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  • 2016’s top programming trends Crunch Network

    2016’s top programming trends

    Last January I wrote a TechCrunch post predicting the major programming trends of 2016. But in the software development world, things can change very quickly. It can be difficult to see the high-level trends clearly through all the chatter about shiny new development languages, frameworks and tools. So, as we near the end of 2016, how accurate were my predictions? Read More

  • Programming Trends To Look For This Year Crunch Network

    Programming Trends To Look For This Year

    There has never been a more exciting time for technologists and developers worldwide. The number of active development languages and frameworks, as well as development tools and learning avenues, continues to soar. Despite all these resources at our fingertips (or perhaps because of this abundance), it may not be obvious where industry trends are leading us. In my role as a coding… Read More