Rip Empson

Rip Empson is a writer, explorer, eager learner and part-time rabble-rouser — whatever that means. He’s worked as a senior associate at Morgenthaler Ventures and Canvas Venture Fund, and before venture capitalizing, Rip spent nearly four years at TechCrunch, the leading technology publication and media dynamo, where he covered startups.

Within the Whacky World Of Startups, Rip focused most of his attention on chronicling the rise of technology and ambush of innovation on health and education.

But between you and me, I hear he’s especially passionate about any and all forms of disrupting — particularly those that are disrupting the disruptable disruptions — and anyone or anything that can quench his insatiable thirst for disrupt-a-lutions.

Rip has been quoted by various people at various times – some of them publications and probably super wicked famous people referencing his work – some of them people mistakenly re-tweeting him thinking he’s Rip Torn.

Is he a budding national treasure? You said it, not him.

As to what he’s doing right now? He’s either transferring his life savings from Scramble With Friends tokens to Bitcoin or vice versa. Hard to say, really.

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    At great long last, Mozilla has revealed the first developer release of their Web Apps Project, which aims to build the infrastructure for an open web app ecosystem. Back in May of 2010, Google announced plans for what would become the Chrome Web Store. Mozilla responded immediately with plans for its own web store, now known as the Web Apps Project. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Google was first to… Read More

  • DEMO Wrap Up: 7 New Social Startups to Watch

    The DEMO Spring 2011 conference wrapped up yesterday in Palm Springs, and echoing the current climate in the Valley, day two of the conference belonged to startups focused on social technologies. From social CRM platforms, photo sharing, and social networks to aggregation and reader engagement tools to video and group chat, the day’s startups showed that the interest in the… Read More

  • Angel-Turned-VC Mike Maples: Yes, There’s a Bubble

    The dreaded “B” word is on the tip of many tongues these days. Are we or aren’t we in a bubble? Everybody has an opinion. Yes, Facebook’s valuation lingers around $50 billion, Zynga’s is close to $10 billion, and Twitter is valued at $4.5 billion with comparatively tiny revenues. But do these soaring valuations a bubble make? A couple of weeks ago, Eric… Read More

  • DEMO 2011 Roundup: The Eight Best Startups of Day 1

    The DEMO Spring 2011 conference kicked off yesterday in Palm Springs, featuring 27 startups in the consumer, enterprise, and cloud sectors. Each company was allowed six minutes to make their presentation and try to wow the audience with their product launches. Some let their products do the talking, while others added humor to their pitches. For example, Dr. Shamus Husheer, inventor of the… Read More

  • Bump Founder Talks Rapid Growth, Push Notifications

    The two-year trajectory of Bump Technologies, the designers of the app that makes it easy to swap contact information, music, and other data between mobile devices, is a somewhat interesting case study in the evolution of early-stage app startups. Speaking from the DEMO Conference today in Palm Springs, Founder Jake Mintz told the audience that Bump started as a “nights and weekends… Read More

  • As Profits Dip, Salesforce Exec Talks Up Chatter

    Today, at the DEMO Conference in Palm Springs, Salesforce VP of Platform and Marketing George Hu remained markedly confident over Salesforce’s future, smiling broadly in the face of rising costs and dipping profits. Hu has good reason to be smiling. Salesforce is the talk of the town these days, and one of the preeminent cloud companies in the market. It had a big fourth quarter, with… Read More

  • YouCeleb Lets You Look Like a Star For Cheap

    Do you secretly wish you could look like a celebrity but don’t have the entourage, breakfast cereal in your name, or cash flow to make it possible? Well, thanks to YouCeleb, an e-commerce site launching today, now you can look and feel like a celebrity. (A sober one, of course.) The startup offers daily deals and discounts on designer fashion that celebrities wear after the cameras… Read More

  • FlyRuby Aims to Be the Kayak of Private Air Travel

    Launching today at the Demo Conference in Palm Springs is flyRuby, a platform that enables you to search, compare, and book private air charters online. There is something to be said for startups that identify successful services and business models and apply those to under-served niche markets. Through its website, flyRuby hopes to deliver a quick and efficient way to book private air… Read More

  • Memes Could Hit The Silver Screen In "The Chronicles of Rick Roll"

