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Mike Butcher is Editor-at-large of TechCrunch Europe. In addition, he is involved in a project to bring European technology entrepreneurs and investors together in a club environment called TechHub (@TechHub), in London initially. A long time journalist, Mike has written for UK national newspapers and magazines including The Financial Times, The Guardian, The Times, The Daily Telegraph and The New Statesman. He is a former editor of New Media Age magazine, the leading new media weekly in the UK, and the European edition of The Industry Standard magazine.

Since 1996 he has launched or re-launched numerous media websites and in 2000 he was nominated as NetMedia’s European Internet Journalist of the Year. In 2004 he was voted ‘One of the 100 Innovators of the UK Internet Decade’ by GfK NOP, the fourth-largest custom research business in the world. In July 2008 he was put at No. 47 out of the Top 100 people in London’s creative industry by The Independent newspaper and The Hospital Club.

In August 2008 TechCrunch Europe was awarded the best “Web 2.0 and business blog” in the UK, by the readers of Computer Weekly magazine. In 2009 it was named as one of the Top 10 blogs out of the UK. Also in 2009 he was named one of the Top 10 bloggers on Twitter in the UK. In October 2009 he was named one of the Top 50 most influential Britons in technology by The Daily Telegraph. In April 2010 he was named as one of Britain’s Top 100 “digital power-brokers” by Wired UK magazine. Mike is a regular commentator on the technology business, appearing on BBC News, Sky News, Channel 4 and Bloomberg. Mike’s personal blog is mbites, while he Twitters as @mikebutcher.

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  • Phreadz – A Little Like Seesmic, But Trying To Do More

    On first look, Phreadz does appear to be aping Seesmic. Threaded video conversations and an invite-only Alpha are just two of the similarities. But you won’t find any of Seesmic’s code in this new UK-based “social multimedia conversation network,” reports TechCrunch UK. Firstly, it is going further than Seesmic by pushing the envelope on the concept by interweaving… Read More

  • Phreadz: A Seesmic clone? Or a lot more?

    Phreadz is a new UK-based social multimedia conversation network of video, audio and photo blogging created via the desktop or from mobile devices. Currently in closed, invite-only Alpha (or “alfalfa” as the site prefers to call it) Phreadz is similar to Seesmic, the video conversations platform, but with Phreadz you can also automatically cross-post the multimedia to your… Read More

  • TechCrunch Barcelona Meetup Pictures

    Here are the pictures I took at the TechCrunch Barcelona Meetup this week (and some more). Thanks to everyone who came and thanks also to our sponsors, Nuroa and High Growth Partners (see below). This is part of my TechCrunch Euro tour this summer to meet startups. Prior to the meetup I was a judge at Startup2.eu, a European tech startups competition where Zilok (France), UnLtdWorld (UK)… Read More

  • Pitch yourself and get to Being Digital

    Update: TCUK readers can get tickets at the reduced price of £250 with this link. Being Digital is a conference on Jun 10 which will look at seven digital themes as well as running a startup competition with yours truly. Tickets cost £325 each but TechCrunch UK has one delegate ticket to give away to the best video comment left below this post. It might be funny, clever, inspiring, cynical… Read More

  • Barcelona! TechCrunch meetup and Euro Tour Part Deux

    I’m trying to get around Europe this summer to meet startups. Tomorrow I am at Startup2.eu, a new competition for European tech startups. I’ll be on the jury during the day and in the evening we’re throwing a TechCrunch meetup on the cool terrace bar of local boutique hotel Granados 83. There are a growing number of startups in Barcelona, attracted by the lifestyle and the… Read More

  • BBC's Sound Index is good, but we won't get the data

    The BBC’s SoundIndex, currently in beta, lists the top 1,000 artists based on discussions crawled from Bebo, Last.fm, Google Groups, iTunes, MySpace and YouTube. The top five bands according to SoundIndex right now are Coldplay, Rihanna, The Ting Tings, Duffy and Mariah Carey, but the index is refreshed every six hours and you can also drill down to more long tail content by creating… Read More

  • Barcelona Meetup (TechCrunch Euro Tour)

    In my ongoing tour of Europe, tomorrow I am attending Startup2.eu, a new competition for European tech startups. I’ll be on the jury during the day (as will TechCrunch France’s Ouriel Ohayon), and then in the evening we’re throwing a TechCrunch meetup on the cool terrace bar of local boutique hotel Granados 83. The event will be informal networking for technology startups. I… Read More

  • MinuteBox does not box clever

    MinuteBox is a new site which bills itself as a market place for people to buy and sell short snippets of advice. It’s a full-on social network with all the usual features as well as in-built video chat. You put up your problem, “experts” bid on your request, users choose their advisor and buy their advice for as little at 50 pence per hour minute. It even has a billing… Read More

