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Steve Gillmor is a technology commentator, editor, and producer in the enterprise technology space. He is Head of Technical Media Strategy at and a TechCrunch contributing editor.

Gillmor previously worked with leading musical artists including Paul Butterfield, David Sanborn, and members of The Band after an early career as a record producer and filmmaker with Columbia Records’ Firesign Theatre. As personal computers emerged in video and music production tools, Gillmor started contributing to various publications, most notably Byte Magazine, where he was a lead reviewer of development and collaborative platform systems including Visual Basic, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Office, and Windows NT. Subsequently, Gillmor served as a contributing editor at InformationWeek Labs, before joining Fawcette Technical Publications first as Senior Editor and later as Editor in Chief of Enterprise Development Magazine, and then Editor in Chief and Editorial Director of XML and Java Pro Magazines.

Gillmor joined InfoWorld Magazine as Test Center Director and back-page columnist. He also served as Editor of’s Messaging & Collaboration Center and OpEd columnist of eWeek’s print publication. As blogging emerged, he wrote the first blogs for Ziff Davis Media, CMP’s CRN, and CNet’s ZDNet, where he remains a contributing editor. A podcasting pioneer, he developed and hosted the seminal Gillmor Gang podcast with industry notables including Jon Udell, [Dan Farber](, [Mike Arrington](, [Jason Calacanis](, [Michael Vizard](, [Doc Searls]( and others as regulars. Gillmor has also championed development of industry standards, most notably his role as co-creator of the attention.xml specification and co-founder of the Attention Trust, a non-profit organization to protect user data rights.

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  • Fixing a Hole

    And it really doesn’t matter if I’m wrong I’m right where I belong, sings Paul McCartney on his latest album Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Facebook Band, which sits high on the iTunes charts. Boy, is he not kidding. He’s taking the time for a number of things that weren’t important yesterday. So should we. On the surface it seems like business as usual, with the heads… Read More

  • Gillmor Gang 11.20.10 (TCTV)

    The Gillmor Gang convened this week in the wake of the Web 2.0 Summit conference in San Francisco. Much of the conversation, however, concerned TechCrunch editor Michael Arrington’s water crisis. We did get a chance to intermingle some attitude about Facebook’s new Message platform, which apparently only Robert Scoble has wangled an active account. The Gang was split down the middle… Read More

  • You've Got FMail

    You've Got FMail

    The news on Monday appears to be that Facebook will reinvent email. TechCrunch says it’s the long awaited Gmail killer. Others say it’s Gmail inventor Paul Buchheit’s project since he came to Facebook in the FriendFeed acquisition. Paul says he hasn’t been working on that, but rather the Big Freaking Zip File app where we can download all our Facebook bits. And… Read More

  • Saving Private Windows

    I heard from Mike Arrington this morning. Good to hear the familiar voice now wrapped in the aura of rich and retired. Of course, he’s no fool and realizes quitting is not an option. If we stop doing whatever that is, we throw life in the dumpster. Nothing good follows. He may be crazy but he’s not stupid. How come you’re not writing for us, he begins. Actually, he tries first… Read More

  • Heroes and Villains

    I thought for grins I would drop back for the first time in a month and write on an old style computer. I keep reaching for that lever in the upper left — it’s called a carriage return to add a new line. No I don’t do that, although the MacBook Air keyboard feels like a typewriter compared to the virtual iPad one or even the dockable hardware one. I didn’t go to… Read More

  • The Open Sausage Foundation

    Facebook took over the Gillmor Gang this week like it threatens to do the Web. Danny Sullivan represented those who fear the unadulterated market power of the social giant. He pressed FriendFeed co-founder and now Facebook platform chief Bret Taylor on the Pandora and Microsoft deals, which push user data to “partners” without user opt in. Taylor said these were carefully… Read More

  • CouchPad

    It’s taken this long to attempt to write something on the iPad. I took some notes at Google’s Atmosphere event just to try out the system, but quickly discovered that the newly realtimed Google Docs were only available in read only mode. A Google PR guy told me they were waiting on a “real browser” before rolling the tool out to iPad users sometime later this year. I… Read More

  • iPadCare

    The iPad/Android/Silverlight agendas share many elements and surprisingly few differences. Since Ray Ozzie’s Disruption Memo 5 years ago this month, Microsoft has moved from a landlocked desktop company to one poised to launch its most profitable application suite in the Cloud. Silverlight is now the application development environment for most of Microsoft platforms including mobile… Read More

