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M.G. Siegler is a general partner at Google Ventures, where he primarily focuses on early-stage investments. He has been deeply involved in the startup space since 2005, first as a web developer, then as a writer, and most recently as an investor and advisor.

Having spent the past year in London helping to get Google Ventures’ European organization up and running, M.G. is now back in the Bay Area, working mainly out of Google Ventures’ San Francisco office.

Before joining Google Ventures, M.G. was a founding partner of CrunchFund, an early-stage investment fund. Prior to that, he reported on the startup world as a writer for both TechCrunch and VentureBeat. M.G. still writes a column for TechCrunch on top of writing on his own sites and from time-to-time doing movie reviews in haiku.

Originally from Ohio, M.G. graduated from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor before moving out west to work in Hollywood. One day, he will write that killer screenplay.

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  • Most G1 Owners Love Apps — But Not All

    Some numbers we published yesterday showed that while iPhone owners (not surprisingly) love to download apps, owners of other smartphones do not. As we noted, the numbers seemed a bit incomplete since the Android platform wasn’t represented. We asked Compete, which took the survey, to send those our way. To be clear, the sample size is “very small,” but it’s… Read More

  • Google Continues To Center On Location. Adds It To Its Toolbar.

    Location-based services haven’t yet caught fire, but location itself is increasingly finding its way to web services as a complimentary feature. The latest to use it is the Google Toolbar. If you have it installed, and open Google Maps, it will now auto-center on your location. That’s a small, but useful feature, but the ramifications of this move are potentially much large. This… Read More

  • Zero Remains A Popular App Download Number Among Non-iPhone Owners

    Apps on the iPhone are huge. We know that. As if we needed more proof, Apple moved its billionth app earlier this afternoon. But some recent data from Compete suggests that smartphone owners who don’t have an iPhone, apparently don’t love apps. Or at least, don’t download them. If you look at the graph below, you’ll see that iPhone owners are very diversified in the… Read More

  • Tighten Up Those Apps Or Android 1.5 "Cupcake" May Break Them

    Android developers are obviously excited about the new 1.5 version of the SDK. The so-called “Cupcake” update features several new features and overall improvements. But, “don’t get too excited yet,” a post on the Android developers blog reads today. Apparently, the new release is going to break a number of current apps. And these aren’t just random apps. Read More

  • Tighten Up Those Apps Or Android 1.5 "Cupcake" May Break Them

    Android developers are obviously excited about the new 1.5 version of the SDK. The so-called “Cupcake” update features several new features and overall improvements. But, “don’t get too excited yet,” a post on the Android developers blog reads today. Apparently, the new release is going to break a number of current apps. And these aren’t just random apps. Read More

  • The State Of The iPhone Is Strong — Very Strong

    Of the major companies that announced their earnings yesterday, two of them, AT&T and Apple, beat Wall Street estimates largely thanks to a single product: The iPhone. We’re approaching the two year birthday of the device, and it still remains one of the hottest items out there. Ladies and gentleman, the state of the iPhone is strong. Yes, Apple actually sold fewer iPhones this… Read More

  • Apple: Want A Netbook? Try An iPhone Or iPod Touch (For Now)

    During its earnings call today, Apple COO Tim Cook (who is leading Apple day to day with Steve Jobs out on medical leave) fielded a question about netbooks. The market for the small notebooks is red hot, yet Apple hasn’t entered the field yet. Cook attempted to explain why, and Apple’s thoughts on the trend for the future. Notably, he reiterated Apple’s stance that netbooks… Read More

  • Proof That AT&T Needs To Extend That iPhone Deal

    During its earnings reports today, AT&T posted numbers that easily beat Wall Street’s expectations. Yes, profits were down, but we’re in a down economy, and there’s simply no denying that things would have been much, much worse without the iPhone. First of all, AT&T announced that it had a net gain of 1.2 million subscribers for the quarter. That’s solid, but… Read More

  • Economy Be Damned: Apple Posts Its Best Second Quarter Earnings Ever

    Apple has just released its second quarter financial results, and surprise, surprise: they’re very good. The company had revenues for the quarter of $8.16 billion and net profit of $1.21 billion — both easily beat Wall Street expectations. Both also beat the numbers the company posted a year ago, and actually represent the company’s best March quarter (which is… Read More

  • Feel Like Shaking A Baby To Death? There's An App For That.

