Roi Carthy

I am currently the CMO of The Singulariteam Technology Group, where I support a portfolio of 40+ companies and our intensified focus on Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain space.

Previously I was CMO of Rainbow (formerly Shine), where I championed the right of individuals to block abusive ads, while helping the Advertising Industry embrace better online ad experiences.

In 2015 my work was recognized by ‘The Drum’ and their selecting of me as ‘CMO of the Year:

I am also Managing Partner at Initial Capital (, a private investment firm focused on deals in Israel and Brazil.

I had the pleasure of working at companies such as Soluto and Zend Technologies.

I also covered the Israeli startup scene for TechCrunch from 2007 – 2012.

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Latest from Roi Carthy

  • BiteHunter Launches "Kayak for Restaurants" iPhone App

    It was a couple of months ago that beta-launched itself as an aggregator for dining deals. Easily described as a “Kayak for restaurants,” BiteHunter is designed to help users locate dining deals, a problem which has been been addressed quite well for verticals such as travel, but quite poorly for dining, at least on an aggregated basis. Today BiteHunter is announcing… Read More

  • Sequoia Leads $3M Round in Onavo, The Must-Have Data Shrinking iOS App

    It was only a few shorts weeks ago that we reviewed Onavo, the must-have iOS app that significantly shrinks data consumption. We were so impressed with the app’s ability to save users money on their data usage plans, that we went so far as to say that every iOS user should download it. Today the company is announcing a $3M Round A led by Sequoia Capital, with participation of Magma… Read More

  • Bought Your Child An iPhone? Stalk Them With Footprints

    When we think of smartphones and geo-location the two main use cases that come to mind are mapping and check-ins. These are fine and dandy, but what if you could use smartphones to keep tabs of where your child is? Footprints lets you do just that. The new app (iTunes link), available for both iPhone & iPad, tracks the location of the device and shares it with family and friends. These… Read More

  • Onavo Is A Money-Saving, Must-Have App For EVERY iPhone Data User

    There’s really no better way to describe Onavo other than a must-have app for any and every iPhone user on a data plan. I’ll go a step further: I think it’s the very first app one should install. Why? Because Onavo shrinks your data usage (and thus, your bills). All you need to do is install the free app and you’re done. The app will then run in the background and do… Read More

  • Processing $500 Million A Year, Payoneer Launches Local Money Transfers

    If you’re a professional affiliate, buying traffic, getting paid, then turning around and buying traffic right back up again is your modus operandi. The ability to turn around and re-buy traffic as quickly as possible is the part where revenue generation can take a big hit. The challenge for affiliates is getting liquid access to their earnings. Easier said than done though. It’s… Read More

  • Pick Or Skip Is Chatroulette, With Pants

    For the small percentage of our readers who do not enjoy a random penis sighting, comes Pick or Skip, a cleaned-up version of Chatroulette. The idea behind the new site was to build a safe and more structured experience on top of the random connection/conversation aspect that made Chatroulette such a craze last year. Read More

  • Kutiman Killed The Video Star (Again)

    It was two years ago when Ophir Kutiel, who goes by the stage name ‘Kutiman’, became an Internet sensation with a phenomenal video music project called Thru-You. The project comprised of seven tracks composed entirely of YouTube video footage that was sliced and diced over a 3-month period in Kutiman’s home studio. He’s now back with a brand new track with a jazzier… Read More

  • SohoOS Begins Rolling Out An For Small Businesses

    On the heels of its recently announced $1.75M round led by Mangrove, SohoOS is today announcing the roll-out of, a new product that allows SMBs to create simple business profile pages for themselves—very similar to how allows individuals to do so. Creating a profile is painless. Businesses can include their logo and contact information, as well as links to their… Read More

  • AppBoy Releases A Check-in SDK For iOS Apps

    With the number of iOS apps now well over 300,000, app discovery is becoming an increasing frustration for users. It’s also become a major challenge for developers as the increasing number of apps is making it more and more difficult for them to attain exposure for their apps. Now, straight from the “What Took So Long for Something Like This to be Released” department, … Read More

