Travis Bernard

Travis Bernard

Director of Audience Development

Travis Bernard is the Director of Audience Development at TechCrunch. He specializes in audience development, web analytics, social media strategy, social media analytics, social media advertising, brand marketing, and business development. In 2014 he joined the TechCrunch team as a Senior Manager tasked with leading social media strategy and audience development efforts. By early 2016, he was promoted to Director of Audience Development for TechCrunch. Travis now leads audience development, analytics, and subscriptions for TechCrunch.

Travis has spent most of his career working for advertising and marketing agencies, but in 2013 he joined AOL as a member of the Audience Development team within AOL Analytics. For over a year, Travis helped AOL’s editorial sites use social media and a data-driven strategy to increase website traffic and grow audience reach.

Travis is originally from Maryland, and he graduated from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN.

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