Steve O'Hear

Steve O’Hear is best known as a technology journalist, currently at TechCrunch where he focuses on European startups, companies and products.

He first joined TechCrunch in November 2009 as Contributing Editor for TechCrunch Europe, where he worked alongside Editor Mike Butcher to help build TechCrunch’s coverage in Europe.

In June 2011, Steve took a break from journalism to co-found the London and Prague-based startup Beepl. In his role as CEO, he helped the company raise its first VC round, along with seeing the Question & Answer site through development, private alpha and a high profile public launch. In November 2012, Beepl was acquired by Brand Embassy.

Along with TechCrunch, Steve has written for numerous publications, including ZDNet (where he wrote the well-respected blog ‘The Social Web’), The Guardian, Macworld, TES, Last100 and ReadWriteWeb. He also wrote and directed the critically acclaimed Silicon Valley documentary ‘In Search of the Valley’, which was released in September 2006.

In 2002, Steve was made a fellow of the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts. He’s also one half of ProtoBake Labs, an ‘ideas incubator’ he co-founded with Pete Harris.

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  • Adconion, the online advertising and content network, secures hefty financing from SVB

    Adconion Media Group, the online advertising and content syndication network, today has secured nearly £21 million in financing from Silicon Valley Bank, which provides loans to UK- and European-based technology companies at various stages of their development. The newly secured funds will be used to support both acquisition and “working capital requirements” to continue growing… Read More

  • shuns outdated resumes for its job matching algorithm

    Anybody who has had to sift through hundreds of resumes at a time or placed a job advert that’s gone unfilled for months will know that the recruitment process isn’t always as efficient as it could be. It’s not surprising then that many startups have tried to bring recruitment kicking and screaming into the Internet age – from various job sites to the professional… Read More

  • Citizen Journalism is alive and well in the UK – Blottr scores Angel investment

    It seems that Citizen Journalism is alive and well in the UK with news that Blottr, the London-based “user generated news” startup, has closed a “seven-figure” Angel round of funding. Notably, the investment comes from Mark Pearson, founder of, who is in actual fact only putting in £250k up front with the remaining funding dependent on Blottr… Read More

  • Forget the banks, join a London startup – Silicon Milkroundabout aims to tackle brain-drain

    There’s a neat line in the Facebook movie, The Social Network, that says something like Harvard students don’t seek a job, they create a job in reference to the fact that so many graduates go on to start their own venture. And while not all computer science graduates and those from related disciplines, either fresh from University or already in work, can be expected to found their… Read More

  • 7digital opens its music download store to Android

    7digital, the UK digital media company, has updated its Android app to become a full iTunes competitor by featuring an in-app music download store along with acting as the phone’s music player. Additionally, in a move that one-ups Apple (for now at least), the app syncs with 7digital’s digital music locker feature so that tracks previously purchased from the service can be… Read More

  • SoundCloud does a Google and launches SoundCloud Labs

    SoundCloud, the audio platform, has unveiled SoundCloud Labs, a new site to house experimental projects and features developed in-house, including via its open API. The idea of creating a separate space for cutting-edge development branded as Labs isn’t a new one, of course, mostly notably employed by Google. But in SoundCloud’s case it perhaps makes even greater sense since… Read More

  • TransferWise sees $1m in transactions, opens up to businesses

    TransferWise, the peer-to-peer online currency exchange that aims to give banks a run for their money with its flat-fee exchange rate, has announced that it’s seen $1m worth of transactions in three months since launch. These have come from consumers-only since until now TransferWise wasn’t available to business customers. Today that changes after the company responds to the fact… Read More

  • Angels club together to invest in Friendfund

    Friendfund, the group payments startup that lets friends club together to make a purchase, has announced an undisclosed round of funding from a group on Angel investors described as, well, friends (I’m not making this up). The investment was led by Bjoern von Siemens in partnership with Linden VC. However, cheesy PR aside, Friendfund is operating in an increasingly crowded and hot… Read More

  • Buffer schedules 100,000 tweets – I'll tell you about it later

    Buffer, the app that makes it easy to schedule tweets, has announced that its users have sent 100,000 tweets in just four months since launch. That’s a number, however, that’s hard to put into context perhaps, given that the service actively encourages more tweeting, albeit in a way that’s designed to annoy your followers less, but it does indicate traction for the… Read More

