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  • Startups need to respect the laws of retail physics Crunch Network

    Startups need to respect the laws of retail physics

    Startups like Warby Parker, Bonobos and Casper have proven that it’s possible to build a modern brand predominately using digital tools. As a result, a flood of early-stage tech VCs have barged into the market like Walmart shoppers on Black Friday. Read More

  • Is VC The Right Money For Fintech? Crunch Network

    Is VC The Right Money For Fintech?

    Financial technology has never been a more exciting or innovative category — especially in New York City. Oddly, tech is not the driving force in many of these ventures. The Blockchain and Bitcoin notwithstanding, most of what we’re seeing now is financial product evolution and the unbundling of the large bank. Most of these companies could have been built 20 years ago. Read More

  • In Defense Of Theranos Crunch Network

    In Defense Of Theranos

    Innovation that involves sensitive medical technologies is challenging and provokes strong emotional reactions, but the reality is that the strongest criticisms of Theranos have more to do with business structure than their blood tests. Read More

  • Wary Of The “Next Warby” Crunch Network

    Wary Of The “Next Warby”

    Warby Parker is astonishingly successful, whether you judge it by the rave reviews of customers, its valuation or, more impressively, by the number of startups that compare themselves to the iconic eyeglass innovator. Over the last couple of years, I’ve met with dozens of entrepreneurs who have pitched themselves as the “Warby of ________.” Read More

  • Don’t Let Your Investors Buy All The Options Crunch Network

    Don’t Let Your Investors Buy All The Options

    One of the most pronounced misalignments between investors and entrepreneurs is around the concept of “optionality.” I’m not talking about stock options, but the freedom to choose from a variety of different strategic and tactical options when running your startup. Read More

  • Before You Make That Pivot Crunch Network

    Before You Make That Pivot

    According to Eric Ries, A pivot is a “structured course correction designed to test a new fundamental hypothesis about the product, strategy, and engine of growth.”[1] The rise of the Lean Startup methodology, however, has led entrepreneurs to indulge and glorify the pivot without fully weighing the consequences. Changing course opportunistically is a key part of starting a… Read More

  • Requiem For A Unicorn Crunch Network

    Requiem For A Unicorn

    Marc Andreessen has said that there are 15 companies per year that generate 90% of the returns for VCs. Startups jockey for position in the “Billion Dollar Club.” In the world of startups we don’t have the S&P 500, we have the “Unicorn 50.” Read More