Rip Empson

Rip Empson is a writer, explorer, eager learner and part-time rabble-rouser — whatever that means. He’s worked as a senior associate at Morgenthaler Ventures and Canvas Venture Fund, and before venture capitalizing, Rip spent nearly four years at TechCrunch, the leading technology publication and media dynamo, where he covered startups.

Within the Whacky World Of Startups, Rip focused most of his attention on chronicling the rise of technology and ambush of innovation on health and education.

But between you and me, I hear he’s especially passionate about any and all forms of disrupting — particularly those that are disrupting the disruptable disruptions — and anyone or anything that can quench his insatiable thirst for disrupt-a-lutions.

Rip has been quoted by various people at various times – some of them publications and probably super wicked famous people referencing his work – some of them people mistakenly re-tweeting him thinking he’s Rip Torn.

Is he a budding national treasure? You said it, not him.

As to what he’s doing right now? He’s either transferring his life savings from Scramble With Friends tokens to Bitcoin or vice versa. Hard to say, really.

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  • SayClip Brings Free, Private Video Messaging To The Web And Mobile

    Thanks to a plethora of startups and services (and SXSW), text messaging and group messaging is becoming faster, cheaper, and more and more like instant messaging every day. But what about MMS, and more specifically video messaging — the oft-forgotten cousin of SMS? Many services today offer robust, free SMS functionality, which generally includes the ability to send images, but these… Read More

  • SocialFlow Gets Serious, Makes Veteran Entrepreneur Peter Hershberg El Presidente

    Twitter seems simple enough to use; how difficult can 140 characters be, right? But now imagine trying to monetize Twitter to its full potential. Not quite as easy. And it’s no secret that a big part of Twitter’s strategy is developing its platform to enable brand support — in other words, making it easier for brands to expose their message to the right users. But this, too… Read More

  • Paygr Looks To Combine Facebook And PayPal In A Marketplace For Local Buying And Selling

    It’s no secret that the local buying and selling market is an active one these days. Blink once and you will likely have missed the launch of five local-focused startups. PayPal, eBay, and craigslist all offer models that have become the roadmap for a number of startups trying to intermix their features for a more targeted local market of buyers and sellers. In September 2010, Paygr… Read More

  • XYDO Raises $1.25 Million For A More Personalized Social News Experience

    More and more, news consumption is happening online and on mobile devices. But there’s so much news on the Web today, many have turned to filters and aggregators to concentrate the fire hose of information. Whether we rely on social mechanisms like Twitter and Facebook or RSS feeds, we’re looking for an enhanced, social, and refined way to consume content from the sites we love… Read More

  • Moshi Monsters, The Social Networking Game For Kids, Passes The 50 Million Users Mark

    Two years ago, Mind Candy was just another online gaming company. It had some minor success with interactive puzzles and an alternative reality game called Perplexcity, but the future wasn’t exactly bright. As entrepreneurs are wont to do, Mind Candy CEO Michael Acton Smith made one “last roll of the dice” and created a virtual world game for kids called Moshi Monsters. Read More

  • Heyzap Brings Social Discovery And Check-In For Games To The iPhone

    Heyzap, a social discovery platform for mobile and online games, announced today that it’s zapping its way onto the iPhone just in time for WWDC 2011, Apple’s developer conference. The startup will be extending its fast-growing Android community (which launched in March) and has been doubling in size every month since. The startup’s new iPhone app will detect recent gameplay… Read More

  • Social Listing Lets You Create Instant Classified Ads Right From Your Phone

    When I want to sell something, I generally always use eBay or Craigslist, but usually the process takes time, I don’t get to meet the person I’m selling to (or buying from), and I can’t list from my smartphone. Which is why I’ve become intrigued by Social Listing, a two-month old startup that launched at Disrupt NYC last week. Social Listing is offering a rich mobile… Read More

  • Scaling, Scaling, Scaled: textPlus Turns Two, Hits 10 Billion Messages Sent Milestone

    GOGII’s well-funded, free text messaging app, textPlus, announced today that it has crossed the 10 billion text messages sent mark since it launched in the app store in June of 2009. They’re pumping out texts like McDonald’s pumps out burger patties. Of course, when it comes to group and micro-messaging apps, textPlus has some competition. Think SXSW and you probably think… Read More

  • Zypr Releases API That Lets You Control Your Favorite Web Services With Your Voice

    Pioneer Electronics today announced a nifty new service called Zypr, a platform that collects your favorite web services all in one place and allows you to control them using your voice — on any connected device. Today, our experience of the Web is fragmented across devices, as we use each device, be it a phone, tablet, etc, for their traditional uses, yet each of them is connected but… Read More

