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  • Transport’s coming upheaval Crunch Network

    Transport’s coming upheaval

    Technology is continuously reshaping our relationship with travel, and that change is accelerating to another inflection point. Advances in transportation technology reshape our lives and cities, and how and where we all settle. And American history guides us on what’s to come. Read More

  • Is Whole Foods a healthy option for Amazon? Crunch Network

    Is Whole Foods a healthy option for Amazon?

    Over the past few years we’ve seen Amazon testing new ways of getting groceries in consumers fridges, with Amazon Fresh, Amazon Fresh Pickup, drone delivery, and Amazon Go. As I look back with this acquisition, I can’t help to think, “Were they just preparing for this the whole time or did they realize they couldn’t do it alone?” Read More

  • Tyrant in the code Crunch Network

    Tyrant in the code

    Mankind has a complex relationship with the notion of Artificial Intelligence. Tinged with both fear and fascination; the timeline for AI development is punctuated by cultural and historical events that have brought with them new speculation and theories. Mechanical men and artificial beings were a prevalent feature of Greek myth, including the golden robots of Hephaestus and… Read More

  • Apple lays the groundwork to kill online advertising Crunch Network

    Apple lays the groundwork to kill online advertising

    Their products help us learn, communicate and navigate the world. The companies behind these innovations are battling for the future of computing. Each one is defending their core businesses while placing bets on the future. Their tangled business relationships help mask the underlying strategies that drive them; however, Apple’s strategy to stifle Google’s chief revenue source… Read More