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  • It’s called virtual “reality” for a reason Crunch Network

    It’s called virtual “reality” for a reason

    I was in grad school in the 1990s, working on a project for Michigan’s Advanced Technology Lab in their EE department. We were trying to make telerobots controllable over unreliable networks. I got a taste of how technology could mediate everyday life in strange, unexpected and compelling ways… including the feeling of being somewhere faraway and interacting with remote environments. Read More

  • The Attention Economy And The War Over Measurement Crunch Network

    The Attention Economy And The War Over Measurement

    Content that gets delivered digitally should be measured digitally. This sounds obvious, but it’s not that easy: Ad blockers, infinite scroll design and auto-load/auto-play videos all make it harder than ever to determine what has actually been viewed and what has successfully captured the consumer’s attention. Read More

  • Changing The Rules Of E-Commerce Crunch Network

    Changing The Rules Of E-Commerce

    In late summer, Mayfield and CRV co-hosted a dinner for entrepreneurs at e-commerce 2.0 companies, including Brit& Co, Dolls Kill, Dropship, Indiegogo, Kiwi Crate, LeTote, Massdrop, Pebble, Peek, Poshmark, The Hunt, Tophatter, Touch of Modern, Trendalytics, Udemy and Urban Remedy. Over dinner and drinks these executives discussed the factors making e-commerce cool again for investors… Read More

  • Startups Are Finally Hacking Healthcare Crunch Network

    Startups Are Finally Hacking Healthcare

    New companies are going around the traditional “front door” of FDA approval, insurers and healthcare institutions by launching ‘Healthcare 2.0’ companies that target consumers and self-insured employers, upending the health sector through the use of innovative digital and social technologies. At a recent forum we hosted for founders and leading industry execs playing… Read More