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  • The need for algorithmic accountability Crunch Network

    The need for algorithmic accountability

    There is a new generation of companies exerting such great influence on society that they’re essentially becoming utilities. Google, Amazon, Facebook and Uber are near monopolies that provide services as integral to our modern life as power, telephone and transportation systems were a century ago. But there is a key difference between last century’s utilities and today’s… Read More

  • Unscaling politics Crunch Network

    Unscaling politics

    America’s two major political parties are in the process of being unscaled. They’re being pulled apart and disrupted like so many other industries and institutions today. Pundits blame Donald Trump for the turmoil plaguing the Republican party and Bernie Sanders for the Democrats failing to pave a smooth way for their establishment choice. But there’s something less obvious… Read More

  • Unscaling Energy Crunch Network

    Unscaling Energy

    Solving climate change is the biggest opportunity for entrepreneurs in our generation. In fact, the planet’s best hope lies in unleashing startups to unbundle and “unscale” the global energy industry. So far, almost all the conversation and policy-making around climate change has focused on austerity — some mix of sacrifice and grudging duty. That came together in the… Read More

  • Unscaling The Trillion-Dollar Power Industry Crunch Network

    Unscaling The Trillion-Dollar Power Industry

    Throughout the history of the power industry, the answer to all of our problems has been to “get bigger”. Due to economies of scale, utilities have concentrated on building larger and larger power plants to increase efficiency and improve profitability. That’s why we still receive the vast majority of our power the way we have for decades — from massive plants based… Read More

  • Unscaling The Healthcare Economy Crunch Network

    Unscaling The Healthcare Economy

    Health care delivery has always been among the top targets for founders seeking to dramatically improve our lives while building great businesses. Yet, with very few exceptions, most founders find it difficult to build scalable software-defined businesses for providing high quality care. Read More