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  • AI on your lock screen Crunch Network

    AI on your lock screen

    For the last 10 years, news feeds have been the main way — the mainstream user interface — to discover interesting and relevant digital content. Today, news feeds, from Facebook and Twitter to LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest, are surfacing the interesting news and moments from your social network and favorite sources. This is about to change. Read More

  • The next AI is no AI Crunch Network

    The next AI is no AI

    Artificial Intelligence is starting to turn invisible from the outside in — and vice versa. The exact effects and workings of AI technologies are becoming more challenging to perceive and comprehend for humans. Even the experts themselves don’t always fully understand how an AI system operates. Read More

  • Your Algorithmic Self Meets Super-Intelligent AI Crunch Network

    Your Algorithmic Self Meets Super-Intelligent AI

    As humanity debates the threats and opportunities of advanced artificial intelligence, we are simultaneously enabling that technology through the increasing use of personalization that is understanding and anticipating our needs through sophisticated machine learning solutions. In effect, while using personalization technologies in our everyday lives, we are contributing in a real way to… Read More

  • Is Personalized Discovery A Feature, Category Or New Paradigm Crunch Network

    Is Personalized Discovery A Feature, Category Or New Paradigm

    What do you do when you don’t know what you want to read, watch, listen to or do next? What do you do if you don’t know what to search for? Or can’t describe clearly what you’d be interested in next? There are so many great choices available in the digital realm. Nevertheless, a universal personalized Discovery solution doesn’t exist yet. Why? Read More

  • The Future Of Algorithmic Personalization Crunch Network

    The Future Of Algorithmic Personalization

    Personalization algorithms influence what you’ve chosen yesterday, what you choose today and what you’ll be choosing tomorrow. Simultaneously, there seems to be something wrong with personalization. We are continuously bumping into obtrusive, uninteresting ads. Our digital personal assistant isn’t that personal at all. We’ve lost friends to the algorithmic abyss of the… Read More

  • We Need Algorithmic Angels Crunch Network

    We Need Algorithmic Angels

    A lot has been written on how algorithms are manipulating this and that in today’s Internet. However, there hasn’t been so many concrete proposals on how could we create more human-centered algorithmic solutions. For example, do we need algorithms that are on our side? Read More