Roxanne Varza

Roxanne Varza is the Director of Station F, which is the largest startup campus worldwide, backed by Xavier Niel. She is also involved in the Conseil national du numérique (CNNum), an organization that works with the French government on digital matters, as well as the European Commission’s European Innovation Council (EIC).

Prior to her current role, Roxanne was the lead for Microsoft’s start-up activities in France, running both Bizspark and Microsoft Ventures programs for 3 years.

Business Insider listed her as one of the top 30 women under 30 in tech. She has also been listed in additional rankings by Business Insider, Vanity Fair and Le Figaro, The Evening Standard and more. Prior to Microsoft she worked for several European startups and was the former Editor of TechCrunch France. Roxanne has also contributed to other publications, including The Telegraph, The Kernel, Betakit and Business Insider.

Roxanne also co-founded StartHer (ex Girls in Tech Paris) and is the co-organizer of the Failcon Paris conference. More recently, she co-founded, a European tech media backed by Dave McClure, Adeo Ressi, Daniel Waterhouse and more.

Prior to TechCrunch, Roxanne worked for the French government’s foreign direct investment agency helping fast-growing startups develop their activities in France. Roxanne has spoken, moderated, mentored and judged numerous startup events and programs throughout Europe and also helps European startups with content and communications.

Roxanne is trilingual and holds degrees from UCLA, Sciences Po Paris and the London School of Economics. She is also an epilepsy advocate.

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    After investing some 15 million euros in France-based OneDirect a few weeks ago, Belgian VC fund Gimv has just announced that it is dropping 4.9 million euros on a Vente-Privée competitor called Private Outlet. This investments brings the company’s second round of funding to 9 million euros and should add a bit of monetary fuel to its international development. Today, the company… Read More

  • The French Entrepreneurs' Fund ISAI Invests in Second-Hand Louis Vuitton

    In April, we announced that French startup fund, ISAI, officially launched with some 24 million euros. The “French entrepreneurs fund” brings together some of the 60 hottest names in French tech, including PriceMinister‘s founder Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet and the former Editor of TechCrunch France, Ouriel Ohayon. The fund announced a first investment in June, putting 1.25… Read More

  • Overblog and Wikio Just Married. Pregnant with a European Google News for Blogs.

    A trusted source has confirmed that French-blogging platform, Overblog, will soon be part of the Wikio family. Rumor has it that the growing Luxembourg-based news portal is apparently trying to develop European Google News for blogs. For anyone who isn’t familiar with Wikio, all you really have to know is that it’s a news portal founded by Pierre Chappaz in 2005 after his… Read More

  • Allmyapps Snags 1 Million Euros for iTunes-for-Apps

    The iTunes-for-apps, Allmyapps, has just announced its first round of funding with French VC fund, Elaia Partners – the same firm that has backed French all-stars like Goom Radio, Goojet and Criteo. With 1 million in the bank, the Paris-based company founded in June 2009 plans to focus on product development and emerge as the leading Microsoft-dedicated app store. Just so happens… Read More

  • The Tweeting Wifi Body Scale Scores 3 Million Euros

    Withings, the Paris-based company behind the famous tweeting wifi body scale, has just scored 3 million euros from French VC firm, Ventech. It’s the company’s first round of funding and will be used primarily for the development of 2 new products, which should come out within the next 6 months. For anyone who isn’t already familiar with the company’s first product… Read More

  • Alcatel-Lucent Buys OpenPlug and Flexes its Cross-Platform Mobile Apps Muscle

    It’s Alcatel-Lucent’s second acquisition in 3 months and without a doubt, the company is trying to flex a little muscle in the mobile applications space. The company bought ProgrammableWeb, a well-known respository for web API’s back in June and has just announced the acquisition of OpenPlug for cross-platform mobile app development. With the acquisition of France-based… Read More

  • In-Q-Tel-backed VSee Launches Low-Bandwidth Video Conferencing in Europe

    Silicon Valley-based Vsee has just announced the launch of it’s low bandwidth video conferencing solutions in Europe. The company founded in 2003 and backed by the CIA’s In-Q-Tel now has an engineering team in the Netherlands and a sales team in France. Obviously the product runs neck-to-neck with competitors like WebEx, Skype, Polycom or Citrix’s GoToMeeting – but… Read More

