Phil Jeudy

Phil Jeudy

Expert in innovation related to Information Systems and Organization, former CFO and CIO, involved in the startup ecosystem since 2005, based in San Francisco Bay Area since 2008. Main domains of expertise: Retail, Corporate Venture and Mobile but scouting innovation in general.

Phil started his career in finance and IT positions in subsidiaries of companies like Vinci or Electrolux, mainly in construction and retail (BtoB and BtoC), mostly in charge of organizational projects, then join SEGA to be responsible of Southern Europe territories for the mobile gaming business unit based in London.

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<img src="" class="shot2" />Words can't really do justice to <a href="">Morten Lund</a>'s

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<img src="" class="shot2" />It's what most start-ups dream of: securing big money investment from one the t

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If your start-up is plateauing in terms of users and revenue in the UK, it’s only natural you might look further afield for growth opportunities. But while the dream for many early stage digital

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Serial entrepreneur CEO Andrew J Scott has launched a handful of online businesses, survived to tell the tale and returned as founder and CEO of location-based mobile app Rummble. Scott was on hand to

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<div style="width:425px" id="__ss_3793510"><strong style="display:block;margin:12px 0 4px"><a href="" title=

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Pitching to a panel of sceptical VCs is just like a first date. The point is to get a second date and maybe a long-term relationship out of it and many of the same rules apply. At least that’s a

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<img src="" class="shot2" />It was hard enough to attract the attention and cash of VCs <i>before</i> the econony almost crashed into ob

@GeeknRolla: SongHI: a community for the GuitarHero generation

SongHi is an entertainment-based online community aimed at the “Guitar Hero generation” across the world. It lets users create and personalise their own musical identity and form bands in

@GeeknRolla: StrippedFinance adds social media to financial advice

StrippedFinance is a social media platform for personal finance that allows consumers, finance professionals and companies to come together in a secure place tailored for regulatory and financial busi

@GeeknRolla: pownum lets anyone rate any company on its service

When consumers have issues with companies, like their broadband provider or an airline, they rarely know how to complain. But that’s where pownum comes in: the site acts as a “social platf

@GeeknRolla: Musiio aims to let bands go direct to fans wants to be the source of the freshest music and is proposing a new model for music distribution. Fans can listen for free, buy tracks to download or see what their friends are listening to

@GeeknRolla: Maptales launches location-based social broadcasting app

<img src="" class="shot2" /><a href="">Maptales</a> is a location-based "social broadcasting and exploring" mobile ap

@GeeknRolla: Linkcloud wants to make Web linking a visual medium

Linkcloud’s vision is to evolve links to turn links into to a visual medium rather than just a text-based reading one. Linkcloud will turn your favorite links into images. It’s like visual

@GeeknRolla: iGlue lets you build your own Wikipedia over the Web

iGlue is a knowledge organisation service which creates an additional information layer over web pages. In other words it can understand a web page’s content and start building a database of kno

@GeeknRolla: compares your online social capital to others is described as “social benchmarking”. You can start your own poll on and find out to which piece of the pie chart you belong – and who’s “on your side&

@GeeknRolla: Gigaboxx lets bands sell music direct to their live audience

Gigaboxx allows artists and record companies to sell direct to their live audience, through their own mobile music stores. These stores can be quickly produced and managed, by using a simple online wi

@GeeknRolla: GameCreds creates a new type of social network for gamers

GameCreds is a an innovative new social network allowing gamers to create and manage their “Gamer ID” online through a set of automated tools, connecting gamers in a new way It effectively

@GeeknRolla: Decibel has killer data about music

Decibel supplies in-depth music data to drive the next generation of digital music, with over 30 million tracks in the database to help people discover music. What can it do? For the music biz it coul

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You’ve got your idea, you’ve assembled a team and set your goals. All you need now is some funding. Easy, right? Not quite. Running a start-up is hard and attracting the right sort of fund
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