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  • 70 years of VC innovation Crunch Network

    70 years of VC innovation

    How old is venture capital? Probably as old as the first hunter/gatherer. Yet, until the mid-20th century, it was mostly practiced by wealthy individuals and families. Modern VC was initiated by French-born American Georges Doriot in 1946, who founded the world’s first publicly owned VC firm. Since then, VC has not stopped finding new ideas to provide an edge for success. Read More

  • 2017 crowdfunding guide Crunch Network

    2017 crowdfunding guide

    More than two years ago we wrote about what we learned from the 20 campaigns our startups had run. Fast-forward to 2017: The B2C startups HAX has invested in now count more than 75 successful campaigns (our 200-strong portfolio is about half B2C). Here’s what you need to know to succeed in 2017. Read More

  • Build your brand, and they will come Crunch Network

    Build your brand, and they will come

    To achieve market scale along the lines of GoPro and Fitbit, effectively working with big retailers is a necessary part of the process. Despite the growth of online channels, more than 90 percent of the $200 billion U.S. consumer electronics sales still comes from brick-and-mortar stores. Read More

  • The State Of Robotics For 2015 Crunch Network

    The State Of Robotics For 2015

    While faulty hoverboards are setting themselves ablaze to celebrate Christmas, robots are gradually moving from labs to news reports to entering our daily lives. First in line are drones, already in many people’s hands, autonomous cars with early deployments such as Tesla’s autopilot, and desktop robots like 3d printers. In 2015 robot popped up in many forms, shapes and industries. Read More

  • The State Of Hardware For 2015 Crunch Network

    The State Of Hardware For 2015

    Startups are re-imagining daily objects and inventing new devices. Supported by maker spaces incubators and accelerators, a fraction of this explosion of startups moves on to later stage financing. Investment in IOT startups is likely to hit a record height of $2B this year according to CBInsights. Read More

  • Lean Hardware: Breeding Hardware Unicorns Crunch Network

    Lean Hardware: Breeding Hardware Unicorns

    About a year ago, Aileen Lee from Cowboy Ventures wrote her seminal piece on billion-dollar startups, now widely called “unicorns.” At the time, she found 39 U.S.-based software companies fewer than 10 years old in that category. As early-stage investors and hopeful hardware unicorn breeders, we looked into the situation of hardware unicorns and up-and-coming “ponies.” Read More

  • 8 Things About Hardware Crowdfunding We Learned From 20 Campaigns Crunch Network

    8 Things About Hardware Crowdfunding We Learned From 20 Campaigns

    So far HAX startups have run 20 successful campaigns, making us the most prolific investor in crowdfunded hardware projects. As active participants and keen observers, we identified a few ideas that could help creators, backers, media and investors. Read More