Serkan Toto

Serkan Toto

Dr. Serkan Toto is CEO & Founder of Tokyo-based Kantan Games Inc., an independent game industry consultancy focused on the Japanese market.

He is sept-lingual, holds an MBA and is a PhD in economics.

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Samsung: One In Ten South Koreans Now Owns A Samsung Galaxy S II

It's not really news to say that the Galaxy S II is a hit, but it has actually become a mega hit in South Korea. According to maker <a href="">Samsung</a>, the Andro

Wireless Sensor Posts Temperature, Humidity, And Radiation Levels To Twitter (Video)

Japan-based <a href="">UC Technology Corp.</a> [JP] has developed a wireless sensor that can automatically post data like temperature, humidity, illuminance, or radiation levels t

NetLED: Japan Gets Cloud-Based, Smartphone-Compatible LED Lighting System

First, Japan got the world's <a href="">first connected home garden device</a>, and now it's time for Nippon to get the

ARROWS μ F-07D: Fujitsu’s Android Phone Is Waterproof And 6.7mm Thin, Comes With 4-Inch OLED

The <a href="">Infobar C01 from yesterday</a> was a bit too much for you? Not to worry, Japan still produces "ordinary" Android phones: Fujitsu's

Scratch Shield: Nissan Introduces World’s First Self-Healing iPhone Case

An iPhone case from Nissan? As you can imagine, it would make no sense for the automaker to develop an ordinary case, and the so-called <a href="

INFOBAR C01: Japan’s Newest (And Most Colorful) Android Phone

Japan's mobile landscape is currently in the midst of an <a href="">Android</a> revolution, and today <a href="">KDDI au</a> (the count

Fujitsu Japan Rolls Out 2 “Girls-Only” Cell Phones

Do women need special cell phones? Certain companies, such as <a href="">Deutsche Telekom</a> or <a href="

EV Mini Sport: Mini Electric Sports Car From Japan (Video)

It's not a <a href="">Tesla</a>, but Japan-based <a href="">Tajima Motor Corporation</a> has developed a zero-emission (and pret

Panasonic Shows Cloud-Based “Smart Vegetable Garden” Device For Home Use

<a href="">Panasonic</a> isn't just making TVs, phones, or cameras, they are also producing household appliances. One such appliance has recently been introduced by

Mobile Media Platform Cinemacraft Extends Series A Round With Investment From 500 Startups

Tokyo- and Singapore-based mobile media platform <a href="">Cinemacraft</a> announced it has extended its Series A round by securing an investment from <a href="

Sony Shares Holiday Sales Numbers For The PlayStation

Sony Computer Entertainment <a href="">reported</a> some solid sales numbers for its various <a href="">Play

Report: Kaz Hirai To Become Sony President In April

Big news from <a href="">Sony</a> today: according to a report just published by Japanese business daily The Nikkei, Kazuo "Kaz" Hirai, currently the company's Executive

After 58 Years: Panasonic To Cut The Cord With JVC Kenwood

Panasonic has been partnering with Victor Co. of Japan, which in 2008 merged with Kenwood to become JVC Kenwood, since 1954. But yesterday JVC Kenwood <a href="

Sony Announces World’s First XQD Memory Cards

Are you ready for yet another memory card format? Dubbed XQD, the medium was first announced by Sandisk, Sony and Nikon in November 2010. And after the the CompactFlash Association finalized the speci

Overview: Japan’s Video Game Market In 2011 (Sales, Hardware, Software)

Japan's video game industry is the world's second biggest (after the US), but it's on a downward streak for the fifth consecutive year. Based on sales, the country's video game industry has contracted

For Rapid Wireless Data Exchange: Toshiba Starts Shipping TransferJet LSI

<a href="">TransferJet</a> is having a hard time going mainstream, but Toshiba hasn't given up on the close proximity wireless transfer <a href="

Augmented Reality App Instantly Translates Foreign Text On Signs, Menus

If you ever wanted to be able to read text on a street sign or on a menu in a restaurant when abroad, your smartphone might be able to help you soon. Japanese electronics company <a href="http://www.o

Sanwa Supply Rolls Out Micro Projector For iPhone 4/4S

Japan-based accessory maker Sanwa Supply started selling the <a href="">400-PRJ011</a> [JP] in its online store, a DLP micro projector that slides onto an

Sleep Buster: Japanese Company Develops Anti-Sleep Driver Seat Sheet

There are quite a few systems and gadgets on the market already that prevent people from falling asleep whilst driving, but Japan-based <a href="">Juki</a> has develo

Insync (“Dropbox For Google Users”) Gets Major Revamp, Goes Free

File synchronization and sharing platform <a href="">Insync</a> has been around <a href="
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