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  • Machine Learning Versus Machine Discovery Crunch Network

    Machine Learning Versus Machine Discovery

    Machine learning is hot. Where it applies, it heatedly enables data-rich and knowledge-lean automation of valuable tasks of perception, classification and numeric prediction. Its sibling, machine discovery, deals with uncovering new knowledge that enlightens or guides human beings. Let’s consider where learning or discovery best applies — and why this matters for business. Read More

  • Robot Writers Need Something To Say Crunch Network

    Robot Writers Need Something To Say

    Robot writers are hot. No, that statement is not a call to fix their air conditioners, much less to date them. It’s to acknowledge that pioneers in artificial intelligence (AI) and automated writing have gotten a lot of media attention (partly because it hits close to home; the deployments are public and noticeable and it invokes the perennial concern about job loss due to automation). Read More