Sendbird adds livestreaming from any app to communications platform

Sendbird, a communications startup, has been around since 2013 helping customers incorporate communications capabilities into their applications via an API. Today, the company announced that moving fo

Winn.AI launches out of stealth with an AI assistant for sales calls

Conventionally, salespeople are responsible for juggling tasks like following a playbook, capturing responses, building rapport and updating a customer relationship management (CRM) system during sale

Rephrase.ai lands fresh investment to grow its synthetic media platform

Rephrase.ai, a self-described synthetic media production platform, today announced that it raised $10.6 million in a Series A round led by Red Ventures with participation from Silver Lake and 8VC. CEO

Salesforce, Snowflake partnership moves customer data in real time across systems

Salesforce is the best selling CRM in the world, and Snowflake is one of the top cloud data lakes. The latter lets customers store and manage massive amounts of unstructured data. When you mix the two

Samsung aims to make global operations and products carbon neutral by 2050

Samsung announced Thursday it will invest more than $5 billion (7 trillion KRW) in its carbon-neutral projects and environmental technologies through 2030, aiming to make its global operations and pro

Ratio bags $411M in equity, credit for flexible subscription payment models

Ratio makes the discounts unnecessary by giving SaaS companies capital upfront so they can offer customers more flexible payment options.

Denim, a fintech platform for freight brokers, raises $126M in equity and debt

Denim, the fintech platform for freight and logistics formerly known as Axle Payments, today announced that it raised $126 million in a Series B funding round led by Pelion Venture Partners with parti

Cybersecurity firm Fortanix secures capital to provide confidential computing services

Companies (and VCs) spend billions of dollars on cybersecurity, but primarily focus on protecting infrastructure or endpoints. That’s not always the right approach in a world where — thank

HICX raises $30M to give companies visibility into their supply chain

HICX, a supplier experience management platform designed to give companies visibility into their supply chain, has raised $30 million in a round of funding led by U.S. private equity firm Wavecrest Gr

Reusable packaging startup Olive creates new model to keep clothes out of landfills

The company combines delivery of clothing and accessories in waste-free, reusable packaging with easier consignment.

Sigmoid raises $12 million to scale its data engineering and analytics platform

Sigmoid, a startup helping firms in the U.S., U.K. and Europe comb through their data and derive better insights from it, has raised $12 million in a new financing round following a strong year of gro

California attorney general accuses Amazon of anti-competitive pricing

California’s attorney general, Rob Bonta, has filed a lawsuit against Amazon for allegedly anti-competitive pricing in violation of the California Unfair Competition Law and the Cartwright Act,

Bluesky built cost guardrails to help cut Snowflake data spend

Snowflake has a revenue model that investors have to love, but big customers, not so much. That’s because it’s based on a consumption model where the more you use, the more you pay — and whe

Twilio lays off 11% of its staff as it aims for profitability in 2023

Twilio today announced that it will lay off 11% of its workforce — between 800 and 900 people across its staff of over 7,800 — as the customer engagement platform looks to rein in costs du

With Prediko, online brands should never run out of stock

Meet Prediko, a new startup that sits at the intersection of e-commerce, fintech and software as a service. If you’re manufacturing items or even just buying and reselling finished goods, chances ar

Groundcover lands $20M to help companies monitor app performance

Groundcover, a performance monitoring platform for cloud apps, today announced that it raised $20 million in a Series A round led by Zeev Ventures with participation from Angular Ventures, Heavybit an

Chameleon raises cash to help SaaS companies build better onboarding experiences

Chameleon, a startup providing low- and no-code tools designed to help software companies personalize the appearance of their apps, today announced that it raised $13 million. Part of a Series A fundi

Dig scoops up $34M to tackle the fragmented world of cloud data security

In 2022, the amount of corporate data stored in the cloud (versus on-premise servers) reached 60%, a signal of how the world of enterprise IT is evolving. But lest you think that cloud=modern=more eff

Nyshex lands a fresh $25M to match shippers with ocean carriers

The New York Shipping Exchange (Nyshex), a platform that connects shippers with ocean carriers, today announced that it raised $25 million in a Series B funding round led by Collate Capital with parti

Cyrebro, a specialist in cloud-based security ops centers, locks down $40M

The cloud, and the growing number of assets that are held and used within cloud services, have become a major focus in cybersecurity over the years. Today, a startup that’s leveraging the cloud
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