  • BookRabbit sets out to "scrobble" bookcases

    This week new UK-based book social network BookRabbit sets out with a slightly different take on socialising online around books. BookRabbit is aimed at the ‘heavy’ book buyer (someone who buys more than four books a year). People will find books they’ll like through their social network, but interestingly they will be able to tag up pictures of their bookshelves with a… Read More

  • More Yahoo woe: Bye, bye Bebo

    As Microsoft and iCahn circle, it looks like Yahoo will almost certainly lose a major advertising contract with Bebo, dealing it yet another body blow. The news emerged as AOL officially closed the $850 million acquisition of Bebo and laid out the next steps in its integration. It turns out that Yahoo’s current ad-deal with Bebo only covers the UK, Ireland and Australia. Prior to… Read More

  • Qype launches iPhone version, but it needs more

    Qype, the European reviews and ratings network in the UK, France and Germany, has launched an iPhone version unoriginally called “iQype”. If you’re reading this on a iPhone or iPod Touch it’s here. Now, iPhone users can browse the 6,000 cities Qype has listed and the 200,000 user-generated reviews of bars, restaurants, cafes etc. That’s nice. But this is a… Read More

  • Glubble secures second $3m Angel round

    UK-based Glubble, a free parental-control add-on for Firefox, has secured a $3 million funding round from existing angel investors to continue the development of its product, which also allows a family circle to link up via Firefox to decide what they can see online. Morten Lund, one of the first investors in Skype, is one of those existing angels. Founded in 2006 by Ian Hayward, Glubble had… Read More

  • TechCrunch EuroTour: Hello Hamburg!

    So today I’m at the Next08 conference in sunny Hamburg, Germany, my first stop in the TechCrunch EuroTour. There are about 1,200 people here, up from around 700 last year which just goes to show how much the industry is changing here in Europe. As one delegate described it to me, it’s one of the few – if perhaps the only event – to bring Geeks and Investors together… Read More

  • Jaman Launches Free Streamed Movies In Browser

    Jaman, the San Mateo-based P2P Web movie service, is about to announce that it will be streaming selected movies for free. The movies play immediately in the browser and are supported by pre/post-roll ads. (The usual download-to-rent option remains available). Jaman is launching streaming with 100 ad-supported titles from its collection of over 3000 independent and international films. Read More

  • TechCrunch events in Europe and the UK

    As I wrote over on TechCrunch.com, I’ll be heading out to the rest of Europe over the next few weeks, looking for and writing about the startups I meet along the way. Not quite Down and Out in Paris and London, but it should certainly be interesting. But I don’t want to forget my home turf! So if you are interested in helping me co-organise a TechCrunch meetup event in the UK… Read More

  • TechCrunch Euro Tour – Events across Europe

    Since I write for TechCrunch from London, and since the rest of Europe is less than a two hour flight away, I am going to do some “Euro-tripping” over the next few weeks, criss-crossing the continent meeting startups and writing about them on TechCrunch (the image is courtesy of Dopplr). But I need your help. I’d like to meet as many startups as possible both informally and… Read More

  • Upcoming events of interest

    May 15: next08, Hamburg
    next08 is on May 15, 2008 at the Prototyp museum in Hamburg. The main theme will be “get realtime”, taking care of the challenge that customers are communicating in real-time but companies do not. Together with DLD in Munich it has become Germany’s most important New Media event. Confirmed speakers as include Anil Hansjee (Google), JP Rangaswami… Read More

  • intermediads – a new take on button ads that takes the pain out of clicking

    Intermediads is a new service just launched in closed beta. Developed by serial entreprenuer Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten, it’s based around the idea of 125×125 advertising buttons. So that’s it? Not quite. These small rectangles give readers and advertisers very little information. They are basically pretty useless. So the idea is you hover over the ad and a small grey… Read More

  • Instopix – Visualising chat as you type

    Instopix (Instant Messenger Topic Pictures) is a program, currently only for MSN users, that shows related pictures for their conversations. It’s an early alpha by 21-year-old Luke Stanley who has spun it out of his startup ThoughtTrail. What Instopix does is pretty cool. While you are having an IM conversation with a fiend on MSN Messenger, if your contact talks about something like a… Read More

  • Nimbuzz aims at mobile and social networks to turn the screw on Skype

    We last wrote about Nimbuzz in early 2007. Then it was a free application which supported voice, presence, conference calls, and SMS messaging between mobile devices, PC’s, and mobile to PC or PC to mobile. Founded in 2006 and run out of the Netherlands, the service has been in beta since, and now plans to compete with the likes of Jahjah and Skype. The difference is that on Tuesday it… Read More