Roi Carthy

I am currently the CMO of The Singulariteam Technology Group, where I support a portfolio of 40+ companies and our intensified focus on Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain space.

Previously I was CMO of Rainbow (formerly Shine), where I championed the right of individuals to block abusive ads, while helping the Advertising Industry embrace better online ad experiences.

In 2015 my work was recognized by ‘The Drum’ and their selecting of me as ‘CMO of the Year:

I am also Managing Partner at Initial Capital (, a private investment firm focused on deals in Israel and Brazil.

I had the pleasure of working at companies such as Soluto and Zend Technologies.

I also covered the Israeli startup scene for TechCrunch from 2007 – 2012.

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Latest from Roi Carthy

  • Modu Gets $7M Infusion from Qualcomm

    Calcalist is reporting (Hebrew only) that Modu has brought in another $7M in funding courtesy of Qualcomm which as part of the agreement will also manufacture the Modu “core”. Modu has had a whirlwind of a year, first debuting to much fanfare at last year’s Mobile World Congress, where we had a chance to sit with the company’s CEO, Dov Moran, for a 1-on-1 for a demo. Read More

  • 12M Albums on Jogli Now Embeddable – Record Label Nightmare Continues

    Israeli startup Jogli, the music search engine we previously covered, is now making all of the 12M albums it streams easily embeddable, even on MySpace (example). Beyond albums, the widget (embedded at the end of the post) also allows the embedding of playlists, artists’ best hits and radio stations. It’s color customizable (think YouTube’s player) and if you want to play… Read More

  • eSnips: A Story of Hearthache (For Its Founders, Investors & Employees)

    Three years ago when Web 2.0 began proliferating, Israeli startups used eSnips as the poster child for their case that a successful social network could be founded in Israel. Based on the criteria in those days, eSnips was in fact delivering: It was able to convince top tier VCs to buy into an advertising-based business model, it leveraged user-generated content (the main activity is… Read More

  • Oy Vey! Israeli VCs Exceptionally Gloomy on 2009

    Deloitte recently released the results of its VC Indicator Survey (PDF), conducted among Israeli VCs this past month. The complied results are so pessimistic they paint a warm and fuzzy aura around Sequoia’s Doom & Gloom presentation. Participated by approximately 80 Israeli venture capitalists, the survey predicts 2009 will be an extremely painful year for the Israeli startup… Read More

  • Grouper Co-Founder's New Gig: LiveKick, A Concert Ticket Search Engine (Invites)

    What happens when you sell the company you co-founded for an estimated $65M and have a cushy VP gig at Sony? You set out and build your 3rd startup of course. That’s exactly what Aviv Eyal did along with Yarden Tadmor, the former VP Business Development of Quigo. Their new company LiveKick can be best described as the of music concert ticketing. The service helps users… Read More

  • my6sense: Pioneering "Digital Intuition" (500 Alpha Invites)

    With the growing amount of information that is flowing into our lives, there is also a growing need for tools that help focus our attention on what should be the most relevant information for us. my6sense is developing artificial intelligence that does just that—it separates the signal from the noise and helps users shift their attention to the content they care about most. my6sense… Read More

  • PhotoJoy: Perfect for Sappy Bloggers with Kids

    Having kids is clearly impacting my assessment of applications… And there is no greater proof for this than a new product by IncrediMail called PhotoJoy, an application I would never have given a second thought were I not a father of two. PhotoJoy is a free downloadable application that uses your photos to produce neat desktop widgets, 3D photo screensavers and wallpaper collages. You can… Read More

  • Metacafe Bets Its Future On The Power Of Wikis

    Remember Metacafe? That’s right, the video entertainment site which got overshadowed by YouTube’s phenomenal rise? Well, it’s now making a huge gamble on a new product direction and doing so with zero guarantees. The gamble is WikiCafe, a collaborative editing approach for video metadata. To appreciate how important WikiCafe is to Metacafe just take a look at the… Read More

  • Taboola: Funding Announcement Imminent & CNN Deal?

