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Californians vote ‘No’ on Lyft-backed Prop 30, a plan to tax the rich and fund EVs

This article has been updated to reflect the final ballot count. Californians have voted against a proposal on the midterm election ballot that would have taxed the wealthiest Californians to help pa

Elon Musk sells 19.5 million Tesla shares worth almost $4 billion

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is selling millions of Tesla shares again. The celebrity executive disposed of 19.5 million shares Tuesday, which is worth about $3.95 billion, according to three filings with the

Musk’s $56 billion Tesla pay deal goes to trial amid Twitter overhaul

As if Elon Musk didn’t have enough on his plate, the world’s richest man is headed to court next week to defend his $56 billion Tesla pay package. Richard Tornetta, a Tesla shareholder who

Lyft takes $135.7 million hit on Argo AI shutdown

Ride-hailing company Lyft lost $135.7 million in the third quarter due to the shutdown of autonomous vehicle company Argo AI, in which Lyft had a small stake. Late last month, Argo AI closed its doors

Ouster and Velodyne agree to merger, signaling consolidation in lidar industry

Ouster and Velodyne, two lidar companies, have agreed to a merger in an all-stock transaction, the companies said Monday. Both Ouster and Velodyne will maintain a 50% stake in the new company, accordi

EV-maker Arrival gets delisting warning from Nasdaq

Commercial electric vehicle company Arrival has gotten a warning from the Nasdaq Stock Market because its stock price is trading too low. The company issued a press release Thursday saying it received

StretchSense built an actually comfortable hand motion capture glove

New Zealand-based StretchSense, a maker of hand motion capture technology, believes virtual and augmented reality are going to replace the smartphone as the dominant way we interact with digital world

Aurora says it has enough cash to commercialize autonomous trucks in 2024

Aurora Innovation said Wednesday it will have enough money to continue to develop its autonomous vehicle technology until its commercial launch in mid-2024 — an effort to assuage shareholders amid a

Blackbird’s latest $1B AUD fund signals maturation of Australian, New Zealand venture scene

The Australian and New Zealand startup community will see a boost in funding this year. Blackbird, a VC fund based in the two south Pacific countries, on Wednesday closed a fund at over AUD $1 billion

Waymo launches autonomous rides to Phoenix airport

Waymo is expanding its robotaxi service in downtown Phoenix to include pickups and drop-offs at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. This is the first time a U.S. robotaxi operator has launched p

XPeng to begin autonomous driving public road tests in Guangzhou

XPeng received a permit Monday to begin testing its G9 electric SUV as an autonomous vehicle on public roads in Guangzhou. The company will begin testing a small fleet as soon as possible with a human

Volocopter raises $182M to bring air taxi closer to certification

Volocopter, a German startup building electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vehicles, has secured $182 million for the second signing of its Series E round. That’s on top of the $170 mil

Uber tests push notification ads, a feature literally no one wants

Uber recently launched its new advertising division and in-app ads. Apparently, those ads aren’t staying within the app. Instead, ads from other companies are being sent out as push notification

Elon Musk claims Twitter layoff timing won’t affect year-end compensation

Elon Musk, Chief Twit, is taking issue with reporting in a New York Times story this weekend that states he plans to lay off employees before Tuesday, November 1, thus cutting staff off from receiving

Remote work is here to stay. Here’s how to manage your staff from afar

At this year's TechCrunch Disrupt, three panelists talked about the challenges and opportunities of managing staff in a remote work world.

Hidden Door wants to turn fiction into immersive role-playing experiences

The first season of “House of Dragon” just ended, and I find myself wishing for more. I’ve seen each episode twice already, read through the lore and even re-watched some “Game

Skidattl’s augmented reality beacons are ‘like a Bat-Signal for fun’

Skidattl wants to use augmented reality to get people to engage with the real world. It’s a story we’ve heard before from AR companies, particularly as they pit themselves against the pote

Cruise opens robotaxi waitlist in Austin and Phoenix

Cruise, General Motors’ autonomous vehicle subsidiary, is now inviting potential passengers in Phoenix and Austin to join the waitlist to be among the first Cruise robotaxi passengers. The compa

Uber to freeze fake rider account names, pilot front-facing video recording

Uber is releasing a suite of new safety features geared toward the driver, including freezing fake rider account names and piloting a front-facing video recording tool to replace a driver’s dash

Now Elon Musk says he won’t fire 75% of Twitter’s staff

Elon Musk told Twitter employees Wednesday that he’s not planning on laying off 75% of staff when he takes over the company, Bloomberg reports, citing “people familiar with the matter.&#82
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