  • Juice In The City Reels In $6 Million To Help Moms Take On Groupon

    Juice In The City, a site that pairs moms with local businesses and daily deals, announced tonight that it has raked in $6 million in seed funding from Tandem Entrepreneurs and HU Investments. The startup will use the infusion of funding to continue pushing into new markets and to create jobs for moms across the country. Founded in 2010, Juice In The City aims to bring moms big deals on… Read More

  • Startup Canada: FounderFuel Launches Accelerator Program In Montreal

    Today, another early-stage accelerator program hits Quebec’s largest city, joining Year One Labs and others in an effort to support and grow Canadian entrepreneurship. FounderFuel was created by the team behind Montreal Start Up, a venture investor that has backed Beyond The Rack and the recently-launched Real Ventures, a $50 million seed-stage venture fund. Today, Real Ventures… Read More

  • Google, Yahoo, And Bing Collaborate On Structured Data To Make Search Listings Richer

    A la 2006, today, Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo collectively announced that they will be partnering to create, a resource for site owners and developers to learn about structured data and gain insight into how to improve their sites’ search results. The site adds more than 100 new forms of website markup for content ranging from movies to places in an effort to standardize… Read More

  • Mashape, The Etsy Of Cloud Services, Goes Beta; Lets You Monetize Your APIs In A Click

    Mashape has a somewhat unusual backstory: The Italian startup spent two years looking for funding in its home country, only to be rebuffed at every turn. So, in 2009, it moved operations to Silicon Valley. The team found funding in less than three weeks. Granted, it was $100K, but it was enough to begin building a real service. Persistence, it seems, is key. (It also helps to have a great idea… Read More

  • Brass Monkey Acquires Emotely To Help Turn Your Smartphone Into A Remote Control

    During Paul Graham’s office hours at Disrupt NYC, one of the startups chosen to pitch to the Y Combinator co-founder was Emotely, a company that converts your smartphone into a wireless controller of web apps and games. Emotely Founder and CEO Francois Laberge was nowhere to be found, at which point TechCrunch’s Mike Arrington said that he remembered liking Emotely and that it was… Read More

  • Nestio Is Like A Tripit For Apartment Searches

    When you’re looking for a new apartment, or a new place to live, there are quite a few sites you can turn to for real estate listings. There’s Craigslist if you’re feeling saucy, Redfin, Zillow,, and Trulia, to name a few. As my colleague Erick Schonfeld pointed out last year, there’s room for competition in this market, and there’s potential for… Read More

  • JustApps' Mobile Texting App Takes On Distracted Driving, With A Spin

    In today’s hyper-connected world, the lure of the cellphones, smartphones, and other devices is always present. Take public transportation to work and you’re likely to find the majority of passengers glued to their devices. The problem, however, is that, because many people carry their devices with them at all times, there’s a temptation to use devices even when it’s not… Read More

  • Mobile Network Revenues To Push $1 Trillion By 2016, But Facing ‘Nightmare’ Scenario

    Juniper Research released a report today that found that global mobile network operator revenues are set to exceed $1 trillion by 2016. This would be something to celebrate were it not the case that costs are forecasted to rise in accordance with revenues — and exceed them. The report says that mobile networks are facing a potential “nightmare” scenario within four years… Read More

  • OpenChime Nabs $700K From Groupon Founders

    OpenChime, a startup that allows users to get online quotes and information from an array of local service providers, today announced that it has raised $700K in seed funding from Lightbank, the Chicago investment firm started by Groupon co-founders Eric Lefkofsky and Brad Keywell. OpenChime was apparently discovered by Lightbank Partner Paul Lee and represents his first investment since… Read More

  • Vudu Taps Peter Gabriel's The Filter To Power Its Movie And TV Recommendations

    You may know Vudu as the startup bringing high definition movie rentals and rent-to-own services to set-top boxes like PlayStation 3 and the Boxee Box. And most TVs and Blu-ray players. Vudu recently became the second streaming service to receive its own dedicated button on Vizio’s remote controls, following Netflix. You may also know Peter Gabriel, the British rocker who was inducted… Read More

  • Watch: The Daily Gets The Lowdown On What It's Like To Be A Startup At Disrupt NYC

    There were a lot of stellar startups at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC last week, and unfortunately, there could only be one set of finalists and one winner. Of course, that doesn’t mean that those companies that didn’t make the final heat aren’t worthy of some love. The Daily followed the entrepreneurs behind three Disrupt NYC battlefield competitors, SpotOn, Spenz, and Madbrook… Read More