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  • Designing better conversations online Crunch Network

    Designing better conversations online

    Automattic, MIT Center for Civic Media, and The Mash-Up Americans have been working together to have honest dialogues, build empathy, and help make the world a more inclusive and compassionate place. So far, we’ve laid out the problem and explored our assumptions. In this, our third Design and Exclusion conversation, it’s time to talk about how we engage with one another… Read More

  • Design’s exclusion problem Crunch Network

    Design’s exclusion problem

    You’ve probably seen one or a few public relations disasters pop up in the tech industry. Usually, a well-meaning, well-funded, and far-reaching tech company lands itself in the hot seat after rolling out a product and then discovering that it has excluded some group of people in a grand, disruptive way. It’s Apple’s Health Tracker, which forgot to account for the number… Read More