  • Teamly, the performance management tool, exits beta with 100,000 "priorities" logged

    Teamly, the collaboration and time management tool for businesses and employees, has exited beta today and with it is announcing what it’s calling a “significant milestone”: 9 months in, Teamly users have created 100,000 “priorities”. The term “priorities” perhaps reflects the company’s key differentiation compared with similar offerings in… Read More

  • Less altruism, more capitalism – Flattr users no longer need to give to receive

    Flattr, the social micropayment startup founded by ex-Pirate Bay associates, is announcing a significant change today. In a move that represents less altruism and more capitalism, from May 1st onwards Flattr will no longer require new users to add credit to their accounts in order to run the Flattr button on their sites and start receiving payments. In other words, users won’t be required… Read More

  • Seedcamp Berlin announces winners

    Seedcamp, the pan-European micro seed fund and startup accelerator, has announced the winners of its recent startup showcase in Berlin. The two companies beat off competition from 20 finalists, while Seedcamp Berlin had the most applications to-date. Both will join its existing 38 portfolio companies. So, without further ado, the winners are: Read More

  • Peecho launches the 'Print Button' – wants to be Facebook 'Like' for Cloud-printing

    Peecho, the Cloud-printing startup based in Amsterdam, has launched a new service that it’s calling the ‘Print Button’. The idea is that with just a few lines of code, any website or web app can embed Peecho’s Cloud-based printing service, making it easy to send and print content to the company’s network of professional printers. Best of all they can add a markup… Read More

  • $350m changes hands as Bigpoint gains two new majority investors

    Bigpoint, the German online gaming outfit, has taken a $350m majority share investment from Summit Partners and TA Associates in what’s described as a recapitalization of the company. Representatives from both firms will join Bigpoint’s Board of Directors. The new capital is said to position the company for “continued strong global growth” and will support… Read More

  • With Vevo crossing the pond, Muzu.TV partners with Metacafe to bed down in Europe

    Who’d have thought that years after MTV went out of vogue and post-YouTube, a number of sites would still be battling it out to dominate the music video space online. That’s because online video is said to be the fastest growing market for advertising globally and music videos are potentially a big part of that story. Perhaps then it’s not just co-incidence that on the day… Read More

  • Vevo, the Hulu-for-music-videos, opens up in the UK

    Music video site Vevo, which now claims to be the third largest source for video on the web, has opened up in the UK today, including versions of its iPhone, iPad & Android apps hitting their respective local app stores. In September of last year, the site boasted 49 million unique video viewers per-month, with 500 million views in the US and 1.4 billion in the rest of the world. Read More

  • Funding Circle, the Zopa-for-SMEs, raises £2.5m led by Index Ventures

    Funding Circle, the peer-to-peer lending site for small businesses in the UK, has raised £2.5m in a Series A round led by Index Ventures. Unnamed co-investors as well as existing shareholders have also participated, while Neil Rimer, co-founder and Partner of Index will take a seat on the Board. Before today’s round, the London-based company was Angel funded to the tune of $1.1m… Read More

  • Busuu raises Angel round from FON-founder Martin Varsavsky, the language learning community, has raised an Angel round from FON-founder and serial entrepreneur Martin Varsavsky. The Madrid-based startup is remaining mum about the size of the investment, however, but says that to-date Busuu has received less than €1m in funding. That’s a figure dwarfed by its main competitors. US-based Livemocha has raised $14m, while European… Read More

  • Huddle hopes to wean UK government off SharePoint

    No one ever got fired for buying Microsoft, right? For too long that’s been the story in both enterprise and government contracts alike. It’s also a narrative that too-often stops startups getting in on the action with regards to public sector IT provision. But with the UK government making loud noises in relation to the benefits of cloud computing and services, perhaps change… Read More

  • No 'coupon-chasers' here – Whatser wants to help local businesses reward customer loyalty

    Whatser, the location-based service that lets users share their favorite locations with friends and discover new ones along the way, is flicking the monetization switch today. It’s launching a ‘marketing platform’ in which local merchants and brands can ‘claim’ a location that they operate and then communicate with Whatser users who’ve already added that… Read More