    Okay, this is just beyond ridiculous and a bit horrifying. In Apple’s App Store right now is Baby Shaker, a new app which, displays a picture of a baby and plays crying sounds. To make it stop, you have to shake your iPhone really hard, after which the crying will stop and two X’s will be placed over the baby’s eyes — implying, of course, that the baby is dead. Read More

  • Soonr Updates Its Offering. Brings Up The "Netbook" Buzzword.

    In this day and age, with technology, no one works alone — that’s how Soonr sees it. And it’s a key part of the company’s offering: collaboration. Another is portability, and with the launch of the 3.0 version of its software, Soonr is expanding in both of those areas. And this update comes complete with an attempt to leverage two of the hottest things out there: the… Read More

  • Social Profiling

    Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Yahoo and now Google. What do these have in common? If you’re reading this blog, you probably have a profile on all of them. And those are just the obvious ones, you probably have a bunch of other profiles on a series of other networks too. The situation has become untenable. Imagine if you wanted to update one piece of information on all of them — like… Read More

  • Apple Will Hit A Billion Apps At 1:24:06 AM PST On April 23 (As Of Right Now)

    We all know that Apple is closing in on a billion app downloads in the App Store. Currently, the counter on the main claims it’s about 10 million away from the major number. But, Apple apparently already knows when the billion mark is going to be passed, because the billion celebration page is ready to go and can easily be accessed, right now. And we know the exact time Apple… Read More

  • Amazon Jumps Into The HD Stream As Well. Doesn't Really Make A Splash.

    With all of the online video services now offering much of the same (sometimes lousy) content, the new differentiating factor seems to be high definition quality. Microsoft has been there for a while (with videos over Xbox Live), as has Apple (over the Apple TV), and now Amazon is joining the gang. The new HD option for Amazon Video On Demand is available starting today for some 500 movies… Read More

  • Go To Google Similar Images, Hit "Similar," Find Live Search

    Yesterday, Google unveiled its new Google Similar Images search feature under Google Labs. The product is nice, and works very well. But, Microsoft was doing the same thing with Live Search — over 4 months ago. A lot of commenters pointed it out to us yesterday, and naturally, Microsoft reached out today to let us know the same thing with what might as well have been a big, loud… Read More

  • Katalyst Media Taking Punk’d Live With Ustream

    “Punked” is one of those words that started out as a slang term, but was taken to a whole new level by a pop culture moment — in this case, the MTV show Punk’d. But as quickly as it heated up in 2003, it quickly burned out, lasting just 4 years. But the company behind it, Ashton Kutcher’s Katalyst Media, may have found a way to revive the formula — take it… Read More

  • Dora Merges Three Hot Web Services: Pandora, Twitter and

    Letting people know what music you are listening to has long been a staple of the web. The blogging platform LiveJournal has long had the “listening to” field, instant messaging clients like iChat and Google Talk added the ability to update your status based on the song you were listening to a few years ago, and now people are using Twitter to send our their music selections. Read More

  • Apple Rejects App For Using An Icon That Somewhat Resembles An iPhone

    The number of times I get pinged about an iPhone app getting rejected is almost catching up to the number of times I get pinged for ones accepted. Obviously, it’s a very small percentage that get rejected, but developers are getting increasingly annoyed — and for good reason in some cases. Take one of my favorite apps, Instapaper, for example. Developer Marco Arment submitted… Read More

  • Google Similar Images First Look

    A new 20% time Google project has just launched called Google Similar Images. It’s pretty self-explanatory — when you search for an image and find one close to what you’re looking for, Google can now find ones that it believes to be the same, or similar. This type of visual search is similar to what has been doing for a while, but is potentially much more powerful… Read More

  • Pushed By Celebrities, Twitter Is Poised To Double Its Monthly Traffic Once Again

    I know, you’re sick of Twitter data. But more keeps rolling in showcasing just how massive last week was for Twitter. The Kutcher/CNN race to a million on top of Oprah showcasing the service on Friday, likely was the biggest week ever for the service. And here’s some data to back that up. The week before the Kutcher/CNN race, Kutcher’s Twitter page got about 176,000… Read More