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Stefan Etienne


Stefan Etienne is a writer for TechCrunch, covering the latest gadgets and reviewing them.

Prior to joining TC, he was blogging about technology for seven years on his personal blog, starting at age twelve. He’s currently based in NYC.

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Razer’s acquisition of THX turned the new Blade Pro into a certified production machine

We first got the hint that Razer wanted to gain the favor of entertainment power users when it bought THX last year, which became a subsidiary company and part of the process of making a new entertain

Acer’s S 13 makes the case for the inexpensive ultrabook worth having

Acer has made a lot of ultrabooks, but the only one worth mentioning is the current S 13. Priced aggressively even for the "high-end" model, as configured, it sports a slim profile, backlit keys and a

When two-factor authentication app Clef shuts down in June, its staff will join Authy

lef was a mobile authentication app that I chose for increasing my own WordPress security when I started blogging years ago — as did a million other sites. However, the app is officially and unexp

HP’s Spectre 15 makes 4K on a laptop a livable experience

The new HP Spectre 15 is a rare marriage between an ultra high definition screen and a thin frame. What makes it better than other 4K laptops is its decent battery life and healthy selection of ports.

Alienware’s 13 R3 is testament to small and powerful VR-capable laptops

Alienware's latest offering is the smallest powerhouse laptop produced by the company. The 13 R3 is extremely compact for a VR-compatible system, but portability comes at a premium. Even so, the lapto

Brilliant’s Control is poised to become a main control hub for smart home devices

With the surge of the smart home appliances and gadgets, the Brilliant Control is a San Mateo, California-based startup’s answer for the all-in-one smart home control panel. The Control is de

Evolve’s GT carbon fiber electric skateboard is fast but far from the best

With all the noise in the electric skateboard market, new boards need to have a unique or better approach to the category of "last-mile vehicles" to attract new riders. Yet, despite recent recalls, Bo

Leica’s M10 is an extravagant camera that’s more artisan than professional

If you’re looking for a great camera with interchangeable lenses, I advise you to look at Canon and Sony offerings so you can start building personal expertise. But if you can already shoot an

Team BlackSheep’s Vendetta is a fast racing drone with a high learning curve

Drone racing as a sport is taking off, with teams, sponsors and television networks all getting in on the action of this developing scene. There’s a professional drone racing league, live stream

Leica’s M10 takes a great camera line of the past and makes it digital

This is the Leica M10, but it’s not your father’s (or grandfather’s) familiar M series camera. Its release date is already pegged for tomorrow, January 19th, so a new interchangeable

Boosted issues battery recall for its second-generation board

Customers who pre-ordered the new Boosted Board 2 will be disappointed to hear there’s been a recall for the new board’s battery. The Boosted Board 2 had a small general release along with

A prize for “real-world cryptography” was given to programmers behind AES and the Signal app

This week I had the chance to visit Columbia University to meet with Max Levchin, currently the CEO of financial company Affirm and one of the co-founders of PayPal. He was in the Lerner Hall auditor

Acer’s new rugged Chromebook 11 N7 is designed to withstand drops and drinks

Yes, it’s true: Chromebooks aren’t for everyone. But Acer has a new Chromebook that it thinks is good for people who berate their computers (or just work in unforgiving conditions). The C

Acer’s Predator 21 X gaming laptop with a curved screen is currently unlike anything else

This is insanity, otherwise known as the Acer Predator 21 X, a gaming laptop with a 21-inch, G-Sync curved screen at 2560 x 1080 resolution and 120Hz refresh rate. It’s undeniably worthy as a d

Samsung’s new curved monitor coming to CES is somewhat tailored for gamers

Right before the New Year begins — and with it, CES — tech companies tend to out many of their upcoming wares before the show even starts. Take Samsung for example, with its new CH711 quantum

HP’s OMEN X is a powerful and mostly satisfying gaming cube

Maingear and HP collaboration, the OMEN X is a good example of how far a consumer computer manufacturer will go to try and cater to a hard to please niche like PC gamers. Recently the latter has been

Inboard’s M1 electric skateboard offers stiff competition

Boosted Board, long considered the de facto electric skateboard, finally has some competition from a rival that is also based in California. Price as reviewed: $1,399 at Inboard The Inboard M1 brings

Master & Dynamic’s MW50 on-ear headphones are comfy but costly

The MW50 are on-ear headphones that perform like a pair of over-ears. They’re nice to look at, comfortable and, at $449, pretty pricey. The headphones are lightweight, but are ultimately acoust

Razer’s Blade 14 successfully merges mobile gaming with slick hardware

Razer seems to have figured out how to squeeze in the most power per inch in a laptop, down to a tee.

HP’s Spectre x360 is an ultrabook winner with a convertible approach

Truth be told, I don't really use convertible laptops. I've used many, but the whole articulating hinge idea never resonated with me. However, it is a cool concept and, if done correctly, a nice featu
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