  • Future Simple Raises $1.1 Million To Further Simplify The Life Of SMBs

    For the past two years I’ve been holding onto the belief that Israeli entrepreneurs should devote particular focus on the opportunities available to products and services that cater to Small & Medium Sized Businesses (SMBs). Slowly but surely, more and more companies have indeed started targeting this space, the most notable being Kampyle, SohoOS, and Clarizen. Today, Chicago-based… Read More

  • BabyU, An Educational Site Designed For Toddlers (And Not Kids of All Ages)

    If you live and breathe the web—as most TechCrunch readers do—you may have noticed that the minute a child enters your life, you tend to start viewing the web differently. It’s almost comical how many Internet entrepreneurs I’ve come by, who as soon as they become parents, grow a new-found desire to create web products for children. The main issue I’ve come across… Read More

  • Kampyle Transforms User Feedback Into Lead Generation

    When I met Kampyle CEO Ariel Finkelstein last week, the first words that came out of his mouth were: “Can you tell me who the hell are these people that sit over there in the Valley and invent all these stupid terms like ‘Pivot’ … ?!” He then went on to tell me about the company’s most important product insight since launch and how it is changing their… Read More

  • What Ken Olsen Meant to Me

    Last night, one of the high-tech industry’s pioneers, Ken Olsen, who co-founded Digital Equipment Corporation, passed away. Most of you who only discovered computers in the 1990’s have never heard of him, but he is in fact a legend, and he impacted my life in a tremendous way. Two years ago, I added this comment on a post by Mike about SGN founder Shervin Pishevar’s email… Read More

  • GeoSurf Is A Must-Have For Every Media Buyer's Tool Belt

    I have a thing for money-making, simple solutions to obvious problems, and GeoSurf sure is one of those. This may come as a surprise to some, but even though it’s 2011, if you’re a media buyer, you pretty much work in the dark. I mean this in the sense of media buyers’ ability to actually see their ads on the properties they bought digital real estate on, as well as the… Read More

  • Rumors: Facebook Using's Facial Recognition, Acquisition Offer Rebuffed

    Guy Grimland of Israeli business newspaper TheMarker published two articles (both are in Hebrew) this morning about a rumored relationship between Facebook and The first article claims that rebuffed an acquisition offer worth ‘tens of millions of dollars’. The second article claims that is powering Facebook Photos’ facial recognition… Read More

  • Mangrove Smells Opportunity in Small Businesses, Backs SohoOS with $1.75M

    It looks like Mangrove Capital Partners believes in the business opportunity held in helping small businesses, do more, well, business. The Luxembourg-based venture capital firm has invested $1.75M in SohoOS to further propel the company’s small business management suite. Michael Jackson, previously COO of Skype, will take a board seat. The concept behind SohoOS’s offering is to… Read More

  • The Gifts Project Unwraps – eBay & Index Ventures Inside

    Last month we wrote about The Gifts Project’s closing of a $1 million funding round. Today the company is finally able to lift the veil on a major accomplishment … turn out it is its gifting platform powering eBay Group Gifts. The upstart also managed to have Index Ventures join the round, with Saul Klein actively advising. The actual amount is undisclosed. Read More

  • Peer39 Is Now Semantically Plowing Through 47 Billion Pages A Month

    Back in the day, and by that I mean six months ago, a ‘Pivot’ was simply known as ‘a change in strategic directions’. Call it what you may today, Peer39 made one of these eighteen months ago, and hasn’t looked back. Their team deduced that display advertising was not going to go away, but that at the same time, privacy concerns will raise the levels of scrutiny… Read More

  • The Gifts Project Ties A Bow On A $1 Million Round For Social Group Gifting

    In recent months there’s been growing buzz here in Israel around a small startup called The Gifts Project. Today, the startup is announcing a $1 million financing round led by Gemini Israel Funds. This follows a seed investment back in 2009 by Dr. Yossi Vardi. With The Gifts Project, online retailers will be able to offer groups of people the ability to chip-in and buy a gift together for… Read More

  • Navigaya Opens Platform With Free HTML5 Channels For Content Owners

    Back in May, when Navigaya first debuted its ‘Ultra-Hot Content Platform‘, it was available for users to check out, but they couldn’t yet create their channels on top of the platform. That changes today. Navigaya is announcing three product versions, including an HTML5 version that is made available for free to bands, musician and video artists that want to create their very… Read More

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