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    The top 10 best of VR in 2016

    After spending the better part of 2016 researching, analyzing and experimenting in the Virtual Reality industry, here is what I’ve found to be the Top 10 VR experiences of the past year. This subjectively compiled list is informed by my own experiences spending more than 100 hours in Virtual Reality across all major platforms, as well as from observing first-time experiences, reactions… Read More

  • Investment Banking 2.0 Says “Hello World!?” Crunch Network

    Investment Banking 2.0 Says “Hello World!?”

    David Gelles wrote in the New York Times this weekend about how large tech corporations have been conducting more M&A deals with less input from traditional investment banks. Because of my company’s insight into buy and sell-side M&A interest, I wanted to provide some additional insight into how we see the M&A world changing. Read More