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  • College for the 21st century Crunch Network

    College for the 21st century

    College has changed in the last 25 years. For one, we have an urgent crisis of affordability. College graduates also are facing a crisis of employability. The result has been financial calamity for millennials. As Gen Zers reach college age, they’re contemplating whether a traditional four-year accredited college or university is the optimal path. Read More

  • Hiring has gone Hollywood Crunch Network

    Hiring has gone Hollywood

    The top of the hiring funnel has gotten very crowded. We’ve always had recruiters or headhunters for top executives. They’re also commonly used in many industries for lower-skill positions, i.e. staffing. What’s changed is that staffing or fee-for-placement intermediaries are emerging for a range of professional positions. Read More

  • Education technology meets its limits Crunch Network

    Education technology meets its limits

    Developing skills-based online courses and credentials is the easy part. The hard part is getting employers to pay attention. Read More

  • With emerging last-mile training programs, is college necessary? Crunch Network

    With emerging last-mile training programs, is college necessary?

    Last-mile training is the combination of technical education and placement services that has the potential to fill the skills gap across many sectors of the economy. I’ve suggested that last-mile providers are evolving to become college “minimum viable products” or feasible substitutes to traditional higher education. But what will we lose if the last mile becomes the only mile? Read More

  • The ‘last mile’ in education and training Crunch Network

    The ‘last mile’ in education and training

    The concept of the last mile (the final leg of the connection to each home) originated in telecom, but is now a focus for supply chain management and e-commerce. In telecom and other utilities, the cost of building the last mile is what results in natural monopolies, thereby requiring regulation. We are now seeing the emergence of the last-mile phenomenon in an unlikely setting: education. Read More

  • Blame bad applicant tracking for the soft skills shortage at your company Crunch Network

    Blame bad applicant tracking for the soft skills shortage at your company

    One of my favorite metaphors is the guy who stumbles out of the bar late at night and can’t find his car keys. Although the keys are probably somewhere back in the bar, he doesn’t look back there, nor does he look around his car: too dark in both those places. Instead, he looks under the street light. Now, it’s probably a good thing this guy never finds his keys; he… Read More

  • What Betsy DeVos means for edtech Crunch Network

    What Betsy DeVos means for edtech

    Betsy DeVos was barely confirmed last week as the new Secretary of Education –- or should I say bearly. In her welcome address to the Department of Education on Wednesday, Secretary DeVos made light of her remark about schools needing guns to protect children from grizzly bears: “For me, personally, this confirmation process and the drama it engendered has been a … bit of a… Read More

  • Startups are making the rejection letter a thing of the past Crunch Network

    Startups are making the rejection letter a thing of the past

    It seems clear that job rejections are headed for the nostalgia pile, alongside Pop Rocks, big hair, Fanta and hockey fights. Before too long, we’ll look back on the era of rejection letters as “the good old days.” Read More

  • The hiring game Crunch Network

    The hiring game

    With nearly 8 million Americans unemployed and looking for work while nearly 6 million jobs remain unfilled, it’s fair to say that technology has not disrupted the labor market in a good way. Read More

  • Higher education goes Hollywood Crunch Network

    Higher education goes Hollywood

    As I began my career in higher education in the late 1990s, technology seemed poised to upend the entire academic enterprise. The zeitgeist was that a star system was about to be born, with million-dollar online courses starring celebrity faculty. Read More

  • The technology of higher education Crunch Network

    The technology of higher education

    For nearly 30 years, pundits have predicted that education technology would disrupt higher education. Online courses will reduce costs and create unprecedented access to higher education, so the argument goes. Likewise, adaptive learning will improve — or replace — the art of teaching as the right digital content is delivered at the right time to each individual learner. Read More

  • The new push toward competency-based education Crunch Network

    The new push toward competency-based education

    Freed from the confines of the credit hour, nontraditional students will race toward a degree in record time, and at just a fraction of the cost. Read More

  • LinkedIn And The Golden Age Of American Education Crunch Network

    LinkedIn And The Golden Age Of American Education

    A new book declaring the end of the golden age of economic growth has set the wonky world of economics aflame. Robert Gordon’s The Rise and Fall of American Growth juxtaposes the world-altering impact of 19th-century inventions with a disbelief that today’s digital transformation might foster growth on the same scale as refrigeration, aviation or the birth of telecommunication. Read More

  • The New Digital Stars Of Higher Education Crunch Network

    The New Digital Stars Of Higher Education

    Higher education is going through a well-documented digital revolution. Colleges and universities are awash in data. Accelerated learning “bootcamps” challenge the supremacy of the establishment. But as it turns out, it just might be higher education’s digital sidekicks that have the potential to unmask — and transform — higher education’s greatest challenge. Read More