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  • The State Of Hardware Crowdfunding In Q1 Crunch Network

    The State Of Hardware Crowdfunding In Q1

    If the past few quarters were not proof enough that the hardware community is increasingly using crowdfunding for early validation and consumers are willing to take risks on new products, the first quarter of 2015 should settle the debate. A total of 128 hardware companies pre-sold nearly $70M in products in Q1 – that’s something like 35 percent of the total dollars hardware… Read More

  • Reimagining Everyday Objects Crunch Network

    Reimagining Everyday Objects

    Can we agree that the term “internet of things” should go away when we’re talking about consumer products? Like the “world wide web” before it, the internet of things phrase is a relic from the past. I don’t need a connected washing machine or internet-enabled color changing LED light bulb and nor does anyone else. “Things” don’t need… Read More

  • Raising More Than $750K In Hardware Crowdfunding Crunch Network

    Raising More Than $750K In Hardware Crowdfunding

    For months, investors have talked about how crowdfunding is changing the hardware investing landscape. The theory goes that the advent of Kickstarter and Indiegogo allow companies to test product-market-fit in a notoriously challenging category. And the numbers suggest there may be something to this: Venture investing in hardware companies increased 233 percent from 2007 to 2013 according… Read More

  • The Investments In A Wearables Future Crunch Network

    The Investments In A Wearables Future

    People may debate when the wearable first came into being or what industries will be most impacted by the technology, but there is no debating that startup activity in the wearable space has accelerated. if Apple moving into a category is one sure sign of anything, it’s that. Between consumer interest and investor attention, the wearable category is exploding. In fact, it is exploding… Read More

  • Hardware Crowdfunding: Where The Venture Dollars Flow Crunch Network

    Hardware Crowdfunding: Where The Venture Dollars Flow

    Crowdfunding dollars are only one source of capital for hardware startups. The other source, the one that gets even more attention, is venture capital. In the years since Kickstarter came into the world, venture investing in hardware has gone from non-existent to mainstream. Read More

  • The Crowdfunded Hardware Ecosystem Crunch Network

    The Crowdfunded Hardware Ecosystem

    In the past six years crowdfunding has become a popular, if not the most popular, form of financing for hardware startups, potato salad distractions notwithstanding. Over the years we’ve seen a variety of successful crowdfunding campaigns translate early crowd love into great venture capital rounds. We’ve even seen a few, like Oculus, manage to use successful campaigns to… Read More