  • Eight Days A Week

    Only 8 more shopping days to be completely wrong about the iPad. By this time a week from tomorrow, those of us who are confident that the iPad will be the same sort of enormous disruptive event will be busy enjoying the birth of a new millennium. Everybody else will just have to buy a clue. Is this about whether the tablet is a viable form factor? No, it’s about the percentage of time… Read More

  • Microsoft's Scott Guthrie on Silverlight and Windows Phone

    This year’s MIX 2010 was led by Scott Guthrie, who has emerged from Microsoft’s rank and file to own just about everything developer-related. Where last year’s MIX and PDC conferences were spearheaded by Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie, Guthrie’s keynote appearances focused on the progress Silverlight has made in driving the company’s 3 Screens and the… Read More

  • Silverlight goes where the money is: mobile

    Microsoft’s stealth Windows replacement WebOS turned the corner today with the announcement of Windows Phone developer tools. Mention Silverlight on the Gillmor Gang as I did Friday, and Google evangelists Chris Messina and Brett Slatkin did a living Blue Screen of Death. But Nexus One and Android success not only validates the race with Apple, it brings Microsoft into third place in… Read More

  • The Buzz Campaign

    An interesting firefight broke out over the weekend as Google engineer DeWitt Clinton defended Google data policies in Buzz and related “open” standards. Those who remember the politics of RSS and the games companies played around its buildout would recognize a number of the names and tactics of the current positioning. Closed comment threads, insinuations, calls to action —… Read More

  • Have you ever been to Electric Ladyland?

    Lady Gaga blared from the speakers as my 16 year old daughter drove away from the house. I didn’t want to like Lady Gaga, but her duet with Elton John at the Grammys changed everything. She seemed to draw strength with every traded verse, turning his phrasing to her advantage, his blues to her power. This was not a generational shift, but a reach across the eras. Now there was my little… Read More

  • Already in Progress

    If there’s anyone who has the inside track on Buzz and all things social media related, it’s TechCrunch super-reporter MG Siegler. He’s waited two weeks to weigh in on Buzz good bad and ugly, and it turns out that Buzz is FriendFeed — or will be. In the interests of setting the record straight, let me set the record straight. 1. Buzz is not FriendFeed. If it were, it… Read More

  • Benioff on Chatter: We're way ahead

    Salesforce CEO and Chairman Marc Benioff unveiled the company’s realtime micromessaging technology as it went into a private beta with 100 customers. The press event featured a rather unique sketch of the company’s vision of the near future of enterprise realtime by Benioff, followed by several quick demos of the product’s capabilities as leveraged by several… Read More

  • Blame FriendFeed III

    Well, lookee here, it’s Google with a FriendFeed clone just in time to ask the musical question: If FriendFeed sucks so much, why on earth is Google doing a for-profit version of it? While the privacy crisis rages on around our inboxes, Google has blasted yet another microstream out into direct symbiosis with Twitter. Yes, that is exactly what FriendFeed did back in the days it was just… Read More

  • I Want my iTV

    Rumors of the death of Flash are greatly exaggerated, says Jeremy Allaire in a TechCrunch guest post. Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch touts the ability to update the millions of Flash-powered devices over the network. Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz resigns in realtime over Twitter. Nexus One updates the Android OS in realtime when I switch it on this morning. The iPad arrives in March. Here’s… Read More

  • Here Goes the Sun

    Jonathan Schwartz deserves better. Sure, he’s got a rich payout from his years at Sun. Sure, he’s leaving because Ellison doesn’t need anybody explaining why the cloud is a good thing. Sure, there are a lot of hurting people who can use Jonathan as an easy target for what’s become of the dot in But what Jonathan did for Sun, and the rest of the industry, was… Read More

  • Left Out

    Fear of iPad is now beginning to circulate with increasing velocity. It seems folks are realizing that regardless of how many things were left off the machine, it still will be bought by virtually everybody on the planet who cares about tech and its show business arm, social media. That means it’s going to be a huge galactic success. That in turn means we have to be very afraid of… Read More

  • Pre-Existing Conditions

    We’ve only got a few days to go before Steve Jobs tells us what we’re spending our money on this year. From all the leaks and positioning announcements, it appears we’re being pushed into the Pay Zone. The NY Times, the top four or five TV shows, the embargo-free bestseller. The bet is we’ll pay for same-day-as access to discretionary consumption of media. I think… Read More