Nik Cubrilovic

Nik Cubrilovic

Australian-born entrepreneur and hacker. Currently working in advisory and consulting positions, previously at Techcrunch, Omnidrive and a number of other startups since 2000.

Nik has over 15 years of experience as a developer, penetration tester and solutions architect in industries ranging from finance, manufacturing and real estate through to consumer web application development. Nik has worked for and continues to consult and advise startups, SMB’s, venture capital firms and large enterprises including a number of Fortune 100 companies. Nik has worked and lived in Australia, the United Kingdom, South Africa, throughout continental Europe and Asia and is now based in San Francisco, USA.

Nik has contributed to a large number of open-source projects and published a number of security vulnerabilities for various platforms and applications since 1996. Nik is an advocate of consumer privacy and security protection, applying cryptography to all communication, the Tor anonymity network, Bitcoin and a number of other security and privacy related projects and initiatives. In 2007, he was named in The Bulletin magazine as one of Australia’s “”Smart 100″”.

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