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Tadhg is a video game designer, producer, creative director, columnist and consultant. He has held roles at various video game development, technology and publishing companies. Since the early 90s, Tadhg has worked on all sorts of game projects, from boardgames and live action roleplaying games through to multi-million dollar PC projects. He has served as lead designer, senior producer and a number of other roles at several companies including BSkyB, Lionhead and Climax.

He was a cofounder of the social gaming startup Simple Lifeforms before moving on to becoming a consultant in the game design space through founding noted industry blog What Games Are (www.whatgamesare.com). A recent immigrant to the United States, Tadhg has most recently worked at Jawfish Games, OUYA and for some other studios on a consulting basis.

Tadhg is currently consulting out of Seattle for a variety of companies under the banner of Tadhg Kelly Game Design, as well as writing a book named Raw Game Design to be published next year by Focal Press and a weekly gaming column for TechCrunch. You can reach him at tadhgk@gmail.com.

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What Games Are: The Future Of Pervasive Games

Games as a service exist, but are often still tied to the idea of one primary device. At the same time software is moving away from one device into a more pervasive experience that follows you around

What Games Are: A Farewell To Games Stores

They still hang on in there selling used games and new releases, but the long-predicted death of the video game store has not wavered. It's happening inch by inch, but may speed up considerably with t

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There are three kinds of articles that regularly get written about Nintendo. The first article says Nintendo's hardware business is doomed. The second laments the state of the company's games. The thi

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Growing up in the age of computers and technology we can almost taste the promise of videogames. We don't just like to play videogames, we like to imagine what they might be and how they might influen

What Games Are: Steam’s Big Bet

With new consoles and microconsoles starting to pop into existence, this week Valve finally revealed its answer: SteamOS. Steam Machines. Steam Controllers. Boom. Its ambitions are not to launch a con

What Games Are: The Perplexing OUYA Reflex

With the extended overreaction to the Free The Games fund from the development community, the question to be asked is why do OUYA and the other microconsoles consistently draw a lot of negativity from

What Games Are: The Marketing Squeeze

In case you didn't know, marketing games on mobile has become a big of a nightmare. In this article I talk about how this is part of a wider trend, a squeezing phase affecting many game makers in the

What Games Are: The March Of The Muggles

It's easy to consign tablet and mobile gaming to the lamestream and feel that there's a detente between that and the more core gaming platforms. However this is both shortsighted and naive. There's a

What Games Are: Something’s Adrift With Oculus Rift

Take a step back from what Rift does and consider where it does it. What do you see? A hulking PC at a desk powering it and its games. Oculus Rift's problem is essentially that it's a peripheral for a

What Games Are: The Win Imperative

Many readers will be familiar with the idea that games and reward go together. Yet reward by itself isn't rewarding. The reason is that it's not the reward that's interesting, but rather what it signi

What Games Are: Self-Publishing On Console Will Not Create The Next SuperCell. But Microconsoles Might.

It's interesting to watch Microsoft pivot to liberalize their platform and allow self-publishing for indies, but that doesn't mean Xbox will suddenly be the home of the next SuperCell. There's still t

What Games Are: Apple Needs To Make An iJoypad

The prospect of iPhones supporting game controllers is cool. But why is Apple giving away the opportunity to seize the initiative and make a new cool new add-on of its own? It feels like a big mistake

What Games Are: The Culture Gap In Mobile Games

While other formats gain huge swathes of coverage in the gaming press, the talk in mobile is almost always just about process, business models and money. The absence of a cultural layer is notable, an

What Games Are: The Ludophile Mindset

Like the audiophile who spends serious money on her music, the ludophile spends aplenty on games and consoles. Both want perfection. The question for the games industry, however, is whether perfection

What Games Are: Reinventing The Games Console Half Way Won’t Work

You've got to feel bad for Microsoft. After years spent trying to find ways to expand its Xbox idea, it's now having to revert some of them and go back to being a regular old games console. The compan

What Games Are: E3 Was Wild, But AAA Games Are Still A Mess

E3 was wild and loud, and Sony seemed to rise while Microsoft fell low. Yet it doesn't really change anything as regards the long-term future of big budget consoe games. With costs continuing to escal

What Games Are: Have We Hit “Peak Mobile”?

Mobile gaming may still be a very hot ticket, but with the recent news from companies like Zynga and Tapjoy of closures an difficulty, it does seem to have become a more difficult landscape. With the

What Games Are: Who Will Create The No-Bullshit Games Console?

For a device category whose core appeal is supposed to be making games simple, we get complex ambitions, the rush to features and a proposition that increasingly makes no sense. What is a game console

What Games Are: Xbox One Is Microsoft’s Spruce Goose

Microsoft's Xbox One presents a big and complicated machine whose primary purpose is a menu layer for watching television. This in an age where living room television is irrelevant. Having bet the far

What Games Are: Cometh The Hour, Cometh The Xbox?

With Xbox 360 having started well but ended in a very confused state, I worry that Microsoft is about to carry over much of its baggage to the new console. Will the company make the same mistake of no
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