  • French High School Kid Hopes to Win Ballmer's Heart with a TechCrunch WP7 App

    Entrepreneurship is getting younger – even in France ! I just learned that a 17-year-old French high school student, Andrés Talavera, is developing a TechCrunch mobile app for the Windows Phone 7 competition hosted by Microsoft France. Andrés is going into his final year of high school in Strasbourg, France, where he’s currently specializing in information systems. Apparently… Read More

  • Corsican Startups are Napoleon Dynamite

    Like New Hope, Pennsylvania, Corsica is most definitely not the first place that comes to mind when we talk about tech and innovation. For the geographically challenged, I should clarify that we’re talking about that island off the southern coast of France. You know, where Napoleon comes from – or more recently where Alicia Keyes got married (wow, never thought I’d put these… Read More

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    It’s been roughly a year since Jolicloud‘s alpha release and the company founded by Netvibes founder, Tariq Krim, has just launched Jolicloud 1.0 to the public. The iPhonesque open source OS oriented towards netbooks has more than just an incredibly sexy interface, with an App Store-like selection of over 700 apps (going on 1,000 before the end of the year) – giving users… Read More

  • French startups attempt to get the last laugh at disaster

    Not to worry, is still down – not much has changed on that front – but turns out French startups want to join in the fun and be the ones who get the last laugh. Which is perhaps why a couple of French startup guys got together and built the hilarious mock-site (everything you need to know is in the URL). To cut a short story even shorter… Read More

  • Fotolia's slideshow generation platform Flixtime goes pro with spicy new features

    Fotolia‘s Animoto-like slideshow generation plateform, Flixtime, has just announced the launch of its pro version with some spicy new features, including the voiceover capabilities that everybody has been waiting for and image transition editing for full creative control. With a $149 annual pro subscription, users can generate unlimited, full-length HD slideshows for commercial use that… Read More

  • Screw – MyLittleParis Is Where It's At If You Want The Scoop

    On behalf of everyone behind the fiasco, I’d like to attract your attention to something way better (that works) : MyLittleParis.  The unique newsletters bring all of France’s best insider tidbits (deals, concerts, restaurants, oh là là, etc.) to your email inbox. Definitely makes more sense than waiting for the day when the government’s portal will be up… Read More

  • Open Source ECM Nuxeo Raises Further €2.7m From OTC Asset Management

    More good news from the French open source scene: Paris-based open source enterprise content management (ECM) platform, Nuxeo, has just announced another €2.7 million in funding from OTC Asset Management – one of its principal investors. After the €2 million raised in December 2008, this additional funding will put the company’s series A round at €4.7 million. Read More

  • Fotolia's Flixtime Throws A Few Punches At Animoto

    Earlier this year, we covered the launch of Flixtime – an Animoto-like slideshow generation platform developed by Franco-American online stock photo giant Fotolia. When Flixtime first came out, the service naturally seemed basic in comparison to Animoto – which has been in the slideshow space since 2006. However, only a few months into its existence with over 50,000 free videos… Read More

  • Silicon Valley's Girls In Tech Extends Its Revolution To France

    Thankfully, it seems that the days of the male-dominated tech scene are behind us. Leading ladies like Google’s Marissa Mayer, Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg and even Yahoo’s Carol Bartz are a few names that often make the spotlight and somewhat balance the scorecard. And in France, the spotlight perhaps doesn’t get any brighter than that of the Minister of Digital… Read More

  • Doyoubuzz Launches In The US To Crush Word-Processed Resumes

    For Nantes-based Doyoubuzz, the days of the Microsoft Word-based resumes are numbered. So what better to do than set-up shop in San Francisco in hopes of conquering the US web 2.0 generation with its online resume service and personal branding platform? Founded in 2008, the company currently counts roughly 45,000 resumes – primarily in the 20-35 age-range. The “MySpace of… Read More

  • HelloCotton Launches A Social Platform For Women’s Blogs

    Paris-based HelloCotton (HelloCoton en Français), a French social platform for discovering and sharing women’s blog content, is launching in the US today. Initially launch in France in April 2008, the platform counts roughly 3 million monthly unique visitors who use HelloCotton to discover and share lady-oriented blog content – about fashion, health, beauty, you-name-it. And… Read More

  • French Search Engine Publisher AllGoob Scores €1 Million

    AllGoob, a French search engine publisher, has raised a €1 million first round with Newfund for its European development and new search engine, wiPikit. The company is behind job search engine success JobiJoba – which was launched in 2007 and is now one of the largest job databases in France, uniting over 300,000 job offers with 700,000 candidates on the site per month. The site… Read More

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