• Fitbit Aria WiFi Scale at CES 2012

    Health Sensors Are Everywhere: Up Close With Striiv And Fitbit

    This was the year of the sensors. From Fitbit’s new Aria Wi-Fi scale to the Basis sports watch, I saw more devices to keep you healthy and lean than ever. I sat down with the folks from Fitbit and Striiv who both saw the power of self-reporting and mindfulness when it comes to weight loss. Striiv, for example, has a new feature that allows you to connect to your friends wirelessly… Read More

  • Smart TVs: How Do They Work?

    Smart TVs: How Do They Work?

    Smart TVs were everywhere at CES. I must have seen two hundred of them while I was there. I could report on specs, resolution or 3D screens, but really, I am more curious about that word “smart” than I am about the raw specs. Is it merely the sum of new features that defines what a Smart TV is or should be? Just what exactly is it that makes a Smart TV, well…smart? It… Read More

  • CES: A Wonderful Example Of Not Knowing When To Stop

    CES: A Wonderful Example Of Not Knowing When To Stop

    From a great distance, a massive waterfall is a beautiful thing. From a lesser distance, it’s deafening. Directly beneath it, it’ll crush your bones to salt. Each year, we make our voyage through the waterfall that is CES. Each year, the noise gets a bit louder, the water a bit more torrential. This year is the first in which I’ve felt my bones begin to give. Enough metaphor? Read More

  • TechCrunch Gadget Wrapup Show From CES, January 12th

    The Last TechCrunch Gadgets Live CES Podcast Is Going Live At 4PM

    Our coverage of CES is coming to a close, and we’re finishing it off with a third and final video podcast from the show floor. We’ve got some really great stuff to give away, both for viewers and our audience here at the booth. After this, our live CES coverage is concluded and we’ll be focusing on posting some of the highlights from it, as well as our lists and… Read More

  • The Nokia Lumia 900 Phone at CES 2012

    Eyes On: The Nokia Lumia 900

    Ah, so close yet so far. Nokia’s new flagship Lumia 900 handset was on display here at CES 2012, and though we couldn’t quite get our hands on it, we did the next best thing — we shot some video. Read More

  • It’s 10pm And You Need A HDMI Cable – No Problem This Week in Vegas

    It’s 10pm And You Need A HDMI Cable – No Problem This Week in Vegas

    TechCrunch TV is using a LiveU mobile pack provided by our partner Ustream for our live streaming coverage from CES. Our camera connects to the pack via a HDMI connector cable. But at the end of our evening Showstoppers coverage, the HDMI plug snapped and broke. At 10pm in Las Vegas, how do you find a replacement HDMI plug? Actually, of all the places in the world to have this happen, we were… Read More

  • Boxee Live TV Dongle at CES 2012

    A Fireside Chat With Boxee’s Avner Ronen On The State Of Boxee And Smart TVs

    Boxee is one of the rare success stories of a software company making the leap to consumer electronics. The formula is simple: a clear message combined with a solid product. Having smart and passionate people help too. And as shown by this video shot at TechCrunch’s CES booth, Boxee has both. Read More

  • Sony Xperia S Demonstration at CES 2012

    Hands-On With The Sony Ericsson Xperia S From CES

    I’ve never been a huge fan of Sony Ericsson. The phones are fine, I guess, and I certainly commend the company’s drive to differentiate. The Xperia Play is a great concept but it failed to really take off. Today, however, I was very impressed after taking a good hard look at the new Xperia S. It’s not the thinnest phone at .4 inches, nor does it have the biggest screen, but… Read More

  • MakerBot 3D Plastic Printer Explained at CES 2012

    Bre Pettis Of Makerbot: “The Future Is Already Here”

    We got a great look at the new Makerbot Replicator and, more important, we sat down with founder Bre Pettis to talk about the future. His take? The future is here and 3D printing is one of the things that will change the world. Pettis built the first Makerbot at NYC Resistor, a hackerspace in Brooklyn. He realized the potential was, in a sense, infinite and, thousands of sales later, Makerbot… Read More

  • IntoNow iPad App

    Eyes On IntoNow’s New iPad Interface

    IntoNow stopped by our little spot of heaven at CES 2012 to talk about their new iPad app and life with Yahoo. Adam Cahan, CEO and Co-founder, was happy to show off the amazing new app that turns the iPad into the ultimate TV companion — at least that’s what it seemed like to me. Read More

  • How Social Media Is Reshaping CES

    How Social Media Is Reshaping CES

    If you’ve been Tweeting or Facebooking or G+ing at all this week, you’ll notice that there is something called “CES” happening in Las Vegas. CES is clearly overwhelming the tech news cycle – it can’t be helped – but this seems to be the first time it’s started overflowing in social media causing one TC writer to quip: “Wish what happened… Read More