    Something is definitely stirring over at video recommendation/discovery provider Taboola, which we last covered a year ago. I’ve had multiple sources in the Israeli VC community insist that the company has closed a multi-million round of financing, with Evergreen Ventures Partners being the primary investor. Additionally, while following the US Elections in its final month I also happened… Read More

  • TC50 DemoPit Company Joongel Nets Investment for Stealth Product

    The founders of Joongel which presented at the TC50 DemoPit are announcing a $100K investment from Israeli uber-Angel Dr. Yossi Vardi. Vardi pledged the investment on the spot at TC50 and the parties have since worked on finalizing the terms and paperwork. Interestingly, the investment will go into a new company called “Modular Patterns, Ltd.” (no site yet) and is intended for… Read More

  • IMScouting Pulls Off Ambitious Soccer Data Play

    If Content is king then Data is its prince. And generally speaking, the more unique and difficult it is to gather, the greater is its value. A recent example of this is RepairPal which applies a narrow and deep approach to collecting data on automobile parts and repair prices in the US. The data collection is anything but trivial and requires significant manual labor, but the outcome could be… Read More

  • Kampyle Helps You Understand Why Nobody Is Installing Your Software

    Instead of dwelling on whether an economic apocalypse is about to loom upon us, some startups are plugging away at improving their products. Israeli Kampyle is a case-in-point. Today the company is extending its feedback analytics platform from websites to client software—with a specific focus on the installation process, a major pain point for client applications. Read More

  • Well Played: Come2Play Releases Open Source Multi-Player API for Casual Gaming

    As the concept of the “social graph” began to gain focus and attention, a buzz around the notion of multi-player social games began to grow as well. How cool would it be to play a game of pong between two users of a social network, right? And yet most multi-player games are limited to Chess, Checkers, and Poker. It’s not that there’s a shortage of companies… Read More

  • Israel Makes Strong TC50 Showing

    Israel seems to be the country with the single biggest foreign contingent at TC50 with no less than 6 of the 50 companies presenting on stage. Some more Israeli startups can be found in the demo pit, the exhibition space and just walking around the venue floor shopping for investors, customers and partners. Here is a round-up of the 6 Israeli companies that presented on stage: Read More

  • SubPLY: Making YouTube Captioning a Reality

    A few days ago YouTube announced the addition of Closed Captioning support to its videos. One small problem though… YouTube included neither the tools nor the services to help video owners create the actual captioning source files– SubViewer (*.SUB) and SubRip (*.SRT)—needed to activate this feature. This is where SubPLY, the new video captioning service by PLYmedia might… Read More

  • WorkLight: Bringing Enterprise 2.0 to a Widget Near You

    It’s no longer an issue of whether enterprise services should be 2.0’d via widgets, RSS, and the like. CIOs & CSOs grasp the undeniability of this paradigm. But there is still a gap between the desire and reality of getting these enterprise services out the door. It’s one thing to design a Facebook application, it’s another getting it to interact with the… Read More

  • YouLicense Gets $1 Million For Online Music Licensing

    Over a year since launching its music licensing marketplace into beta, Israeli startup YouLicense has raised $1 million in funding from the Logia Group and Ofer Media. YouLicense is positioning itself as a marketplace for low cost music licensing, similar to what iStockPhoto did for stock photography. YouLicense’s system lets music sellers (licensors) and buyers (licensees)… Read More

  • Kampyle Ties User Feedback to Website Analytics

    Kampyle has integrated its user feedback management platform into Google Analytics and Nuconomy to provide side-by-side analysis of user feedback and website analytics. Since the launch of its platform last March, Kampyle has been implemented by over 1,500 websites whose users have generated over 100,000 feedback messages collectively. The company claims that small sites average one to… Read More

  • Come2Play: The Ning of Social Gaming Networks

    A few months ago in a Globes interview (Hebrew), I commented that Israeli startups may have missed the window of opportunity in casual gaming. Shortly thereafter the CEO of Kampyle told me that a sister company in Yossi Vardi’s portfolio called Come2Play is doing some interesting things in this space and I have to check it out. He was right! Come2Play is the Ning of social gaming networks. Read More

  • Delver's Social Graph Search Engine Now Open to All

    Delver, which came out of stealth back in January is announcing today that its social graph search engine is open to the public. While the product certainly is intriguing, curb your expectations as Delver has slapped an “Alpha” status on it. The objective behind Delver is to uncover and make accessible knowledge and information that is hidden in users’ social graphs—an… Read More

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