TikTok influencer turned biotech founder has marketing down to a science

Anja Health CEO and founder, Kathryn Cross, knows all too well that banking cord blood stem cells can be life. After losing her brother who could not find a donor in time, Cross founded Anja Health wi

Kenya-based aquaculture tech Victory Farms nets $5M funding to expand into new markets

Victory Farms, an aquaculture startup and farm for tilapia fish comprising hatcheries, nursery ponds and deep-water cages, has raised $5 million in new funding. The investment was led by Ed Brakeman,

This founder is dedicated to making a mobile game without giving in to intrusive ads

Welcome back to Found, where we get into the stories behind the startups. Thor Fridriksson is, as Jordan calls him, the King of Mobile Gaming. With mega-viral games like Trivia Royale and QuizUp, he k

Kintent aims to automate away enterprise compliance tasks

Kintent, a startup providing enterprise compliance and security solutions, today announced that it raised $18 million in a Series A round led by OpenView with participation from Tola Capital at a $64

ChowNow founder on rethinking food delivery to serve local restaurants first

Welcome back to Found, the TechCrunch podcasts that get the stories behind the startups. This week we’re joined by Chris Webb from Chow Now. ChowNow started as a way for founder and CEO, Chris W

Everly Health founder discusses leading a startup through two acquisitions

Hello and welcome to this week’s episode of Found. The podcast in which we get into the stories behind the startups. This week, Everly Health founder and CEO Julia Cheek is talking about taking

Second-time founder of climate tech company Supercritical discusses learning how to balance motherhood and being a CEO

In this week’s episode of Found, we’re joined by Michelle You, co-founder and CEO of Supercritical, who is on a mission to help companies get to net-zero — but she refuses to sacrifi

The Found podcast is coming to you live in March with Cityblock’s Toyin Ajayi and Tala’s Shivani Siroya

The early bird gets the worm. And what is the startup world if not a bunch of early birds snatching up an excess of worms? And yet I come bearing even more worms. (This is getting weird, but roll with

How one founder is teaching enterprises how to be truly accountable for their climate footprint

This week, Persefoni co-founder and CEO Kentaro Kawamori is joining us to talk about his climate tech startup that aims at helping asset managers, banks and other financial institutions measure their

How one founder aims to both improve women’s health right now, and the gender gap in research

We’re in the business of talking to very impressive people who are working to solve incredibly tough problems— but Elizabeth Ruzzo, founder and CEO of adyn, may be one of the most impressive yet.

Zapp snaps up $200M to supersize its instant grocery play

Zapp, the instant grocery delivery startup that launched in 2020 in London, has picked up a substantial round of funding to go head-to-head with Getir, Gopuff, Jiffy, Deliveroo and the many others hun

How one founder set out to solve meetings once and for all

We’re talking to serial founder Julian Green, whose most recent startup, Headroom, is using AI to hack human conversation — starting with meetings. Julian’s goal is to make meetings and virtual

How one founder is building a sustainable platform for proactive mental health care

This week Darrell and Jordan talk with Real CEO and founder Ariela Safira. Real is a therapy platform that aims to make mental healthcare more accessible by offering group sessions and curriculums a u

How one founder is putting the power of home ownership back in the hands of actual homeowners

Liz Young remembers when her family became homeowners, even at six years old she understood it was a big deal. That sparked a fascination with real estate and the home-owning experience. While working

How one founder spotted the future of the fitness industry and built tools for trainers to take advantage

While owning and operating studio gym spaces in New York, Alexandra Bonetti knew that it shouldn’t have to be this hard to establish processes for issues all gyms have, like recruiting new members,

How one founder saw the value of remote care for addiction treatment long before the pandemic

Yusuf Sherwani saw the value in remote mental healthcare long before COVID sent everyone into video therapy sessions. He is the CEO and one of three doctor/co-founders of Quit Genius, an app that uses

How one founder is taking on the customer knowledge gap in the cannabis industry

The co-founder of Dutchie, Ross Lipson, talks to Jordan and Darrell about stepping into the cannabis space, taking the hits as they come and growing a business in a highly regulated and brand new indu

How one founder is turning complex decision-making into a developer tool anyone can use

Carolyn Mooney wants you to make your decision-making process code. She is the co-founder and CEO of Nextmv which helps companies make efficient decisions on a mass scale—think Amazon delivering pac

How one founder built the gold standard in office guest sign-in, then shifted the business for COVID

The way COVID-19 has changed the way we work comes up a lot — founders have had to pivot and innovate to build companies during lockdown, but the workplace restrictions seemed to spark inspirati

How one founder tapped lasers to automate and scale stem cell production

Not only is this week’s guest the TechCrunch Disrupt 2021 Battlefield winner, but Nabiha Saklayen is also democratizing access to life-saving cell therapies by using — you guessed it — laser
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