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  • The technology industry needs to think more seriously about device addiction Crunch Network

    The technology industry needs to think more seriously about device addiction

    As we grow as a culture, especially for newer generations, we need to start asking important questions: ‘how as a species do we begin the education process of device addiction?’ And more importantly, ‘how do we begin taking back control?’ Read More

  • Tesla, a great family brand Crunch Network

    Tesla, a great family brand

    Tesla talks a lot about safety, and rightfully so. They have beaten even the safest cars at their own game and thus have created a family brand in the process. In the spirit of safety and family, one of the major success stories that Tesla hasn’t brought to the forefront is that it could very well be the greatest family car since the modern-day station wagon. Read More

  • As interest rates climb, explore insourcing Crunch Network

    As interest rates climb, explore insourcing

    Most people and most companies understand the term and concept of outsourced development. True to tech, we’ve coined a new term, with a twist: insourced development. Before the term insourcing, outsourcing covered the entire spectrum of “engaging with an engineering team outside of your own office.” Read More

  • The connected car and another fragmented market Crunch Network

    The connected car and another fragmented market

    As any new industry takes shape, technical fragmentation occurs. The connected car is new and hot and, like markets prior, there’s a huge land-grab unfolding in front of all consumers. It feels very much like the early days of smartphones: Everyone was trying to be a player. All companies built their own flavor of software and, as a byproduct, all hardware (smartphones) was weak, at best. Read More

  • Solve real problems, provide real solutions Crunch Network

    Solve real problems, provide real solutions

    We love the internet. We love apps. We love the Internet of Things. But most importantly, we love ideas. The accessibility that the internet provides, however, is also what makes it unbelievably difficult for new digital businesses to get off the ground. Read More

  • Tech is primed for an upswing Crunch Network

    Tech is primed for an upswing

    The past 15 months has created a lot of confusion around where the technology sector is going. I’m constantly being asked by entrepreneurs if the timing is right to start a new business and would I invest in these current markets? Yes and yes. Read More

  • Big data and its developer fallout Crunch Network

    Big data and its developer fallout

    As the internet social turf wars continue to mature, the land grab is becoming much better understood. With a few companies controlling 95 percent of the social data, the internet is more closed and much more controlled than ever before. Read More

  • The hungry consumer and the software pivot Crunch Network

    The hungry consumer and the software pivot

    The internet has become a lonely space, and consumers are hungry for something new. We don’t talk much anymore about new processors, video cards and faster dialup modems — at least not like we used to. The technology industry, specifically the internet, continues to become further standardized and isolating, which makes it harder for new players to get an edge. Read More

  • Prima donna engineers Crunch Network

    Prima donna engineers

    In a world where engineers truly are the new rock stars and markets continue to be moderately funded, it is not uncommon to witness or experience the engineering “prima donna effect.” I’ve gently suggested this term in the past and it struck a nerve. Read More

  • The downside of an over-capitalized market Crunch Network

    The downside of an over-capitalized market

    I recently took the opportunity to visit with influential friends and colleagues in the New York City technology space. I sat with longtime friend Nick Chirls, founder of Notation Capital, and discussed early- and later-stage seed funding. Similarly, at a dinner with friend and colleague Rameet Chawla, we took stock in the state of affairs from the perspective of technology services. Read More

  • App Fatigue Crunch Network

    App Fatigue

    In the 1980s and 1990s it was all about shrink-wrapped software … ah, those were the days. Software was sold on big and small pieces of plastic and shiny CDs. The 1990s brought in the wave of early Internet to the consumer. The Internet provided a new means for accessing software. You could finally download bits and pieces. But it wasn’t until early 2000 that the average… Read More

  • The Startup, The Burnout Crunch Network

    The Startup, The Burnout

    Burnout is as real as it gets. Burnout is a period of life when your thinking has become relentlessly intrusive, and quieting such thinking only makes it worse, similar to that of anxiety, depression and chronic stress. Burnout happens when the separation between your thinking and work has evaporated and your reasoning leads you to the path of trying to work your way to a solution, only… Read More

  • The Art Of The Pitch Crunch Network

    The Art Of The Pitch

    I’m fortunate in my day to day. I have the privilege of hearing new and exciting ideas, both by seasoned and budding entrepreneurs. I remind myself that not too many moons ago, I was in their shoes pitching for money, product and development support and, at times, attention. Being that much of my job is hearing, seeing and experiencing pitches, it seems appropriate that I share… Read More

  • Engineers Build Ugly Products Crunch Network

    Engineers Build Ugly Products

    Why do engineers build ugly products? What is it in the nature of engineering or the software development process that leads to user interfaces that are impossible for users to actually use? Read More

  • Graduated From An Engineering Bootcamp? Now What? Crunch Network

    Graduated From An Engineering Bootcamp? Now What?

    While hip hop may have ‘too many mc’s and not enough mics’, in tech, there are too many startups and not enough seasoned technologists. Over the last seven years, hopeful entrepreneurs have flooded the market, looking to cut their teeth in the hopes of building the next billion-dollar business. Read More

  • Facebook Development Through The Years Crunch Network

    Facebook Development Through The Years

    At the recent F8 conference, listening to Mark Zuckerberg announce that FB Messenger was going to open up as another developer platform, as Facebook did back in 07, brought me back to a different time. In 07, Facebook was different. You could invite large masses of your friends to play all sorts of games and through the Platform, build a new breed of application. Facebook Platform in 07 was… Read More

  • New-Age Bootstrapping Is Not A Money Problem, It’s A Product Opportunity Crunch Network

    New-Age Bootstrapping Is Not A Money Problem, It’s A Product Opportunity

    The tendency for entrepreneurs is to build big products. The problem with big, feature-rich products is that they take substantial time and money. People talk about this topic frequently, especially in the technology sector. What I’m laying out here however, is slightly different. I’m discussing how bootstrapping has evolved. How bootstrapping has become more of a product problem… Read More