Rip Empson

Rip Empson is a writer, explorer, eager learner and part-time rabble-rouser — whatever that means. He’s worked as a senior associate at Morgenthaler Ventures and Canvas Venture Fund, and before venture capitalizing, Rip spent nearly four years at TechCrunch, the leading technology publication and media dynamo, where he covered startups.

Within the Whacky World Of Startups, Rip focused most of his attention on chronicling the rise of technology and ambush of innovation on health and education.

But between you and me, I hear he’s especially passionate about any and all forms of disrupting — particularly those that are disrupting the disruptable disruptions — and anyone or anything that can quench his insatiable thirst for disrupt-a-lutions.

Rip has been quoted by various people at various times – some of them publications and probably super wicked famous people referencing his work – some of them people mistakenly re-tweeting him thinking he’s Rip Torn.

Is he a budding national treasure? You said it, not him.

As to what he’s doing right now? He’s either transferring his life savings from Scramble With Friends tokens to Bitcoin or vice versa. Hard to say, really.

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  • DreamIt Ventures Announces Its First Batch Of NYC Startups

    In January of this year, DreamIt Ventures, a Philadelphia-based VC firm and startup accelerator, announced that it would be expanding to the Big Apple, creating a startup accelerator program based in New York City. The program offers $25,000 in seed funding to its portfolio companies, along with coaching, exclusive speaking engagements, a chance to pitch at a Demo Day to affiliated angel… Read More

  • musiXmatch, An IMDB For Legal Song Lyrics, Raises $3.7 Million To Expand Globally

    European music startup musiXmatch will be announcing today at the MusicTech Summit in San Francisco that it has closed a $3.7 million series A funding round for its digital lyrics platform. The round was led by Italian investor Francesco Micheli Associates. musiXmatch adds to the prior $700K it has raised in seed funding from both Francesco Micheli and a former Dada executive. Lyrics are one… Read More

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  • Walking With Robots 2: A Trip To The Valley's Busiest Hospital To See eLEGS In Action (TCTV)

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  • Walking With Robots: A Look Inside Exciting New Technology From Berkeley Bionics (TCTV)

    It’s not everyday that one has an encounter with a robot, let alone has the chance to wear one, and recently, I was lucky enough to have just that. Thanks to Berkeley Bionics, I got to take a peak into the future of bionic devices — and get a small taste of what it must feel like to be Anthony Stark (a.k.a. Iron Man). The Berkeley-based startup is developing exciting new… Read More

  • Would You Like A Slashtag With That? Blekko Begins Powering Topix Search

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  • iPod, Meet Spotify; iTunes, Say Hello To Your Future Rival

    Spotify, the music service Americans don’t get to enjoy, announced several very cool new features today. The European music service is rolling out new versions of its desktop and mobile apps today, which will allow all users (even those pesky ad-supported freeloaders) to sync Spotify desktop tracks with mobile devices, be they iPods, iPhones or Androids. And just in case it… Read More

  • AppDirect Raises $3.25 Million To Create A Marketplace For Business Apps

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  • Facebook's Social Widgetization Of The Web, In A Sweet, Sweet Infographic

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  • SoundCloud Passes 4 Million Users, Partners With To Give Bands A Killer Promotional Tool

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  • Grovo: Video Training Platform Grabs Funding To Help Startups Educate Their Users

    Considering that the Web is changing and evolving every single day, the learning curve for newcomers — and even old-hands alike — can be steep. For those who are starting businesses and looking to learn more about how to use certain sites, products, or tools, the onramp can be difficult to find, not to mention maneuver. Back in October, a startup called Grovo launched with the goal… Read More

  • With A New Suite Of Games, Arkadium Lets Gamers Play Right On Their Facebook Walls

    Arkadium, the casual and social game developer, is announcing today the release of the Arkadium Stadium, a suite of 12 Flash-based games that users can post and play right from their Facebook walls. Now you don’t have to deal with the hassle of playing the game in-app. I joke, but this functionality is very cool, as it allows you to quickly publish the game app to your profile, or… Read More

  • Visible Measures Raises $7.7 Million For Online Video Engagement Solution

    Visible Measures, a third-party online media measurement solution for advertisers and publishers, has secured $7.7 million in an open-ended financing round, according to an SEC filing. We’ve learned that the round was led by DAG Ventures, with participation from Northgate Capital and General Catalyst Partners. The newest round brings the company’s total funding to $37 million. Read More

  • Crisp Media Raises $6 Million From Intel And Others To Take Its Rich Media Platform Global

    Crisp Media, a cross-platform rich media advertising company, today announced that it has raised a $6 million round of growth capital from Meritage Funds, Intel Capital, and EDBI. The round brings Crisp’s total investment to $17 million. VP of Marketing Tom Limongello says that Crisp will use its new funding to expand into international markets, specifically Asia, and will be establishing… Read More

  • The Realtime Web: RealTidbits Teams With Echo To Breathe New Life Into Forums

    RealTidbits, a San Diego-based product development company, today announces the release of its RealTime Forum, an embeddable widget that allows you to add a dynamic stream and to build a realtime community on your company’s website. RealTidbits is a spinoff of 3ones, a product development company for hire, and is a launch-partner of Echo, which recently launched its StreamServer, a… Read More

  • Hack Attack: Sony Confirms PlayStation Network Outage Caused By 'External Intrusion'

    Unfortunately for PlayStation Network and Qriocity services users, it looks like the widespread network outages will continue. Since Sony’s PlayStation and music networks went down two days ago, there has been a fair amount of public speculation over the cause of the outage. (Largely due to Sony’s tight-lipped handling of public relations.) Many blamed vengeful gremlins loose… Read More

  • A Disaster In The Making? Sony's PlayStation Network Suffers Prolonged Global Outage

    Sony’s PlayStation Network, its online service for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable consoles, suffered from a major outage today, which remains ongoing. According to Sony’s blog, the interruption in service may last into the long weekend — for at least another “full day or two”. The Sony Network currently has more than 70 million registered users, many of… Read More

  • Google Hires A Tech Blogger? Caroline McCarthy Leaves CNET For The Search Giant

    That’s right. Even bloggers can get hired at Google. Caroline McCarthy, a social media writer at CNET, announced through her blog today that she will soon be joining the Google ranks in New York as a member of its incipient “Trends and Insights Team”. Sounds investigative. McCarthy tells me that the details of her employment are still being worked out, (like what her title… Read More