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  • A Human Interface Guideline for Android Developers

    There’s no denying that iOS apps are, on the whole, polished. This is due in large part to Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines, a document that “describes the guidelines and principles that help you design a superlative user interface and user experience for your iOS app.” There’s no ambiguity about what’s a good idea and what’s not: Apple tells you… Read More

  • Maximize Your Tweets with

    In 2011 everyone should know that links are the currency of the web. And Twitter is one of the primary mediums for link exchange. A tweet is 140 characters long, and there is absolutely no dearth of link shortening services to allow you to cram as many links as possible into a tweet. But is that really exchanging value? The basic principle of supply and demand suggests that the more quantity… Read More

  • From W to X to Wayland

    Ars Technica has a terrific look at the Linux graphics stack, from the original X protocol pioneered by MIT computer scientist Bob Scheifler up to the new Wayland display manager (for lack of a better word) by Kristian Høgsberg. Many of the current crop of Linux users might well be completely unaware of the robust network functionality built into, the current iteration of the X… Read More

  • Panasonic Joins the Linux Foundation

    Word comes today that consumer electronics giant Panasonic is joining the Linux Foundation at the Gold level, which is the Linux Foundation’s second highest tier. Panasonic joins AMD, Cisco, HP, Google and other big names at the Gold level, confirming beyond any doubt that Linux is an integral part of the consumer electronics market. Panasonic had been a founding member of the… Read More

  • Potential Open Source License Violations In Android and iOS Apps?

    One of the reasons a lot of big companies shy away from using open source software is because the plethora of open source licenses can make things confusing. The licenses themselves can be confusing, as there are a lot of grey areas with very little case law to help make things clear. Some open source licenses are compatible with certain other open source licenses, but completely incompatible… Read More

  • The SmartShopper Makes You A Smart Shopper

    In my house, we have a baseline shopping list that contains the things we almost always need to buy — you know, the things we go through quickly like milk, butter, rubber bands, extension cords — and then a rotating selection of fancy cheeses we’d like to try. We usually don’t bother to write down our staple items because we buy them so regularly, but sometimes we… Read More

  • Linux Foundation's Yocto Project To Join Forces With OpenEmbedded To Advance Embedded Linux

    The Yocto Project, a working group of the Linux Foundation, is likely something most of you have never heard of. It’s “an open source collaboration project that provides templates, tools and methods to help you create custom Linux-based systems for embedded products regardless of the hardware architecture.” The Yocto Project has been compatible with OpenEmbedded, “the… Read More

  • Completely Redesigned Evernote 4 for iPhone Is Now Available

    Evernote for iPhone launched with the Apple App Store, and the app has ungone a number of evolutionary steps in the years since. Today Evernote is unveiling version 4 of their iPhone app and the changes, while maybe not revolutionary, are certainly substantial. The home screen, for example, is completely revamped to show snippets of notes making the app useful as soon as you launch it. Read More

  • Linux Foundation announces the Android Builders Summit

    Everyone and their brother seems to be coming out with some kind of Android powered doohickey. This is generating a fair amount of fatigue in consumers, as well as developers, as they grapple with the differing features in each vendor’s Android product. The Linux Foundation hopes to help remedy some of this with their upcoming Android Builders Summit, April 13-14 in San… Read More

  • Review: GoBiz i-Microphone

    Short version: The GoBiz i-Microphone is not a complete cure for your smartphone’s mic, but it’s a pretty cheap way to get better recordings. Read More

  • McGraw Hill Gets In On the Mobile Education Market

    A couple of timely education items hit my inbox this morning. First, a report suggests that U.S. students suck at science. From the report,”less than one-half of students are demonstrating solid academic performance and competency over challenging subject matter.” Granted, ‘science’ is an extremely broad term and encompasses many different disciplines, but the gist of… Read More

  • Linux Foundation posts schedule of events for 2011

    2010 was a busy year for the Linux Foundation, and their recently posted 2011 schedule suggests that this year will be just as interesting. In addition to LinuxCon and the Collaboration Summit in the US, there’s also LinuxCon Brazil, LinuxCon Japan, and for the first time ever LinuxCon Europe. The latter is running concurrently with the Linux Kernel Summit and the Embedded Linux… Read More

  • Review: HP eStation All-In-One Printer With An Android Tablet

    Short version: part useful application of new technology, part marketing gimmick, the HP eStation is a solid all-in-one printer that uses a wireless Android-powered touchscreen tablet as its primary interface. The printer is about what you’d expect from HP these days, while the tablet presents some interesting new usability options. You certainly shouldn’t buy the eStation… Read More

  • 12 Days of Christmas: Blank Label Custom Shirts

    We at CrunchGear want to make sure you’re dressed for success, or at least can go to Christmas Mass with your in-laws in something other than sweat pants and ironic t-shirts. To that end, as part of our 12 Days of Giveaways we’re giving away three gift certificates ($150, $100, and $50) for Blank Label, one of the design-your-own clothing services we’ve discussed this year. Read More

  • Computer Engineer Barbie Loves Tux!

    Blogger Elizabeth Krumbach got her new Computer Engineer Barbie the other day. She was delighted to find a penguin on the box. Barbie loves Linux! I’ll bet that’s a picture of Linus Torvalds, and not boring old Ken, on Barbie’s cubicle, too! Read More

  • Now You Can Shop JCPenny From Facebook

    In what is sure to be the start of a very big trend, JCPenny is announcing their new Facebook application that allows Facebook users to browse and purchase items directly from JC Penny’s Facebook page. Users will be able to browse and search JC Penny’s catalog, as well as “like” products and purchases. I’m not sure I see the point of “liking” your… Read More

  • Review: Onaroo Personal Baby Assistant

    Short Version: Tracking your baby’s daily activities can be a time consuming process, but it yields some interesting and useful data to help you better understand everything that’s going on with your little one. The Onaroo Personal Baby Assistant is a stand-alone gadget to help you record the things your baby does: when and how much she eats, when and how long she naps, and what… Read More

  • Goodbye iPhone, Hello Smartphone

    I started a new full time job at about the same time that my 2-year AT&T contract ended. My new job provided me with a Blackberry Bold 9700, to chain me to the corporate teat. I opted not to renew my personal AT&T contract, officially retiring my iPhone 3G, as it didn’t make sense to carry two smartphones. The Blackberry is not a perfect device, but I’m wholeheartedly… Read More

  • Fable, A Vaguely-Described Tablet For Kids

    Isabella Products, the folks that brought you the Vizit interactive picture frame are planning to bring your children a 7″ tablet called the “Fable”. Aside from built-in mobile broadband and a camera, no real technical details are available. The product will incorporate the “carousel” interface used by the Vizit picture frame. Apps include an e-reader with… Read More

  • Evernote 2.0 For Android Packs Many Punches

    Evernote is rolling out version 2 of their app for Android phones, and it represents the biggest update to functionality on any platform in a single release. Updated home screen, tighter integration with the Google Search widget, background synchronization, and simpler sorting with improved views are all great new features, but the most interesting aspect of this update for current Evernote… Read More

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