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  • We are on the verge of a consumer M&A avalanche Crunch Network

    We are on the verge of a consumer M&A avalanche

    If you believe in the mantra “innovate or die,” you might conclude that the largest consumer and retail brands are terminally ill. Giants like Kraft and Clorox all seem to be too slow and enslaved to shareholders to innovate. At the same time, they may be too large to perish… at least for now. Read More

  • Why did Unilever pay $1B for Dollar Shave Club?   Crunch Network

    Why did Unilever pay $1B for Dollar Shave Club?  

    Personal care; food; beverages — in category after category, the pattern is the same. We are seeing the systematic outsourcing of R&D to new retail and consumer brands just launching into the market. Read More

  • Equity crowdfunding is dead Crunch Network

    Equity crowdfunding is dead

    No one will be talking about crowdfunding in five years. The term is inherently flawed; it focuses on the wrong side of any investment: the donor/investor. And it’s become too broad to be meaningful. The missions of the leading players are widely misunderstood, even by their own users. Read More

  • A Food Bubble? Not So Fast Crunch Network

    A Food Bubble? Not So Fast

    Is there a “Food Bubble”? Robyn Metcalfe believes so. In her recent TechCrunch editorial she pointed to recent fundraises by Instacart and Delivroo—reportedly demanding valuations of $2 billion and $100 million on revenues of ~$100 million and $1 million, respectively—as evidence that the kind of irrational exuberance so often found in tech is seeping into food investmen Read More