    Move over, Chronicles of Narnia, there’s a new dreamworld of magic in town. That’s right. Andrew Fischer, CEO of Colorado-based marketing company NURV, has recruited a stellar cast of Meme-lebrities, including Antoine Dodson of Hide Yo Wife, Hide Yo Kids fame, Double Rainbow videographer Paul Vasquez, Brian Collins (the “Boom goes the dynamite” kid), and “Numa… Read More

  • Mark Cuban-backed 140Fire Lets You Create Real-time Overlay Ads For Your Video Content

    Launching today is, a Y Combinator-backed platform that allows advertisers, publishers, and media buyers to create interactive ad content and polls to overlay on streaming or pre-recorded video. What does this mean? As you can see in the image above, 140Fire’s real-time editor allows BMW (in this case) to create and serve questions based on what’s happening in the video. Read More

  • Social Fundraising Site Fundly Raises $2 Million of its Own

    Today, social fundraising platform Fundly announced that it had closed a $2 million seed funding round led by a group of Silicon Valley investors. Using AngelList, a marketplace that makes it easy for startups to connect with angels, Fundly assembled a laundry list of reputable investors, including Mitch Kapor and Stephen DeBerry of Kapor Capital, Trevor Kienzle of Correlation Ventures… Read More

  • Game Closure Makes it a Breeze to Build Multiplayer, Cross-Platform Games

    It’s probably fair to say that most people love the interactive experience of playing realtime multiplayer games, yet perhaps surprisingly, the majority of games on the App Store today are single player. Even the popular social games on Facebook don’t offer the rich experience of the classic multiplayer console games like Halo. This seems largely due to the fact that the coding… Read More

  • Through Tags and Boost, Google Hopes to Provide Local Advertisers With DIY Services

    Last April, Google converted its Small Business Center into Google Places, where businesses can go to claim a listing on Google and Google Maps, a re-branding effort that has become part of Google’s push into local searches and local advertising. Included in those features was Google Tags, a service that allows local businesses to enhance their Google Maps listings by providing a link… Read More

  • Levchin and Gurley Say That Next Big Company Will Capture The Interest Graph

    Yesterday, at the Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference in San Francisco, Googler and PayPal founder Max Levchin and Benchmark GP Bill Gurley discussed “game-changing technology” and the future of the Web. Emblematic of today’s mindset, they attacked this rather large topic by comparing the strengths and objectives of Google and Facebook, using the… Read More

  • Taskforce Helps You Organize Your Inbox and Become a Taskmaster

    If you’re a TechCrunch reader — or, really, if you live in the 21st century — you probably get more than one or two emails in the course of a day. In fact, you probably get a lot more. For some of us, emails have a way of accumulating faster than trolls in a comment section, and it can become an arduous task to keep track of which emails are top priority and which are… Read More

  • Android Media Player doubleTwist Hits 1 Million Active Users

    Today, the Android media player doubleTwist reached a big milestone: 1 million active users between its mobile and desktop apps. We’ve been following the media player closely for over a year now, watching to see if it would find enough adoption to make it the premiere Android alternative to iTunes. Back in November, the company launched its wireless syncing software called… Read More

  • Spanish Design Student Creates Sleek New Spotify Gadget

    Leave it to those ambitious, young grad students to show us the objects of our desire that we didn’t even realize we desired. Thanks to Jordi Parra, an Interaction Design student at the Umeå Institute of Design in Sweden, we now have a futuristic new music player that lets you listen to Spotify from the comfort of your living room. (Only if your living room is in Europe, however, as… Read More

  • Movie And TV Recommendation Startup Inveni Closes $483K Funding Round

    Minnesota-based startup Inveni announced today that it has closed a $483,333 seed funding round led by a group of Silicon Valley investors, who asked to have their identities remain confidential. Be that as it may, the latest round of funding brings Inveni’s total to $1.7 million. Inveni is a free web service that serves up movie and TV recommendations based on a user’s unique tastes. Read More

  • uKnow Raises $500,000 Seed Round, Hires Co-founder

    uKnow Corporation, a company that provides targeting tools for advertisers looking to create custom distribution channels for their ad campaigns, announced today that it closed a $500,000 round of seed funding. The investment was led by iNovia Capital and The New York Angels and included digital media executives Lynn Wunderman, Geoff Judge, Scott Paternoster and Jeff… Read More