but especially ones which are based around Old Street, Shoreditch, Hoxton or the wider East London. In addition ones which have… Read More

  • reveals £2.84m loss – bulk of users still in UK, despite CBS ownership, the UK-based music startup acquired by media giant CBS in 2007 for $280m (£140m), made a loss for 2009 of just under £2.84 million ($4.45 million), reveal new accounts for the company. The loss posted in 2008 was £17.11 million, reflecting the high costs of streaming music, which the company has now cut. It just goes to show how expensive streaming can be… Financials published… Read More

  • Guest post: Why tech entrepreneurs need to focus on creating a viable business model

    This is a guest post by Alan Gleeson is the General Manager of Palo Alto Software, Ltd, creators of Business Plan Pro. He holds an MBA from Oxford University and an MSc from University College, Cork, Ireland. The phrase ‘business model’ has grown in use in recent months. However, there seems to be some confusion as to what exactly the term means, why it is important and how it… Read More

  • Almost three-quarters of Brits check Facebook in bed, while one in five text during sex

    Britain’s a nation of Facebook-ers, that much we already know. But now new research from technology experts Travelodge — OK, it’s a chain of cheap and not so-cheerful hotels — has revealed that almost three-quarters of UK adults check Facebook in bed (72%). Specifically, the survey of 6,000 adults reveals that Brits spend an average of 16 minutes each night on the… Read More

  • TechCrunch Europe to help judge The Telegraph's Start-Up 100 list

    It’s always ‘a good thing’ when mainstream media outlets get behind the tech startup community, often in the form of a “Top 100” listing or similar. Hopefully their picks reflect the scene well. But at their worst they end up as a rather out of date list of tech companies (some doing well, some not so well) or a list which is way off the mark. However… Read More

  • DLD joins the hunt for Europe's best startups – deadline extended to Sunday

    We’re working with the awesome annual DLD Conference in Munich, on a new event for startups. The DLDGarage startup program will provide a forum for presenting new startups to the influential DLD influential (originally called Digital, Lifestyle, Design, but now just referred to as DLD). The Garage session will be during the DLD Conference, January 23-25, 2011, and as usual DLD… Read More

  • Russian search giant Yandex partners with local Facebook-clone VKontakte

    Yandex, the Russian juggernaut of a search engine that is thought to be considering an IPO for up to $1.5 billion, has partnered with VKontakte, which is the largest social network in Russia. How big? The so-called Facebook-clone accounts for more than half of web traffic in the CIS region. Under the arrangement, the public-facing elements of VKontakte user profiles will show up in Yandex… Read More

  • Mixlr exits Beta – now targets everybody not just DJs and musicians

    Mixlr, which we previously described as a UStream-for-audio, has exited Beta and with it a wider remit: No longer is the live audio streaming service aimed at just DJs and musicians but now targets the likes of conference organisers, journalists, podcasters and public speakers too. It’s a pivot not dissimilar to that made by SoundCloud recently, a service that Mixlr both competes with… Read More

  • Trampoline Systems raises another Angel round, adds to board

    Trampoline Systems, specialists in “social analytics” for companies, launched in the UK and the US a couple of years ago and recently turned to “crowdfunding” to pull in follow-on funding, raising £330,000 from tens of high net worth individuals around the world. CEO Charles Armstrong is adamant that tech startups can operate outside the norms of the venture industry… Read More

  • H-Farm opens up applications for its new Seed Program

    H-Farm, the Italian VC-slash-incubator-slash-holding company based in the countryside near Venice, just announced the opening of their new Seed Program. H-Farm will provide financing for three months worth of development, in which teams will work in their new Startup Village, and claims it will take a minority share in each company, but doesn’t add specific details. We’re… Read More

  • Bradley Manning, alleged WikiLeaks source, set up an early Facebook? Really?

    Well, it’s a strange world out there. Channel 4 News has revealed that the man accused of passing thousand of secret US documents to WikiLeaks was a tech geek who set up a primitive ‘social network’ at his school, years before Facebook appeared. Private Bradley Manning joined the US Army in 2007 and was posted to Baghdad, where he worked on classified army networks. He has… Read More

  • EnLabs launches as a Silicon Valley-inspired tech incubator in Rome

    Some 150 people attended the inaugural party of EnLabs (Entrepreneurship Laboratories) yesterday evening. The new 40-desk incubator based in Rome, is open to all entrepreneurs with early stage and start-up aspirations. The initiative was founded by Luigi Capello, a serial entrepreneur turned business angel who, through investment opportunities, was able to experience and try firsthand the… Read More

  • Will this year be a gadget Christmas? Survey says, no

    While none of my friends and family would dare to buy me a gadget for Christmas – they’d only get it wrong – for as long as I can remember, technology has taken its fair share of present space under the tree. Not this year though, predicts an opportunistic survey carried out by Opinion Matters on behalf of the UK’s Mobile Fun, which sells mobile accessories online. It… Read More

  • 24waystostart – An advent calendar for tech entrepreneurs?

    If you’re getting into the holiday season, then maybe check out 24waystostart an advent calendar largely aimed at European entrepreneurs. Each days for 24 days in the run up to Christmas there will be a post about startups. The first post is by @maxniederhofer of Qwerly. The site was the brain child of tech mischief mackers @davestone and @joshr. TechCrunch Europe will be contributing… Read More

  • RendezVous353, the social network for Irish expats, sees UK launch, the social network for Irish expats, saw its UK launch last week with a typically Irish party in London. And at a time when Ireland has little to celebrate and many of the country’s working population are said to be heading elsewhere, a dedicated community online for the 80 million-strong “global Irish Diaspora” is perhaps fitting. That tiresome… Read More

  • SoundCloud launches super-cool ability to record on site and in iPhone app

    Today, SoundCloud, an audio platform that has concentrated on music makers so far, makes a significant pivot into the wider sphere of audio sharing. Up until now SoundCloud has done a pretty incredible job of attracting well known artists to its platform such as The Foo Fighters, Kylie, Deadmau5, Moby and Caribou, who have used it to effectively socialise their music. But today Soundcloud… Read More

  • If Google buys Groupon, what does that mean for the UK? Shakeout.

    As Google allegedly courts Groupon with acquisition offers of up to $6 billion, we thought it worthwhile to bring you an update on the UK ‘deal-of-the-day’ sites. And perhaps the best way to think about this is in terms of supermarket brands. No, really, hear me out on this one, it sort of works. As we know Groupon expanded into Europe by buying the discount supermarket of the… Read More