Nikos Anagnostou

Blogger, entrepreneur, web developer. In the past he has occupied senior management positions in various IT companies, Oracle Greece among other.

One of the early participants of the Greek OpenCoffee and currently a member of Board of Directors of the OpenCoffee Greece Non Profit.

Blogs about Social Media, Web 2.0 and startups both in Enlgish and Greek at (greek) and Co-creator of the only existing Greek start-ups directory:

Cofounder of the digital agency

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Latest from Nikos Anagnostou

  • Darkfall: A Norse startup saga transposed to Greece

    Darkfall is a MMORPG game that’s been  in the making for about a decade. It  was started  by  a  5-person strong Norwegian startup, Razorwax, that  was later acquired  by  Aventurine, a little known  Greek company with no other activities outside Darkfall. Aventurine moved the Norwegian team to Greece to continue development, and hired more and attracted legions of beta testers. Read More

  • Crowdsourcing software translations

    Most software is written and documented in English. Yet, people speaking English to some degree of competence are only a fifth of the world. Native English speakers are even less. For a piece of software to become globally accepted, translated interface, help files and documentation is a must.  For this reason, translation and translation management tools have been around for quite some time… Read More

  • Based in South Eastern Europe? Need seed funding? Check out Openfund

    In a terrific example of a self-organising industry, some of  OpenCoffee Greece’s founding members and a number of web entrepreneurs and venture capitalists have launched Openfund, offering seed capital for internet startups in Greece and South East Europe. The model draws inspiration from  YCombinator and Seedcamp, with plans to fund up to five startups per round. The startups… Read More