• Mapping Israel’s marketing technology industry Crunch Network

    Mapping Israel’s marketing technology industry

    Marketing technology is in the midst of a worldwide boom. Given the expansion of the internet, social media and various other forms of digital technology, there are a growing number of ways to market products and services to consumers. Like all technological trends, the rapid expansion of marketing technology companies has made its way to Israel. Read More

  • China is disrupting global fintech Crunch Network

    China is disrupting global fintech

    A confluence of factors puts China at the financial technology (“fintech”) forefront: economic advancement, investor behavior, mobile technology, big data, financial industry liberalization, and regulatory acquiescence. Read More

  • Killing technology innovation in the public markets Crunch Network

    Killing technology innovation in the public markets

    In 2004, Google finally went public in a long-awaited offering that lit the public markets on fire. But Google’s S-1 filing was probably as unusual as anything the technology markets had ever seen: The company promised to not deliver quarterly guidance to investors, and instead promised to invest over the long term to preserve the culture of innovation that the company so fiercely protected. Read More

  • Why LinkedIn should kill the résumé and replace it with the experience graph Crunch Network

    Why LinkedIn should kill the résumé and replace it with the experience graph

    Imagine a future where individuals can illustrate their progression of lifelong learning and training and its links to their real-world performance. In this version of the future, the once-ubiquitous résumé has been ousted by the experience graph. Read More

  • The IoT threat to privacy Crunch Network

    The IoT threat to privacy

    As the Internet of Things becomes more widespread, consumers must demand better security and privacy protections that don’t leave them vulnerable to corporate surveillance and data breaches. But before consumers can demand change, they must be informed — which requires companies to be more transparent. Read More

  • Big data’s humble beginnings Crunch Network

    Big data’s humble beginnings

    Clicks. Once upon a time they were the most powerful tool in assessing online ad performance. A humble beginning, but much has changed. The data-driven measurement and predictive analytics technologies that launched adtech and expanded to marketing are now being applied to nearly everything — and yet, it’s easy to forget the road that led here. Read More

  • Edtech is the next fintech Crunch Network

    Edtech is the next fintech

    As the world tries to make sense of economic tremors from the Brexit fallout, upcoming U.S. elections and volatile European financial markets, it’s easy to see why investors are becoming less willing to roll the dice and throw money at oversaturated venture markets. This presents a window of opportunity for investors trying to spot, catch and ride the wave of the next… Read More

  • The Pokémon Go influence on new tech Crunch Network

    The Pokémon Go influence on new tech

    Pokémon Go has changed the trajectory of the world on a scale just slightly smaller than Google Search and Facebook — but it will be felt through all industries in the coming years. It looks like a simple game that incorporates a few unique and compelling features. But this game has taken technologies from niche research and gaming communities and thrust them into the world’s… Read More

  • Hearing is like seeing for our brains and for machines Crunch Network

    Hearing is like seeing for our brains and for machines

    There are neural net machine learning approaches that are simply more than “deep.” Neural networks are popular for advancing voice technologies and AI, but it’s interesting that many of the current approaches were developed for image/video processing. One, convolutional neural networks, makes it easy to see why image-processing neural nets are similar to the way our… Read More

  • Digital media unioning, one year later Crunch Network

    Digital media unioning, one year later

    In the last year, writers, editors, producers and other content creators at “digital native” companies have won representation with the Writers Guild of America, East. These innovative, mostly younger professionals want a voice in shaping their work lives, and they recognize that collective bargaining is a vital way to engage in the decisions that affect how they work and how that… Read More

  • It’s time to publicly shame United Airlines’ so-called online security Crunch Network

    It’s time to publicly shame United Airlines’ so-called online security

    Dear executives of United Airlines, I have some advice for you. 1: Fire whoever is in charge of your online security. 2: Burn down the building in which they worked; it may be tainted. 3: Salt the ground so nothing ever grows there again, to be safe. 4: Hire somebody competent who will not infuriate your users while simultaneously compromising their security. Read More

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