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  • Building A Framework For Sustainability Crunch Network

    Building A Framework For Sustainability

    Platforms are what make the technology world go ’round. Great platforms create value for technologists everywhere — be it a technology-specific platform like what Google has newly open-sourced through Tensor Flow, a customer-specific platform development environment like Salesforce or a truly horizontal platform like what Amazon offers through AWS. This value stems from the fact… Read More

  • Two Lies And A Truth About “The Bubble” Crunch Network

    Two Lies And A Truth About “The Bubble”

    There has been a lot of discussion about startup valuation over the past few months. Luminaries across the industry have chimed in, suggesting we’re returning to a time of irrational investment valuations hearkening back to the bubble of the late 90s. My colleagues and I at Sapphire Ventures are seeing the rise in private market valuations firsthand. The stage at which we invest, the… Read More

  • Software For The Full-Stack Era Crunch Network

    Software For The Full-Stack Era

    The history of software is dominated by companies that automated how the biggest companies in the world did business. IBM automated clerical tasks, SAP unified corporate financials, and Siebel digitized Rolodexes for relationship-driven salespeople. With that focus in mind, it’s no wonder that many of the world’s largest technology companies survive based on their ties to IT… Read More