The latest innovative tech coming out of Europe

  • Private equity firm Permira acquires online travel agency eDreams from TA

    eDreams, the Spanish online travel giant, has changed private equity hands once again. In a deal reportedly worth €250-300 million, the UK’s Permira has acquired a majority share in the site from its previous owner US private equity firm TA Associates. TA paid €153 million for the company in 2006 from its original VC backers, which included Apax Partners, Atlas Venture, BSCH… Read More

  • GoodData secures another $6.5 million

    GoodData is rapidly becoming a key example of the technology innovation emerging from Central Europe – and laying a bet on Europe seems to be paying off for Fidelity Growth Partners Europe, the venture and growth equity investor, which backs European entrepreneurs exclusively. It’s invested $2 million in the startup, the second investment for the £100 million fund, leading an… Read More

  • Report: European VC funding bounces back, IT is the "star performer"

    European VC funding has bounced back. That’s according to Q2 figures produced by Dow Jones VentureSource which reports that investment is up by 50 percent compared to the record low of this time last year. €1.1 billion into 289 deals against 252 deals, which raised just €735 million. But specifically, says Dow Jones, the Information Technology (IT) industry, which apparently… Read More

  • Map My Tracks partners with Team Sky to deliver iPhone app for cyclists and fans

    When we first profiled Map My Tracks, a web service which provides real-time GPS tracking for cyclists, runners and other sporting types, we liked the concept and user experience but were critical of the subscription model employed. That was back in February 2008 and since then the service, developed by UK-based digital agency Tinderhouse, has ditched premium for a combination of free for… Read More

  • Post-credit crunch, Pay4later lets UK online retailers offer customers finance

    Buy now, pay later. We’re all too familiar with the way “cheap” or sometimes 0% finance is offered by bricks ‘n’ mortar stores at the point of purchase, and some of us are no doubt paying for the privilege right now. Online, however, buying on credit isn’t always quite as easy to come by or at least not at smaller e-commerce outlets. Pay4Later, in the UK… Read More

  • Listiki offers a smart way of gathering public opinion through crowdsourced lists

    Listiki (a portmanteau of the words “list” and “wiki”) lets you crowdsource lists of, well, anything. This could be something as trivial as a list of the ‘top ten horror movies’ or something more self-serving like, I don’t know, ‘5 must-read tech bloggers’. Lists can be as short or as long as you like and each item may also include a… Read More

  • How publishers are trying to kill off publicly-owned tech media outlets

    It’s a trend that is highly unlikely to happen in the US due to its ubiquitous privatization of, well, everything. However in good old Europe, where control of the media is often under the hood of governmental institutions such as the BBC in the UK, or ARD in Germany, on the one hand, and in the hands of private media companies on the other, problems can arise. More recently this has… Read More

  • Putting together a list of Angel investors in tech in Europe

    I was struck by how small, inaccurate and out of date this recent list of Angel investors in tech startups in Europe was. It’s time we published one on TechCrunch Europe. So feel free to leave your own nominations in the comments below. Meanwhile you can also contact me on mike AT mbites dot com to nominate tech angel investors, but remember to name the recent deals they’ve done. Read More

  • Frackulous, the new mobile apps show

    Frackulous is an online video show dedicated to all things apps. We mention it because it’s a new show coming out of Europe, London specifically. It’s been created by Fixation Video, a.k.a. long-time online video journalist and presenter Susi Weaser and Will Head, a respected tech journalist and online video expert. Aimed at a more mainstream audience, it’s worth catching as… Read More

  • ProcessOne's HostedIM offers business-class instant messaging for SMEs

    ProcessOne has launched a new hosted instant messaging (IM) service aimed at SMEs. Dubbed Hosted.IM, it allows businesses to easily create a “business-class” IM capability using their own domain name without the cost of managing the required hardware and software in-house. It’s free for up to 5 users after which ‘packs’ can be purchased for up to 10, 25, 50, 75 or… Read More

  • hits iPhone, lets you stream your music collection from the cloud, the cloud-based music service that lets users upload their music collection and access it anywhere, has added the iPhone/iPod touch to its list of supported devices through a native application. Previously, iPhone users could only access AudioBox via Mobile Safari, a bit of a kludge since the QuickTime Player plugin effectively takes over the phone’s browser. There’s… Read More

  • Penny auction site MadBid secures £4m funding from Atomico Ventures

    MadBid, a fast growing “pay-to-bid” auction site has secured £4 million in a Series A funding from Atomico Ventures. Launched in 2008, MadBid is one of a number of pay-to-bid auction sites which have appeared in the last couple of years, with Swoopo among them. CEO Juha Koski says the Atomico investment will be spent on technology and expanding in Europe. Mattias Ljungman of… Read More

  • NSFW: Sorry AirBnB Hipsters, I’ll Take Health and Safety Over the Cult of Disruption

    Get out of the way, old man! You’re being Disrupted! Screw you, newspapers: blogs are stealing your readers and Craigslist is pillaging your revenue! Take that publishers: Andrew Wiley doesn’t need you and your stupid dead trees! And as for you, hotels – ha! hotels! – if ever there was an industry ripe for disruption, it’s you clowns. Charging $300 a night for a… Read More

  • ReviewPro releases a free reputation management tool for hotels

    ReviewPro, web-based service specifically geared toward reputation management for the hotel sector, has released a free version of their platform. The free version is the first step in teh company’s conscious effort to grow internationally, attracting those 3, 4 and 5 star hotels who are not comfortable contracting a full service before playing with it first. Reputation management is a… Read More

  • French startups want the last laugh at disaster

    Not to worry, is still down – not much has changed on that front – but turns out French startups want to join in the fun and be the ones who get the last laugh. Which is perhaps why a couple of French startup guys got together and built the hilarious mock-site (everything you need to know is in the URL). To cut a short story even shorter… Read More

  • Stardoll goes for an older crowd that might actually have credit cards

    Stardoll, the social gaming site for mostly female teenagers interested in fame, fashion and friends which has had over $10m invested in it, appears to be going for a break out moment. It’s going for a site redesign with a more upbeat modern appearance and more features to increase engagement and shopping for virtual goods. But will it be enough? Admittedly the site has been growing. Read More

  • The Difference Engine extends application deadline

    The Difference Engine, the styartup programme available to any European startup willing to spend time in England’s North, has extended its application process through to the end of September, giving more teams the opportunity to apply for the second programme, which has been rescheduled to start in January 2011 running through to March 2011. You can contact… Read More

  • Fotolia's Flixtime goes pro with hot new features

    Fotolia‘s Animoto-like slideshow generation platform, Flixtime, has just announced the launch of its pro version with some spicy new features, including the voiceover capabilities that everybody has been waiting for and image transition editing for full creative control. With a $149 annual pro subscription, users can generate unlimited, full-length HD slideshows for commercial use that… Read More

  • London's Gatwick Airport integrates Twitter to solicit customer complaints

    As part of its brand relaunch, London’s Gatwick Airport is going all social media on us by integrating Twitter directly into its customer service strategy. While not quite as bold as actually installing a giant Twitter wall in the airport itself – that would possibly induce riots – Gatwick’s management are to solicit feedback from travelers via their official… Read More

  • Nokia’s Q2: 111+ million devices shipped, sales tops €10 billion, profit drops 40%

    Nicely timed a few days before Nokia’s earnings release, the Wall Street Journal on Monday reported that the mobile giant is conducting a search for a new chief executive, citing the company’s trouble in posing much of a challenge to the likes of Apple, RIM and Google with its Android operating system in the high-end smartphone market. No doubt there’s concern from Nokia… Read More