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After investing $28B in Slack, Salesforce bets on one of its own as new CEO

We sat down one on one with the new Slack CEO Lidiane Jones to learn more about what it's like taking over for a charismatic founder-CEO.

Salesforce could be repositioning itself as a data company

As Salesforce delves deeper into AI, the data exhaust from its core products could eventually be its most valuable asset.

Xonai looks to reduce cloud bills by optimizing data infrastructure

There are many companies out there looking at how to reduce your cloud bills by eliminating waste, or finding more cost-effective ways of doing the same job. Xonai, an early-stage startup, is taking a

Ariga is helping developers define database schema as code

As companies look to update their databases, especially in a cloud-native context, with so many different databases out there, it’s a huge challenge for developers when migrating from one environmen

Blink launches Blink Copilot to bring generative AI to security operations

Blink CEO Gil Barak says there have been three distinct periods when it comes to security operations automation. The first required experts to code workflows, taking weeks or months to produce a singl

Snowflake acquires Neeva to bring intelligent search to its cloud data management solution

Snowflake is all about managing data in the cloud, whether as part of a structured data warehouse, or less structured data lake. Neeva, a search startup from two former Google employees, has been all

WireMock lands $6.5M to help developers build and test on mock APIs

As developers work with an increasing number of third-party APIs, they need a tool that mocks those APIs for testing purposes without actually firing the API gateway. Mock APIs mirror the behavior of

Ten months after promotion, Red Hat CEO Matt Hicks navigates layoffs and AI’s rise

Ten months into his tenure as CEO at Red Hat, Matt Hicks has had to deal with myriad issues from the economy to emerging AI.

Red Hat brings generative AI to IT automation with Ansible Lightspeed

Red Hat is holding its annual customer summit in Boston this week, and today it announced a couple of enhancements to Ansible, its open source IT automation tool, including the new AI-fueled Lightspee

Executives say they’re committed to ESG, but data shows otherwise

When it comes to the environment, execs talk a good game, but a recent survey suggests they are backing off from their commitments.

Zoom announces Anthropic partnership to bring Claude chatbot to Zoom products

As generative AI has taken center stage in recent months, Zoom has been looking at partnerships with LLM companies as a hedge against an evolving AI landscape. Today, the company announced a new partn

VCs love to talk about AI, but they aren’t writing as many checks as you might think

With AI hype peaking, it would seem that investment in AI startups would be correspondingly high, but surprisingly, it's way down.

Hear how MinIO built a unicorn in object storage on top of Kubernetes and open source

Everything needs a home, and Garima Kapoor co-founded MinIO to build an enterprise-grade, open source object storage solution. The pitch sounds amazing: simple, high performance, and a native Kubernet

AWS announces new version of Aurora database that strips out I/O costs

AWS announced the general availability of a new version of its Aurora database this week called Amazon Aurora I/O-Optimized. The big news from this version is that it gets rid of all I/O charges for d

AudiencePlus wants to help every company run its own media platform

It used to be that having a corporate blog and some paid content was the gist of your marketing department’s content efforts, and that was enough. But as larger companies like Salesforce and HubSpot

Writer introduces product that could help reduce hallucinated content in its LLMs

As companies explore generative AI more deeply, one of the more confounding issues is the hallucination problem, where if the model doesn’t know the answer, it simply makes one up, whether it makes

Google Cloud announces new A3 supercomputer VMs built to power LLMs

As we’ve seen LLMs and generative AI come screaming into our consciousness in recent months, it’s clear that these models take enormous amounts of compute power to train and run. Recognizing this,

Google ends Bard waitlist, making English version of chatbot widely available

At Google I/O today, the company announced that it was removing most waitlist restrictions and making Bard, the company’s generative AI chatbot, more widely available, starting today in English.

Salesforce is betting that its own content can bring more trust to generative AI

Salesforce is betting that generative AI will be at the center of its enterprise strategy, and it can fuel LLMs as a trusted data source.

With mandate to improve acquisitions integration, Salesforce CIO went to work

When CIO Juan Perez started at Salesforce last year, he was given a mandate to more tightly integrate acquired companies, and he went to work.
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