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Nicholas Deleon

Nicholas likes video games, soccer, UFC, and astronomy–particularly the study of asteroids. He went to NYU.

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Senator To Propose New Internet Sales Tax

<img src="" />The second most senior Democrat in the U.S. Senate, Dick Durbin, will propose a new scheme that would force online retailer

Senator To Propose New Internet Sales Tax

<img src="">The second most senior Democrat in the U.S. Senate, Dick Durbin, <a HREF="

Video: Eddie Izzard Walks Us Through iTunes Software Update

<img src="" />“But you said you've read the terms and conditions… even God has not read the terms and conditions.”

DARPA Wants Full-Disk Encryption For Android, iOS Devices

<img src="" />DARPA has put out a request for full-disk encryption for iOS and Android-based devices. The deal is that the Defense

Claim: Forget About Traveling The Solar System With Current Knowledge, Technology

Wiki’d We just had a pretty fascinating discussion in the official CrunchGear chartroom about how you’d respond to complete, humanity-threatening disaster. How would you prepare yourself?

Sony, GeoHot Settle PS3 Hacking Case

<img src="" />Sony and <a HREF="">GeoHot</a> have officially settled their differences. A not

Estimates Put Nintendo 3DS At 500,000-750,000 Units Sold In North America

<img src="" />Early sales estimates of the <a HREF="

Study: Smartphone Users Wasting Hundreds Of Dollars Per Year On Unnecessary Contracts

<img src="" />A new study says that smartphone users are overpaying for their service by several hundred dollars each and every

Minecraft Leaves Beta On November 11

<img src="" /><a HREF="">Minecraft</a> will le

Crytek Confirms Crysis 2 DX11 Patch

<img src="" />Crytek has now confirmed that there will, indeed, be a DX11 patch for <a HREF="">Crys

FCC Mulls Over Mobile Phone Signal Booster Approval

<img src="" /> Oh, here comes <i>controversy</i>. The FCC has preliminarily approved the use of mobile phone signal boosters, but let

Interstate Tariff? Connecticut Pushes For Amazon Taxes

<img src="" />What are the three guarantees in life? Death, taxes, and people saying that “death and taxes” are the only two gua

Report: Only Half Of Nintendo 3DS Units Shipped To Japan Have Been Sold

<img src="" />The <a HREF="

Study: Nearly A Quarter Of U.S. Students Say They're Addicted To The Internet

<img src="" />Are the kids alright? Probably not, if you follow this study from the University of Maryland that says students

Video: LA Noire's Third Trailer. Hollywood Should Be Taking Notes.

<img src="" />We're just a few weeks away from the release of LA Noire on May 17, and today Rockstar has released the game's third

Homeland Security Taps Twitter, Facebook For New Alert System

<img src="" />The Department of Homeland Security plans to use Twitter and Facebook to warn citizens about threats with its new Natio

Apple-Created Touchscreen Shortage Blamed For RIM PlayBook Delay

<img src="" />Research In Motion—<a HREF="">RIM</a> to you and me—was forced to delay

Spar Kinect-Style With Urijah Faber In UFC Personal Trainer

<img src="" />You knew something like this was coming as soon as Microsoft announced the <a HREF="

Homeland Security Taps Twitter, Facebook For New Alert System

<img src="">The Department of Homeland Security <a HREF="">plan

Mortal Kombat Tournament Hits Las Vegas May 15

<img src="" />Presumably not too many of you are sitting here watching Fernando Torres do his best impression of a footballer, but I'll
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