Phil Jeudy

Phil Jeudy

Phil is Director at Baywatch Lab, a ZTP Company, seeking business and technologic partnership in Retail, e-commerce and customer experience. ZTP stands for « Ze Twelfth Player », located in Lille, North of France. Our mission is to facilitate the introduction of innovations into the Association Familiale Mulliez’s corporations.

Phil started his career in finance and IT positions in subsidiaries of companies like Vinci or Electrolux, mainly in construction and retail (BtoB and BtoC), mostly in charge of organizational projects, then join SEGA to be responsible of Southern Europe territories for the mobile gaming business unit based in London.

Since 2007, Phil is developing lobbying activities for European companies interested to develop their activities with tech leaders in Silicon Valley. He’s Advisor for startups in various industries, but mostly connected with technology.

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