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  • Seed investing is bifurcating Crunch Network

    Seed investing is bifurcating

    A curious gap has emerged in the early-stage investment landscape: While emerging startups are able to raise very small, sub-$500,000 rounds, seed and pre-A investors are requiring increasingly higher revenue and market traction milestones before they deploy capital to companies. Lately, it seems as if the single, discrete “seed” round of $1-$2 million has largely disappeared. Read More

  • There’s more to early-stage funding than VC money Crunch Network

    There’s more to early-stage funding than VC money

    Good companies will always get funded. If that’s your company, it’s important to make sure you have the resources to keep it alive long enough to get funded. Murmurs of a looming downturn in venture capital are pressuring more companies to preemptively begin fundraising, whether or not they have gained sufficient traction to justify their stated valuations. Read More